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Part 17: East & West London Streets

Christof somehow timed it so he'll go out into London during night.


I'm not going to make fun of Christof here, because I think this is probably the best dialogue he's had so far in the game. If only the writing for the rest of the game was like this.

Also note the callback to this:

Uh.. Maybe you should put your sword away?


I really do love when the game makes fun of Chritof's ignorance of the modern world.

Christof puts his hands in the air like he's holding a sword, but forgets to draw it from the Vampire: the Masquerade - Redemption aether. He then advances towards the Mugger, who runs away, back into the alley, probably from the smell of Chritof's clothes from 800 years of not being washed.

How about getting a haircut, now? That ponytail doesn't look good at all.

The streets of London are pretty quiet.

Let's head in.

This club consists of three goth girls...

...and two people at the bar, including the bartender.


So is he a vampire, or...? How does he know about them? Wait, "off the bus from Iowa"? The bus that goes from Iowa to London over the ocean?

He has a shitty selection. We can't sell anything to him, and we'll never buy anything from him.



Pink takes a swig from his mug.

So, the bartender is mortal.. but why is Pink so careless?

I love Pink because he's the character with the most personality.

I find it pretty weird that there's only one person dancing in this entire club. Christof, why don't you join her and forget your troubles?

Oh man, not the girl we talked to twice.

That certainly would be interesting.

Let's reference this obscure thing we haven't mentioned in 11 hours of gameplay. That's good writing.

Why not?

Uh, Pink, we accepted your help. You don't have to convince us.

Oh my god...

That reckless criminal Giovanni.

Especially that creepy Serena girl who I turned down for sex. Who cares about her, though? She needs no mourning.

Actually, Christof, you are an Elder. Or did you forget how many vampires you killed?


Pink is now in our coeterie, and I'm not showing our questlog again because of spoilers.

He doesn't have much on him...

...but his stats are pretty good. Does anyone else find it weird that a Brujah elder would hang out in a nightclub and seem pretty casual in his alliance with the camarilla?

Let's go through his spells.

That girl will not stop dancing. Let's head out.


Pink seems pretty eager.

Now I know we're in London for real. If they didn't include a couple of references to England, this would be completely unbelievable.

"Curio Shop". Why would this be open at this time of night?

If this is a reference to something, it flew over my head.


Someone who doesn't understand that no one speaks like they're in the middle ages 800 years later.

Oh man, just like a vampiric Johnny Rotten. What a badass.

Watch the fuck out for the chubby shopkeeper.

We'll just sell some items here. Nothing to buy for now.


Time to go.


Oh, you mean this thing I somehow still have on my person even though everything else I lost or didn't have on me?

I don't think there's a harsher rejection than that speech Anezka gave Christof short of spitting in his face or something. Just give it up, Christof!

Whatever. Let's take Pink's advice and get some new equipment.

Before we do, here's the map of West London. Not helpful, at all.


Peasants rule themselves by voting who rules over them?

No need to be hostile.

Let's head down the streets.


You're saying they're in earshot as I say this? Oh well.

Juicebags, like this woman right next to us.

You're about as fun as this police officer next to me. Did I mention that I could go for a mortal to suck the blood from?

So is upholding that masquerade that we seem to be fine breaking right now.

The van is down these steps.


Just take the fucking advice, Christof!

Yeah, man. Otto knows what's up.


Otto opens up his door...

Why does this weapons dealer sell medieval swords and shit?

We'll buy a couple of Leather Jackets and move on.

As soon as we equip Pink with a leather jacket...


We need to head to the brothel because, according to Pink, it's the best lead we've got to find more information about the huge shipments of Pragueian earth by the Tzimisce.

First, let's go into our new haven.

What a place.

Let's check out our vault.

We've lost everything, so now we get to start over.

These save points are relics from an earlier version of the game where we couldn't save wherever we wanted, and had to use these points which are located mostly in our havens.

The docks don't offer much for us, yet.

All of these streets look the same.

As Pink mentioned, the brothel looks to be housed in an abandoned theater.


Let's find out.

Get laid and watch a play. We've got it all here at the West London Theater-Brothel.


If an NPC has a unique name, they're someone we should talk to.


But we weren't killing anyone!


You don't look to be in any danger.

Oh well, we could use more allies for our new coeterie.

This is the same conversation, by the way. I don't know why the subtitles from earlier lines disappeared, but I have an idea. I think that this part of the conversation was originally supposed to be its own, separate conversation that was supposed to trigger outside the brothel after we rescue Lily from some imminent danger that was supposed to have happened.

Let's explore the stage a little bit, first.

But before that, let's see what Lily the Toreador brings to the table.

We'll use our tome on her.

She's got these throwing knives in her quickslot, which need to be equipped in the weapon slot to be used.

She doesn't have anything in her inventory, by the way, so we'll equip her with Pink's shotgun.

As big as the actual movie-watching area is, there's nothing to do in there except attack or feed on the patrons and prostitutes.

The storage area is down these stairs.

As Lily mentioned, we need to find some way to get into the Setite temple.

There we go.

We'll brave the Setite temple next time.