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Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

by ApplesandOranges

Part 18: D Ending (Game Over)

D Ending

So a slight clarification on Plume usage - you're generally not supposed to use the Plume too much. On the B and C paths, you're supposed to use the Plume at most once per chapter. In fact, here's the scene after you use the Plume the first time in The Saintess:

I have sought to learn wherefrom its power stems, yet I fear the answer will not be pleasant.

Rarely is your voice so filled with uncertainty.

Forgive my incompetence, my lord.

I know your competence all too well. A menace capable of confounding you is no doubt worthy of our attention.

Continue to keep watch discreetly. We must endeavor to avoid commotion, but should you sense the power grow-

As you command.

So that's the game of telling you, 'HEY. Plume-happy guy. Give it a rest, or else.'

But should you choose to ignore it and Plume again? Well at the end of the chapter...


The air of Midgard reeks of pestilence, and that feather you hold is the source.

Who protests?

You have turned the blessing of the valkyrie's plume into a plague of blood! You and your demon feather be damned!

Right, uh... okay. We can totally do this.

There's no Sin quota, for some reason. Well, let's see what...




Well, okay, let's just chip away and...


I think we might be in over our heads.

I forget to take a screenshot of Freya... but let's just say her stats are intimidating enough that you know you're well and truly doomed. And the game progresses in the same way if you cheat your way through anyway.


It is not you who have failed, for he was yours to feast upon, my pet. You shall have to be more careful next time.

Perhaps then you might sink your teeth into succulent flesh, and savor its sanguine sweetness to your delight.

And from there you get returned to the title screen. Well done!

But seriously, don't Plume too much if you don't want to attract the wrath of angry gods.