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Part 23: Orsi International

I've bought some new armor and weapons for our coeterie.

You can see that I used Aura Perception on Wilhem.

You might have noticed earlier that Christof's blood pool is 235 instead of 225 from earlier. That's because I bought a special ring from the new moon that increases the wearer's blood pool by 10. It's the one on the left.

This is in Uptown, where we have to find Orsi's penhouse. I'm sure this church won't come into play anytime soon.

Well, this isn't the penthouse, but it seems to be connected to Orsi.


I'm not surprised. The streets are absolutely jam-packed with cars.


I don't know about you, but that's exactly the image that comes into my mind when I think 'Ventrue'.

Ok, this is the place we actually are supposed to go.


I think that Nihilistic did a good job on this character model, and I'm impressed they got the cigar to sit between his fingers correctly. His right hand looks a little fucked up, though.

Samuel's new hat looks pretty dumb. I wonder if that nuclear warning logo is a pop culture reference about Y2K or something.

The V-Day party. Come on Lily, we were just there.

God, Christof is so fucking stupid.

Who wrote this? I've done some research, and the only person credited for the writing is some guy named Daniel Greenberg. He's credited for "Interactive Screenplay, Story Co-Writer, Additional Voice Direction", but nobody else is credited as the other co-writer. Wikipedia says that he's written supplements to the actual Vampire: the Masquerade tabletop game. All I can say is that I'm surprised that someone could write something this awful and ever be hired to write anything ever again.

Let's listen to: Orsi's Theme

The music that plays in the penthouse is the same music that played back at Orsi's party in Vienna. It's actually pretty good.

There's really not much to do in here.


Lily mention her sire only once before this point in the entire game. It was right after we killed Lucretia.

I think they wrote that line in after the fact to try to legitimize this. Still, only mentioning it once doesn't help much at all.

Nearby translates into a separate building that would be about a mile away in real NYC.

Near the New Moon... this storage room. They flat-out tell us that this is the place we have to go in our quest log, but it spoils what happens inside of the place, so I didn't show it.

There's this side room that has no purpose what-so-ever.


But we find her one room away.

What is the purpose of painting with blood? I'm pretty sure this is just Nihilistic trying to be edgey.

Why is Alexandra the only character to react this way to Christof's speech other than Pink?

I'm not sure if this was Nihilistic trying to make Lily's character more complex by making her a bisexual or if this was just awkwardly phrased.

How would she know what he looks like?

We've got to kill two Ventrue grunts. It's not difficult at all.


What address? The conversation triggered as soon as we killed the 2nd Ventrue - we didn't pick up anything. Besides, we've already been to his factory entrance. Besides, does this mean these two Ventrue charged with getting the painting from Alexandra are new on the job and need to have the address of Ori's factory written down?

What? Lily's been with us this whole time! No way she told you that in the four seconds we fought those Ventrue, and Lily was fighting with us, anyway.

So is Lily now blood bound to Orsi, all of the sudden? This makes no sense.

Notice that the quest log doesn't say anything about taking the painting with you, which we're forced to do in order to get into the factory. If we leave without the painting, that conversation from earlier about not having an invitation will trigger.


That painting looks so fucking stupid. We'll take it and head back to the factory.


You guys look exactly like the Ventrue we were expecting.

We've got to go through levels of the dungeon to head upwards towards Orsi's office.

Ventrue are the main enemies of the dungeon. They're not difficult.

They sometimes like to use Awe or other powers, but they'll mostly be attacking us with ranged or melee weapons.

I ran out of ammo for the SMG, so Wilhem is going to switch to the Magnesium Crossbow.

The fire damage is very damaging to vampires.

Some of the Ventrue will have pretty powerful weapons, like this one with the flamethrower.

Some of them will have shitty weapons like this one with the baseball bat.

War Ghouls are back again. They're not any easier because of the uppercuts they like to use.

Here are the stats for the Magnesium Crossbow. We've got to buy special bolts to use it.

The vampiric toddlers and Tzimisce are back. They die very quick.

I found this suit in a box, but it isn't as good as what Samuel's already got equipped, and it doesn't look any different.

They're moving a bunch of corpses somewhere. Probably for some fucked up Tzimisce ritual.

citybeatnik pointed out that having 5 dots in Cloak of the Gathering makes the Giovanni Warehouse a lot more doable, because you can attack without breaking the obfuscation. I only have 3 dots, but it's still kind of useful.

