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Part 68: Fan Art

Fan Art

Stuff done by others in this thread. For now everything is non-spoiler. Might make a separate post for spoiler fanart if we get a decent amount in the future.

vilkacis demonstrates why Valkyrie picked the wrong character to be made into an Einherjar.

He also demonstrates Arngrim getting ready to mop up the opponents.

Feyerbrandx suggests Odin's real requirements for Einherjar.

He then shows what happens when other characters attempt to model Freya's hat:

FeyerbrandX posted:

Now, excluding Sasarai for a moment, and taking for granted Freya's hat being the greatest thing ever worn.

Is it that great on someone else? If some suicidal fool took it and tried wearing it, would it be as epic?

Let's find out.

The Genius of the Battlefield never realized that looking this good is a battle in and of itself. It hurts, suck it up.

As strong as his pimp hand is, I don't think he can pull it off.

She can't handle it.

She's mocked her boss behind Freya's back before, you can tell that she has, she's even got the 1000 yard glassy stare down.

Odin totally rocks it.

FeyerbrandX posted:

Shockingly, the last 2 batches of Einherjar Don't have as many profiles in common with Freya are just not as fabulous as the first.

But some are still of note.

Jun dared to look upon himself in Freya's Mirror, and learned the truth that the body is but a vessel. The Hat is the True Power. It is Freya.

Kashel looks just as smug as always.

I like to think this is like in Home Alone with the after shave. The might of Freya's will is too much for her.

Lawfer... About your hair conditioner's performance.


Also, I think I know why Freya and Odin hate Brahms. I have yet to find someone who looks as as he. Well, except for one.

Jealous much, All Father?

FeyerbrandX posted:

An abridged "Freya Hat"

Yadayadayada at least it matches.

However, since she already raided Freya's closet for one thing, she may as well correct another of her fashion faux pas

I'm seriously shocked that Freya's mini-dress has more coverage than Aelia's armor.

Feyerbrandx suggests what really happens when one equips Angel Lips for Negotiation:

FeyerbrandX posted:

I think he got 3 pairs of wax lips.

His negotiation skill is through the roof.

Would you say "no" to him? I wouldn't. And running away screaming "NOOOOOOO!" doesn't count, it's forfeiture to his whims.

Sweet dreams everyone... I know I won't.

And vilkacis makes some avatar material from some of the updates: