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Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines

by Pesmerga

Part 3: Prologue, Part 3

As Jack maintained his vigil by the open window, I stepped nervously down the corridor, eyes darting to every shadow. I checked the door Jack mentioned, which was locked. Of course.

Not much different from school really. The tumblers fell easily into place, my fingers able to feel the change in sensation as the wire moved through the lock system, my ears able to hear when it came against a barrier. The lock sprung, and I pushed the door open slowly.

To find Jack standing there, nonchalant as ever. He watched me with his usual grin as I strode over.
'How the hell did you get in?'

'Had my moments Jack, had my moments.'

'No Dracula-style excess then? I'm disappointed. Bummer, I've still got that list from highschool.'

'Flaming torches and stakes, huh?'

That made me pause, the usual cocky retort left unsaid. 'What do you mean a fledgling "like me"?', I murmured. 'What marks me as different?'

'That wasn't some sense of generosity back there kid', Jack finished with obvious disgust.
'So, what do you think of the Camarilla then Jack? Are they the good guys?'

I walked over to the computer. Always been good with them, getting into stuff I shouldn't be getting into. Seemed my fresh start wasn't so fresh after all...only this time, it wasn't the cops I needed to worry about. I let my fingers run over the keys, breaking the basic password, using the system to remove the electronic lock on the safe next to it.

I nodded silently, opening the door and walking down the stairs, turning my head to see Jack climbing like a monkey out of the window and scaling the wall. It seemed to come naturally to him. I took the stairs two at a time, pushing the door open and stepping into the back alley.

The voice called out, guttural and animalistic. I turned to see two more of the Sabbat vampires waiting outside.
'Oh SHIT!' I took a step back as they raised their guns, lifting my own to cover my body, knowing at once it was futile as the bullets riddled my body. I could feel them penetrate, feel the pain as they punctured the skin, cracked the bone.

Jack came silently down the wire fence, knife between his teeth like a pirate out of a cheesey adventure movie. He crouched behind one of the vampires, leaning forward to grab his chest with one hand, knife blade drawing against his teeth before slashing a deep gash in the vampire's throat, blood spraying in an arc. A gurgling cry was given as Jack ripped the knife back and slammed it between the vampire's shoulderblades. The body burst into flames and disintegrated as the other vampire turned in horror to stare at Jack.

It was almost impossible to see Jack move. One second he was standing by the fence, the next he was crouched where the other vampire had been lurking. The vampire however was now dead at my feet, turning to ash like the first. I hobbled over to Jack accompanied by the sound of flattened bullets hitting the ground.

'Of course I got fucking winged, look at me!'

'Why, will that make me feel better?' I pressed a hand to my stinging chest. Jack was right though, the holes were already starting to seal, the bullets pushed out by an abnormal healing factor that any down and out in LA would die to have. Unfortunately, in my case, that was literal.

I raised an eyebrow. 'Shit like that matters? Should I be holding interviews for honour students before I bite someone?' I shrugged. 'Doesn't matter to me, food is food.'
Jack laughed. 'Kid, you'll learn.'

'Why? It's not like I'm human anymore, what's the worst that could happen?'

For the first time that night, Jack actually sounded scared of something. Don't know why, but that made me pay better attention to what he was saying. 'What beast?'

'So I can't kill anyone then? Not even if they're trying to kill me? This sounds a little different to Hollywood, Jack!' Jack wagged a finger, tutting at me, again the humourous professor of Vampires 101.

I crept down the stairs, but I smelt the bum before I saw him. Obviously faaaaar gone in drink, he sang to himself, swaying. 'Seems like I'd be doing him a favour if I drained him dry', I muttered in annoyance. Still, I don't like what Jack said, and if something scares a guy like that...

I drank from the old man, but this was different. Oh sure, the blood was still alive, but it was like comparing a good wine to tap water that was left in the sun all day. It got rid of my thirst, but I didn't particularly enjoy it. I definitely wouldn't bottle it up and attempt to sell it. I let go of the old guy, sitting him down on the ground. I mentally shrugged. He fed me, after all, might as well make him comfortable. Then, I wiped my hand over my mouth, spitting onto the ground. Felt like the smell was coming from inside my mouth now. I stalked back up the stairs where Jack took in my pissed off looking expression.

'See what I mean?'

'Rats? We can eat rats? Are they really that bad?'

'Yeah, I'll think about it.' I walked back down the alley, grabbed a rat, and sunk my teeth in. The rat squeaked in pain and shuddered in my mouth. I shuddered myself. It tasted worse than shit. It was like chewing on a biohazard bag. I threw it down on the floor, feeling the nausea creep up to my throat. I walked back to Jack, who started laughing instantly.

'Fuck you Jack. Fuck you.'