With three dots, we'll break out of stealth when we attack.

But if we stop attacking, everyone will go back into stealth and the Ventrue will just wait around until we are visible again.

Sometimes we've got to fight multiple War Ghouls at a time.

We'll give this to Samuel because he's the only one without Dominate.

We're able to get some really powerful weapons from boxes in Orsi's factory, like the game is apologizing for the Giovanni Warehouse.

I'm a really big fan of the Chaingun.

It does a ton of damage, and it's pretty accurate.

There are a few Ventrue on the right which will shoot at us with their guns. There's no way to get to them unless we head straight into a room with a fuckton of War Ghouls and Ventrue, so we've got to kill them here and now with the chaingun.

Now, let's go into the room up ahead.

I don't like the rocket launcher. As much as its statistics say it should do massive amounts of damage, it doesn't ever seem to do much.

It's AOE will damage us if we're caught in it.

Look at how little that War Ghoul was damaged from the rocket!

We'll finish this room off with the crossbow.

We need to refill on supplies.

Like ammunition.

I bought this from the New Moon.

You'd think we could shoot them from over here.

But you'd be wrong.

Some Tzimisce wear those V-Neck shirts, some are just naked like barbie dolls.

Pretty decent weapon from another box.

That run is so stupid.

Sometimes the Ventrue will turn into wolves, but they don't do much damage either way.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but when Samuel casts beckoning, he summons a rat like the ones the Underprince had.

Too bad the AI for coeterie members is so bad that giving them ranged weapons is like telling them to sit the fight out.

We encountered a Setite using this gun back in the Setite Temple. It's not very good.

The flamethrower is a pretty good weapon, though.



Christof made an oath back in Vienna to kill Orsi, no matter how long it took. Who cares. It's revealed that Orsi is a Ventrue in Ardan's Shipping Manifest back in the Tremere Chantry.

But how does he have an army of Ventrue and Tzimisce under his command? I have no follow up. I really don't understand how Orsi has gained such a huge following, and why all the Ventrue are just fine with Vukodlak's revival.

But we already knew that!

Boss fight!

Orsi is the easiest boss in the game.

All he does is turn into a wolf and die.


Thanks for turning back into your normal form so I could do this.

One dot in Ignore the Searing Flame, four dots in Summon Elemental, one dot in Acidic Touch, 20 points in wits, 12 points in dexterity, 3 points in manipulation

One dot in Plague Wind, two dots in Summon Soul, one dot in Entrancement, one dot in Majesty, one dot in Potence, two dots in The Forgetful Mind, two dots in Possession, 20 points in Charisma, 10 points in Dexterity, 8 points in Stamina.

Along with Domiate, Samuel now has access to Celerity.

Five dots in Celerity, one dot in Cloak of the Gathering, one dot in Command, one dot in Mesmerize, one dot in Feed, two dots in Fortitude, two dots in Potence, 5 points in Perception, two points in Strength.

Check out Wilhem's new rank.

White Wolf Wiki posted:

A Methuselah is an Elder who has existed for at least a millennium or more. Fourth and most fifth Generation vampires are Methuselahs. These elders are generally old enough to have known their clan Antediluvian personally, and usually serve as lieutenants in the Jyhad. The term is also used to refer to elders who have very little to do with the Camarilla or Sabbat: their machinations are far deeper, subtle and terrifying. Methuselahs tend to fall into the borderline unplayable characters for Vampire: they often break the rules as they exist, (e.g., Mithras surviving his diablerie by Monty Coven).

Two dots in Cloak of the Gathering, one dot in Potence, 9 points in strength, 1 point in perception.

Before we head down to talk to those familiar-looking women, I want to bring up something odd.

This is the image that the manual uses to describe the UI. That's a picture of the dungeon we just went through. How fucked up is that? They just spoil who our coeterie members are and that Wilhem survives into the modern nights! What's weird is that Pink is still in our party in this image, when in the actual game it's Samuel.

We first met these women in the Green Frog Inn back in Vienna, and again at Orsi's party. They're Orsi's childer, and only Kazi can speak. The others had their tongues cut out by their mortal master when they were alive.


I wonder why Nihilistic insists upon having these awful camera angles during dialogue.

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