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Part 63: Part AE-4

Well, I should have seen it coming. Congratulations, Badrach.

Admittedly he wouldn't have been my first pick for the final dungeon (Janus or Aelia, maybe), but hey it could be worse. Looking at you, Grey.

Before we go, one last thing to do. Time to make our Einerhar the Heroes Asgard never deserved.

...Mystina, when you are assuredly less of a Hero than Badrach, you might have problems.

Man, check out Badrach's DME stat. That's what happens when a guy is raised on nothing but double Bracelets of Zoe.

So, we have a goddess who turned her back on her parents, both actual and figurative, a man who committed regicide, murder and suicide while effectively leaving his crippled brother to die, a woman who literally died in her sleep, and Badrach.

Or, if you want to think of it another way, Nurse Joy, Meowth, Jessie and Gary are going to save Asgard from Giovanni.

OST: The First Unison

This final dungeon has a pretty nice soundtrack, in my opinion.

Unlike Jotunheim Palace, Asgard Hill is incredibly straightforward and it's impossible to get lost here. The only direction to go is up.

It probably takes about four screens til we start running into enemies.

Wait, why are we fighting Vanir? Didn't Loki pretty much waste them?

We run into our old friend Bloodbane on our way up right after a Save Point. While he was optional in Jotunheim Palace, he's a mandatory fight here.

The main difference here is that we're using Badrach instead of Lawfer, so our damage output is a bit lower.

Okay, considerably lower. However, we do have the Wand of Apocalypse, which helps make up for it.

And yet, Sap Guard + Might Reinforce + full PWS chain takes him out anyway.

Really, Bloodbane is supposed to be a tough boss, I just somehow consistently... take him out pretty easily.

Ah well.

Man, I didn't realize I missed maximum experience crystals. Welcome back Badrach.

Oh, that's even better.

Once again, we pick up Levantine. This'll go back on Lenneth.

Phantom Lords have a bit of health, but Great Magic should shut them down quickly.

They can hit the entire party sans the back row decently hard, but at this point 5-6k isn't really enough.

More enemy varieties start showing up.

We've got upgraded Fire Elementals in here. You can still use Icicle Swords to one-shot them, but it shouldn't be too hard to take them out the old-fashioned way.

We run into another Save Point. Another boss coming up!

My, what big, uh, everything you have.

OST: Vestigial Dream

Meet Fenrir. On paper, he's considerably tougher than Bloodbane. He's got a bit more health, is much sturdier on the physical side, and he always blocks, so you'll need to either start with an unblockable attack or Guard Crush him to get damage in.

His damage is rough, too. All his attacks inflict Freeze and are unblockable, so hopefully you have Freeze Checks on everyone (which will help by cutting down Ice damage by 50%), or have the Eternal Lamp from the Citadel of Flame to prevent Freezing. It gets worse as his health gets lower - below 50%, Howling Hazard comes out, which hits the entire party and has a 75% chance of Freezing.

Once he gets low on health? Frost Bait. It hits the whole party hard, and again, 75% chance of Freeze. It's not considered Ice elemental either, so no cutting it down with Freeze Checks. The only thing that could have made it worse is if he had Heal.

Wait... what's that? He's weak to Fire? Well sure, Calamity Blasts might help.

Oh, right. The Infernas is a thing. I mean, I'd feel bad about it if this isn't the last boss that the game gives you the weakness of on a silver platter.

Well, if you're playing on Normal... good luck?

Aside from experience and possibly an Ambrosia if he drops it, Fenrir has no rewards. But you have to kill him anyway!

Moving on. Charons are immune to status effects and know Gravity Blessing, but have the defenses of a paper bag.

Mind Flayers, the next step from Evil Eyes. High health, knowing a variety of spells, and of course, Restore. Magic's the way to go with these guys.

This encounter is bad though. Two Mind Flayers, two Ram Guardians. If you don't kill both Mind Flayers at once, they'll Restore each other. If you kill the Ram Guardians before both Mind Flayers, they'll get Possessed, THEN Restore the Ram Guardians.

Double Possessed Poison Blows kinda hurt.

Luckily the Ram Guardians don't have a lot of health, so just knock one of the Mind Flayers down a little, then go full power on the other one and end it with a Great Magic, and it should take out all four at once.

At least you get some good experience from it.

The final save point. Here we go.

Listen: Loki

Urgh. I think Ed Paul did a great job as Suo and Gandar, but Loki just... makes me cringe in a way not since Platina.

Especially not pathetic pawns of Odin such as yourself... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ha. Why do you hate me so? Simply because I killed that human...


Listen: Loki 2

OST: The True Nature of All

Here we go, Loki. Let's see what you've got.

Oh. Well that's a thing.

Cue three turns of helplessly smacking on Loki...

Listen: Loki 3

You cannot use your full power because you friends are here. Odin died protecting Freya, Lenneth! What about you? If you use the power of the Divine Treasures, the blood of heroes will be on your own hands.

No. I will not fail!

You have already failed!



And a great orb of power emerges...

Sweeping across Valhalla...

But it's not limited to the realm of the Gods...

Not even Coriander Village is spared...

Valkyrie, Platina and Lucian artwork.