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Part 59: Part AE-1

Mystina... who is that?

You've got to be kidding me... I don't... I don't even know who you are!

Ha ha ha! I'm disappointed, Arngrim.


Our long battle with Brahms... it is not yet over.

The battle which now rages between Aesir and Vanir. Once you and I fought it as a battle against the Undead...

Stay away from me! The real Valkyrie... what did you do with her!!

Do you not hear me? Do not make me tell you a third time.

...Lenneth? That's the Valkyrie's... Real name?

That's right. I am one of the 3 Goddesses of Destiny. My sisters and I control the transmigration of souls. It was my sister, Lenneth, that Odin chose to handle this realm... But now he has judged her to be unfit for the task.

No... this can't be...

I can't accept that...

And, what do you intend to do?

Me too! If you had been the one to ask, I would never have joined you! Obey you?! You have GOT to be kidding!

I see.

An earring? I have no need of foolish trinkets.

Lenneth... so you are not yet fully asleep?

After all, there really is nowhere for you to go if you die anyway.

What is it? What are those lights?

They're fragments of Lenneth's soul! But they're starting to dissipate!!

What? Can't we do something?!

That voice...!

Lezard! What do you want? Show yourself! Let's get this over with!

These teleportation spells take such a ridiculously long time to cast. There we go... Now, I assume you'll agree to a truce?


But... If you know a way to save her...?

Of course I do.

...Fine. But... now that I see you... What happened to you?

Ah, do you like my spirit form? My physical body was getting in the way, so I rid myself of it. Just like you.


That, of course.

Hold on, that's insane! You want to put Valkyrie in that tiny little homunculus?

The soul has suffered too much degradation. There is no other way.

Lezard... This sounds a bit too convenient. Are you sure you aren't just doing this to serve your own goals?

Best portrait of the game? Possibly.

Her memories, her personality... I simply can't guarantee what will become of them. In fact, the soul is so incomplete, I fear we must act immediately.

It's clear that she needs immediate attention. He does have a point...

...Fine. I understand.

My, my. I never thought that I would invoke the lost magick of soul transfusion in a place such as this...

Mysty, you understand, don't you? This incantation has the possibility of disjoining body and soul at any time...


Listen: Lezard

If to serve this purpose I shall be despised, my body scorched and blackened, so be it.

If to serve this purpose I must command forbidden magicks, so be it!!

Though my body may be tainted, though my soul may be tainted, I imbue thee with thought.

I swear as the gods swear, and breathe life into the void!


Ah, she's coming to. Look.

So this... is the magick of soul transfusion...

So, is Valkyrie going to be safe for the time being?

I cannot say what has actually become of her soul, this period is critical. For one thing, we must retrieve her true vessel as soon as possible.

Definitely. That Valkyrie called "Hrist"...

That's right! We've got to take her down! Come on...

Mystina and Arngrim character art.