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Part 16: Society of Leopold


Uh.. really? That's your idea of a good transition point, nihilistic software?

Anybody who's played bloodlines should remember the society of leopold. and how fucking tedius that level is

Anezka: Christof, arise!

Christof: *Vampire Hiss*
Anezka: *incomprehensible speech*


Survived what? You don't even know where you are or what happened!

He shoots his gun once at Christof.

I take it back. That's the blurb on the back of the VtMR novel.

The first thing you'll notice is the new color scheme of the UI. It looks a lot better, and I wish it would have just looked like this in the first place.

One dot in Blood Healing. One dot in Feed. 10 points in Wits.

The rare items we had in our inventory are now scattered across the room.

Including the plate helm. I guess I can understand vampire relics being powerful enough to stand the test of time and whatever else they had to go through, but not a metal helmet we found in a chest.



I can totally talk from a solid moral high ground on violence. Me, Christof. Paragon of peace.

Replacing the potions of medieval times are blood bags.


Remember when I said the heartshield is only useful much later in the game? This is when I was talking about.


Are you drunk?

You've got much bigger problems to deal with now. Shut the fuck up about Anezka.


Note that he has a stake in his hand. That's why we're using the heartshield.

The pistol is an okay weapon. Not that good.

The leopold members like to throw holy water at Christof, and every time he gets hit with it, he says "Water of life now burns me!"

Remember how Theft of Vitae is maxed out at 5 dots? Now we can instakill humans with it, making this dungeon a breeze.

I genuinely did not know what sap gloves were before encountering them in this game.

Wikipedia posted:

Weighted-knuckle gloves, also called sap gloves, are a type of weapon used in hand to hand combat. They consist of a pair of ordinary looking gloves usually made of leather or a synthetic material, with powdered lead or steel sewn into a special pouch covering the knuckles, and often the backs of the fingers and the back of the hand. In some designs, this distinctive feature is obvious, while in others it is almost completely indistinguishable from an ordinary glove, allowing the gloves to be worn in plain sight without suspicion.

Another common enemy in this dungeon is the soldier, who carries a powerful gun. Still not a problem because of Theft of Vitae which we can spam forever.

Clips are obviously the ammo for pistols, and they can fit in our quickslot.


That blue coating on Christof is the result of that lab worker casting prayer. Oddly, Christof still says "Water of life now burns me!" when hit with it, even though that makes no sense.

Flamethrowers are pretty damaging because of vampire's weakness to fire.

This is a pretty good ranged weapon. I don't think I've gone into the different damage types in depth, so I'll refer to the manual.

VtMR Manual posted:

There are three main types of damage
that can be suffered in the game: Bashing,
Lethal and Aggravated. These types are
distinguished in order to allow for certain
resistances that vampires may have and to
show how human and Kindred alike can
soak them.

These attacks include punches, kicks
and any other kind of blunt trauma, which
are less likely to kill a victim instantly
(especially a vampire). All characters
(including humans) can use Stamina to soak Bashing damage.

These are attacks meant to cause
immediate and fatal injury to a victim.
Vampires can soak Lethal damage with
their Stamina Attribute, but humans have
no natural resistance to it.

Attacks that are deadly even to the
undead, including fire, sunlight, the teeth
and claws of vampires and werewolves and
certain Holy attacks, are considered to be
Aggravated attacks. Aggravated damage
can only be soaked with the Fortitude

I think it's been covered in the thread by Vissitude, but I can't find the post.

I tried to get a screenshot of the bow in-action, but it didn't really work.

Without the heartshield, we'd be paralyzed a lot in this dungeon because of stake attacks.

I've never seen a flashlight that looks like this.


Don't mind me walking around back here.

We've lost all of our gold coins, so we have to start from scratch.


But not very effective.


They've got it all here at the society of leopold.

Why do they have these weird-ass naziesque arm bands?

It's a lot better than the pistol.

Too bad the ammo is pretty uncommon.

Doctors office, storage areas, prison cells, firing range... Soon there'll be a library or something.



That graph just screams 'society of leopold'.

This is what cloak of shadows looks like. Not useful at all.



Another fucking tome.

At least we already know lure of flames. Christof is already stupidly powerful.

They've even got beds.


The elemental is pretty powerful, but it doesn't matter here because we can one-hit-kill everybody.

This is odd...

The door outside is locked, so we've got to go upstairs.

Did you think I was kidding about the library?


This was a pretty weird glitch I encountered.

I want to get whatever's inside of that locked cabinet.

How original.

I'll talk more about this later.

There's no arm armor in the modern time (if I remember correctly), so these bracelets are what's going to be occupying our arms slots.


Who's this?

Oh. It's him.


What? You've killed everyone in the society you've come across, but this one person is worth saving?

Vampire hunters will totally let you go if you just ask them.

Good advice. Christof will probably die of culture shock somehow.

I guess he figured that out from the dates on the computers. But he still says that even if you don't look at them, so I don't know.

We could kill him with weapons and such, but let's do this the better way.


Why is he just standing there shaking like he's having a seizure while Christof does this?

But he's already broken the vats!

Uh.. Good job on that, Christof.. I guess.

Two dots in Call Lightning, 3 points in wits, 2 points in perception, 5 points in intelligence.

Now he just sits there making gross slurping noises and saying "My Vitae!" and "Save me!" over and over again. I guess you can listen to that if you want to.


Our quest log is updated, but the update spoils what we do next, so I'm not showing it.

Find out what London looks like in VtMR next time.