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Part 1: Box art for the PS3 version + Character Bios from the manual - Nebiros

Not the greatest quality, my scanner's packed away in a box somewhere and I'm not 100% sure where the hell I put the capture card, so I'll try getting it to run another way.

But for now, have some pictures.

And for shits and giggles, the story and bios from the manual -

The game posted:

Every year, millions of people disappear around the world. Why do they go missing? And where do they go?

For years, the existence of Nightwalkers has been concealed form civilians. The truth, however, is that their existence is as real as those who have fallen victim to them. Until now, these unfortunate victims have all been classified as simply "missing."

It has taken nearly one hundred years for mankind to understand the true nature of the Nightwalkers. Not only are these beings unable to restrain themselves from attacking, but they are capable of an immeasurable amount of damage. Humanity can no longer risk a passive approach against them.

In response to this criss, the American Information Bureau (AIB) has secretly established a special combat unit as a defensive measure. Its mission: to wipe out the Nightwalkers.

A strangely sweet aroma emanates from a city on the west coast of the United States. AS the Nightwalkers' senses dull from the rain that has begun to fall, a battle unfolds. A battle that must not be lost...

Bios posted:

John Lloyd

(AIB Nightwalker Elimination Squad / Main Playable Character )
Age: 31
History: Former member of the Special Forces. Five years ago, his entire team was wiped out when the Nightwalkers attacked the Office of Disease Control (ODC). He joined the AIB's Anti-Nightwalker Mission Team soon after, where he underwent additional training.

Characteristics: The only member of the Nightwalker Elimination Squad to have faced the Nightwalkers in combat. (Ed: why the hell isn't he in charge?) For this reason, he has an accurate grasp of their power. He has advanced combat skills and the knowledge that comes from having fought in numerous battles. He always keeps his cool and rarely speaks.

Hank Harrison
(AIB Nightwalker Elimination Squad, Leader)
Age: 35

History: Former member of the United States Army Special Forces. He is a veteran soldier who has long traveled the world as part of the Special Forces.

Characteristics: A dependable leader. He has extensive knowledge regarding the handling of explosives. This is his first time facing NIghtwalkers.

Claire Kelly
(AIB Nightwalker Elimination Squad)

Age: 26

History: Former member of the United States Army Special Forces. She was part of Colonel Dixon's unit before he became an army elite. Having lost her brother in the ODC attack five years ago, she has mixed feelings towards John Lloyd, the sole survivor of the attack.

Characteristics: Expert sharpshooter. She has a sarcastic streak but always keeps a cool head.

Duane Hanson
(Driver and communications officer on the AIB Nightwalker Elimination Squad)

Age: 24

History: Joined the army after dropping out of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He has never faced the Nightwalkers before.

Characteristics: He has feared Nightwalkers since learning what they are capable of.

Colonel Dixon (Bite back!)
(High-ranking officer of the AIB and head of the AIB Anti-Nightwalker Efforts)

Age: 52

History: Steadily worked his way up the ranks of the army elite after graduating from West Point. Remained longer in the front lines as a soldier than as a bureaucrat, and even served as the head of the Special Forces for a period of time. Many of the soldiers who served under him during that period are now members of the AIB Anti-Nightwalker Mission Team. His personality changed after he lost his family to the NIghtwalkers.

Characteristics: Dispassionate and cold, he will stop at nothing to wipe out the Nightwalkers.

(AIB Aide)

A young member of the AIB elite. Serves as Colonel Dixon's aide, but feels uneasy about the Colonel's extreme behavior. He has the rank of captain.