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by ApplesandOranges

Part 64: Part AE-END

Listen: Loki 1

Yes, Lenneth, yes. That's right. Use all the power for yourself. Try to protect the others and you will only guarantee your own death.

Lenneth makes this cry of anguish you should be able to hear in the audio link.

Cry not my beauty. You and I are one and the same.


The souls of all the living souls of Midgard.


And I feel them. I feel all of their pain!



As the feathers touch the ravaged land... is restored.

Even Dipan... soon restored to its former glory.

And so is the World Tree.

And finally...



Listen: Loki 2

Alright. Let's do this!

OST: The True Nature of All

Now we can fight and hurt Loki for real. As should be expected, Loki has stats befitting the final boss in the game. 400,000 DME, and incredibly high RDM. Loki packs high offensive stats, and has access to Icicle Edge and Shadow Servant.

Extension Force is a powerful Fire attack that hits the entire party. If you have on Stun Checks, you can cut the damage to a respectable 15k; otherwise, each character is taking about 28-30k damage.

This time however, we have a secret weapon.

Lenneth automatically gains and equips the Glance Reviver for this fight only. This greatly increases her attack power and makes her the only physical fighter that will be doing any significant damage past Loki's high RDM. Aside from Lenneth, only mages will be dealing significant damage.

Aside from his previously mentioned tricks, Loki has Genevivie's Indiscriminate, casting spells on four random targets. His PWS, Dragon Orb, inflicts powerful Ice damage to the whole party.

As dangerous as Loki is (and he can be very dangerous), he's made slightly easier by the fact he isn't as brutal as say, Wraith or Bloodbane. He doesn't throw out his most deadly stuff as often, and at this stage you have high enough DME that you can take a strong hit or two. Unlike Bloodbane, Loki doesn't have Heal, so while he can take a while to whittle down, he doesn't have any way of undoing your efforts.

Sap Guard? Check. Might Reinforce? Check.

Badrach barely scratches Loki.



Mystina does slightly better, but not significantly enough to cripple Loki.



Hmm, this might be tougher than we thought. It seems mere mortals can't do that much.



Lenneth's 3rd PWS

But this is Valkyrie Profile.



Not Mortal Profile.



Life is short. It's finite.

Yet in those very brief lives, there are snapshots of them at their strongest. Their weakest.

To be inspired by their lives and deaths.

To live for others.

To die for others.

Life is precious because it's limited.

And it's what turns ordinary people into heroes.


The Glance Reviver is the first weapon to give access to the most powerful form of Niebelung Valesti.

In conclusion: suck it, Loki.

Curse you! I can't die here! Valkyrie... eaaaaahhhhhh!



Ending Cinematic

Now for the credits. Just going to put up a few highlights...

Hit or miss at times, but when they hit, they hit high.

If only you made the Sacred Phase what we all wanted it to be, Ogawa.

The two brothers who vary in their character designs.

Have I mentioned I really like the graphics of this game? Because I do.

Bless your musical ways.

As well as your slightly wonky at times translation efforts.

And these guys.


Listen: Brahms

Odin has fallen, and Valkyrie has become the Lord of Creation. The Promised Land is born.

The world is once again reborn, and all the Fruits of Creation are ripe with life renewed.

And so, the forces of chaos that rule all are once again set into motion

Heh heh heh heh heh.

But the mistress of Niflheim, Hel, shall not remain silent.

Very well, let us go to the dark abyss.


Listen: Lezard

I paid a high price, but life can indeed be expensive.

But, it was quite interesting!

Now I have the confidence to realize my greatest dreams and ambitions!

Mine is the only soul not controlled by Valkyrie! Ha!

Hah ha ha ha hee hee hee hee!!

Ultimate power will be mine! I swear it! By my own hand, it will be mine!!