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Part 13: Teutonic Knight Base


The great beast says...

We aren't actually supposed to bind him ourselves, which is kind of confusing. Note that we never get the chains in our inventory.

As others have pointed out, only the Lasombra aren't visible in mirrors.


I guess the developers figured out that the player would be confused on what to do.

I guess you could call this a puzzle. We have to position one party member at each lever, because there isn't enough time to pull them both down with one character.


He was incredibly calm while being burned to death. He didn't sound panicked in the slightest.

We didn't lose any humanity. I think this is more about balancing issues than the developers trying to make a complex moral statement.

Time to head back to Orsi.


We've fought countless hordes of vampires. I'm sure this boss fight won't be a challenge, since he only brought two guards with him.

I guess it was.

I hate Orsi's voice actor, but it's getting harder to defend Christof's one-track mind. He only had a couple of conversations with Anezka and now he's completely infatuated with her. It's like he's a manchild.

Oh man, he's so evil. He doesn't even remember the people he's enslaved.

Keep that in mind.

A few iron bars are all it takes to prevent a immortal, shapeshifting vampire from escaping.

Who said anything about the Tremere?

Oh hey, it's deus ex machina corpse.

He said, "How sweet is free!" not "How sweet is freedom!". How does that mistake even happen?


Others have pointed out how ridiculous it is that we keep learning new diciplines out of nowhere.

One dot in Theft of Vitae. 7 points in manipulation, 5 in intelligence, 4 in stamina.

One dot in Blood Healing, one dot in Dread Gaze, one dot in Entrancement 4 points in stamina, 5 in strength, 4 in wits, 1 in intelligence.

One dot in Fireball, one dot in Flame Ring, one dot in Immolate, 5 points in intelligence.

One dot in Blood Stamina. one dot in Awaken, two dots in Celerity.

We can't just use Walk of the Abyss here.

Teutonic knights are the main enemy of this dungeon.

They're pretty easy, because they seem to have a pretty bad problem where they're heads will fly off during combat.

Who feeds vampire blood to a spider?


Hey! You sound like Wilhem!

Serena is wrong. We can't use feed on them because of their armor.

I always found it funny that when a party member shapeshifts into a wolf, their portrait turns into this stupid looking wolf.

We can't feed on them, but we can steal their blood with Theft of Vitae.

These rats are back. I'm glad our party knows when to pull out the big guns, because these rats are probably the hardest enemy in the game, as you could see from the silver mines.

The art style isn't too bad, but I wish they would have used more colors other than brown.

In all the other dungeons, we've been going up from 1 with each floor, but here, we're going down from 4. Innovation at its finest.

For whatever reason, they really loved that gimmick where the door closed behind the controlled character, possibly trapping other part members out of the room.

Teutonic Lords don't have any real different from the knights.

It looks like the Tremere are in league with the knights.

I guess the Tremere demand they have this tree root thing going on wherever they are.

Watch why combat in this game is a clusterfuck

The Tremere like to use Awe on our party, which makes us lose control of the affected character.

I just wish there was a way to pause combat and issue orders to everyone.

An elemental spawns from the summoning circle, but our party handles it without too much difficulty.

Another door closing gimmick. And yes, we can frenzy as a wolf.

Another tome for Christof.

Here's a book, which I try to use...

...but it just disappears without doing anything. I don't get it.

We need this amulet to unlock that locked gate. Due to the way that Tremere died, it's stuck under the chest.

After fidgeting around, we eventually pick it up.

As you can see, the gate's unlocked. I don't understand why picking up an amulet affects that at all.

Floor 2 has a few of these rooms filled with small chests, which don't have anything that exciting in them.

Inflatablefish pointed out that I could have used a scroll of mist form to get through that pendulum of death. Let's see what that looks like.

Wonderful. We can't pick up items, attack, or be harmed while in this form.

Wolf form changes the damage we do to aggravated damage...

...but it does cuts the output by half. I find that it ends up working in our favor, regardless, because of how little resistance every enemy seems to have to aggravated damage.

I don't know what the story is about this painting.


We learned that a while ago, Wilhem.



They certainly didn't gain that information from the maps on the wall, because they just look like lower resolution versions of our own maps.


We seem to have this handled, only drawing the attention of the guards closest to the hallway...

...and then Wilhem fucks everything up by running ahead and drawing the attention of every guard in the room.

The captain isn't a boss fight, nor is he difficult at all.


I remember someone in the thread didn't like this sword, but I think it's pretty good, given that it raises dexterity by 10 and drains blood.

The animation looks exactly like Theft of Vitae.

We're finally outside.

But we can't escape through this big ass gate, for some reason.

The Tremere Lords are pretty difficult.

They'll paralyze our party members...

...and attack with powerful spells.

I do like the Teutonic Captain model.

Feral Claws does the same thing with damage output as Shape of the Beast. The difference between the two -- besides the fact that one turns you into a wolf -- is that Shape of the Wolf gives a pretty good increase in movement speed.

This is probably the hardest fight of the dungeon.

Call Lightning really hurts both the character targeted and the players eyes. I tried to capture it, without success, but it comes with a blinding flash of light that probably warrants epilepsy warnings.

Let's hit this switch for no reason.

Good job on hitting that switch!

One dot in Theft of Vitae, one dot in Torch, one dot in Fireball, one dot in Flame Ring, one point in perception, five points in manipulation, five points in intelligence.

Two dots in Shape of the Beast, two dots in Entrancement, five points in strength.

Five points in intelligence, two dot in Fire Storm, one dot in Summon Soul, one dot in Psychic Projection, two points in dexterity.

Two dots in Feral Claws, two dots in Blood Healing, five points in dexterity.

Now this gate suddenly becomes something we can interact with.

We're still in Vienna.

Let's head to the blacksmith to sell the loot we've picked up.

We'll also buy some new equipment.

Because of Serena's strength, she can't equip armor any better than studded leather.

Now we'll head to Orvus with the Tremere Amulet.


Sexually, I mean.

We just happen to have the exact item you're looking for!

This should be good.

*We don't have the budget to animate that.

Next time we raid the Haus de Hexe.



We would have gained 10 humanity from that choice.

But we still would have had to go through the dungeon.