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Part 32

As promised, the final installment of The Haunting of Castle Lezard:

When last we let our heros they were crossing the threshold into the final room of the dungeon.

As have I. Alright Lezard, make with the plot stuff.

Ok while Brahms is badass and real cool and smooth, Lezard is badass but CREEPY AS FUCK.

I can see Lezard on a typical date:

Hey baby, I made you a new body for your soul to reside in!
Do you have stairs in your house?

Don't be put off Lezard, she's just playing hard to get!

Valkyrie makes a run at him.

Valkyrie let's fly with a swing, but it ends up hitting the container and killing the test-tube baby that resides within.

Lezard decides he likes his women with a little spark in them so we throw down.

Ok here's the deal. If Lezard attacks he can really wreck the shit out of your entire party. He can use the clincher for Clestial Star and it will pretty much ruin your day. Now I could just make an assload of uniplumes and put on guts+auto item and fight it out, but I'd rather use some skill on this one.

Valkyrie throws a few arrows Lezards way, knocking a few fire gems out of him along the way.

Now Yumei's cp gauge is at zero, so she can throw out a spell.

Poison Blow does an assload of damage to everyone, so we'll use that. I could also have taught Yumei Mystic Cross and thrown together a Great Magic clincher for that, but I went with this way so I don't accidentally screw up.


After Lezard is dead it's just a clean up job.

Like any good villan Lezard makes his escape, but not before some wrap-up banter.

Yeah, nice and creepy. Anyway, let's check out the back room and see what our boy has been up to.

And the creepiness continues.

Apparently some of these didn't work out so they got a knife stuck in their necks.

Lenneth's not a fan of stem cell research or whatever is going on here so she starts breaking stuff.

Looks like we got a live one here!

Lenneth decides not to break this one apart.

And thus ends our adventure at Lezards happy house of fun. He's obviously got some very weird shit going on, but we'll get more into that later. Now we've got some other fun areas to visit before the chapter ends.