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Part 60: Part AE-2

The confrontation between Hrist and I is fated... but what are you lot doing here...?

Valkyrie was burdened with a false destiny by the gods... and this is the result!

That's right. We will not allow Valkyrie's existence to be negated!

Ah, now I understand. The soul within this vessel... is not the true Valkyrie.

...Did I not already tell you? We three are one. Which of us is the "true" Valkyrie... There really is no answer.

"True"? We don't care who the "true" one is!! You've shut out Valkyrie's soul... That's all we care about!

If Lenneth did in fact stand in support of you humans, her existence will surely be annihilated by Lord Odin. That is all you need to know...

...We will not allow it!

We'll be taking her body back, if you don't mind.


This is what I know. Hrist, elder sister of the three goddesses who govern destiny... That vessel cannot convey your true powers.


There is no question that our battle deserves a conclusion.

That is... nonsense! Who place have you to say such things, you who hide behind Silmeria! Coward!


Come, let us put her back to sleep for a bit longer. She comes uninvited by us all. ...I lend you my strength!

I beseech you! For me! Do not die!

Hrist, prepare yourself!

Giving us Brahms AND Lezard to control? Oh game, you are too kind.

That said, this is pretty much a joke battle. The game's even nice enough to give you two strong guest characters in the off chance you've been neglecting Arngrim and Mystina all game.

There is one slight glitch here though - if you use a Great Magic with Mystina in this battle, the game will freeze. And the last save point is before the Weeping Lily Meadow and about ten minutes of cutscenes. So let's not do that, mmkay?

This battle is pretty much 'look at these characters, we're letting you use them for one battle'.


Sadly Lezard's equipment and magic are set, so no Great Magic from him.

This is impossible! You creatures are but slaves of the gods! Gahhhhhhh!

Incidentally, Hrist is voiced by Megan Hollingshead, who also voices Lenneth. It's more of her Lorenta voice here though.


Well, then... thanks.

Arngrim. Is there nothing you wish to ask of me?

Heh. I see... you're right. You have other things to be concerned with at the moment.

I guess you could say that.

Well, we'd better hurry.


Blech! You're sick, Lezard. The Lady Valkyrie is not a fish!

Boy, tough castle.


Got it.


Did it... work?

Yes, without question.


This next scene is one of my favourites in the game.


Listen to me! Seriously.








Ah... Aaah!!


Calm down!


It's probably a really good thing Lezard knows teleportation magic, huh? Considering that Flenceburg is practically on the other side of the world from both Brahms' Castle and the Weeping Lily Meadow.


If you think you can win this war through sheer numbers, then your defeat is inevitable.

Gungnir, the Sylvan Bow... and the Dragon Orb. Three of the Four Treasures are already in Odin's hands. If you still believe you can stand victorious against such odds, then are you not truly a king, but a fool?

I believe the next era will not be governed by power alone, but by justice. And yet, for the meting out of justice, power is required...

Correct, the Dragon Orb.

However, for my own protection, I'll not hand it over so easily. I must have some security first. If you will allow me...

Whatever you want.

Very well, then...

I must confess, such dealings make me a bit nervous. Please permit me the presence of these two compatriots.

How can you refuse? I offer you two Treasures and two beasts to match.

You are most generous.

Are you saying you don't need my help?

That is precisely what I am saying.

Lenneth and Lucian artwork.