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Part 27: The Terrible no-so-Secret of Pink's Leather Jacket

The Terrible no-so-Secret of Pink's Leather Jacket

I never mentioned it, but you can play the game at a widescreen resolution. In this case, I told the game to play at 1366 x 768, but even though it said it was running at that resolution, it only outputted 1360 x 768.

Let's take a closer look at Pink's jacket.

What's that?

It's the logo of clan Assamite.

(thanks to citybeatnik & OAquinas for pointing this out)

The Failures of Higher Resolutions

You might be wondering why the LP was at 800 x 600. It's because of this:

Everything is resized, but the conversations still act as if you're playing at a lower resolution, thus cutting of parts of characters.

One thing I never mentioned was that there's no way to go back to London after you've arrived in NY.