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Part 2: Chapter #1: Destiny's Child, Part 2

After the battle, it's time for inconclusive conversations!

: Hello! My name is Ione. I am a member of the Avalon Defense Corps.
: And I am Reyna. It is a pleasure to meet such skilled fighters!
: The Avalon Defense Corps? Aren't you allies of the Pharastia Kingdom?
In this game, as in all RPGs, the Kingdom are the good guys locked in perpetual war with the Empire.
: Yes! Our combined forces have been battling the Empire for ages.
: It is my pleasure to meet such beautiful soldiers as you two.
Bastion doesn't let the smoldering ruins of a once-prosperous village get in the way of his game
: Pardon me?
: Reyna and I have been tracking these Imperial for several days...
: And when we saw a pillar of black smoke on the horizon, we knew that they were the cause of it.
: We are most grateful to both of you for your timely assistance.
: You're quite welcome, sir. I relish any opportunity to kick the Junaris Empire where it hurts.
: I still can't believe they would attack a village of innocents.
: I have a question...Do either of you know a man by the name of Galvas Derid?
: Galvas, the corps commander of the Pharastia Kingdom?
How is this scene still going?
: Yes.
: Of course we know him! We're here on his orders!He is considered a living legend by most members of the Corps. I have nothing but respect for him.
Yeah, talk to me about that in a few missions...
: I am curious...what leads you to inquire about Galvas?
: I must speak with him at the earliest opportunity of a debt that must be repaid.
: Galvas is quite wealthy, sir! How has he come to owe you anything?
: His debt is not monetary, Ione, and that is all you need to know.
: I would strongly disagree with you on that point.
: ... ... ...
: My apologies, sir. I did not seek to offend you.
So, Kamorge's death stare apparently convinced Ione that it would be a great idea to bring a man who keep talking about "settling debts" to meet her commander.
: A old man like me is very rarely offended, Ione...but your apology is accepted nonetheless.
: Thank you, sir. How much time will you and your friends need to prepare before we depart?
: Ione, we can't take this man to see Galvas! We don't even know him!
: We do not know him, Reyna...but we can certainly trust him. You need only look into his eyes to see that.
I don't think that will hold up in a court-martial.
: Thank you for your trust, Ione. Now I owe you a debt as well.
: Father, have you forgotten about the fate of this village?
I, for one, did. This scene will not end.
: What will happen when the Empire sends more soldiers here?
: The village will be quite safe after we depart, Bastion.
: And how can you be so confident of that, Father?
: Because you and I are the cause of this ruin, Bastion.
: What...what do you mean, Father? I don't understand. Those soldiers said they were looking for rogues!
: And they found us, Bastion. They
: What are you saying? Why is the Empire searching- -
: Do you or do you not want to fight the Empire, Bastion?
: Of course I do, Father, but- -
: Then cease your rambling and begin preparations for our journey.

And then Kamorge, being a merciful man, walks out and ends the scene.

: Why won't you at least explain what's going on?! Father...

But, wait, it's time to meet more people! And you don't even have the chance to save your game!

Meet Sadira and Faulkner, the Imperial Princess and chronicler of life in the American South, respectively.

: What brings you to my chambers this wondrous day?
: Dispense with your pretentiousness, Faulkner! I demand answers.
: Certainly, Highness...but first you must supply a question.
: Silence, Faulkner! The band of rogues you call soldiers are flagrantly violating the laws of the Empire! I'm told some have even deserted our armies and begun to rob the citizens they were sworn to protect.
: I will inform my sergeants of this terrible news at once, Sadira.
: Your sergeants?! From what I have been told, they not only allow this behavior, but often condone it! That's why I must travel to our border zones as soon as possible. I plan to observe the despicable actions of these troops myself...And to severely punish those among them who would harm my people. I only hope you're able to guard the Imperial palace while I'm gone!

So Sadira suspects that Faulkner is up to no good. Her solution? March into his office, explain to him in great detail what she knows and then go on to inform him of exactly where she'll be in the near-future. Outstanding!
: I should burn this palace to the ground, you spoiled little wench...But, it would be more prudent to follow you to the border zones...just in case.
It is probably not a good sign that me and the main villain are coming to the same conclusions.

This is another screen you'll see a lot. Right now, it shows that we're in the Pharastia Kingdom, we're heading to castle to the right.
: It's located near the border between the Kingdom and the Empire. You'll be in danger.
: We can defend ourselves.
: Are you really certain about all this, Ione? Because I'm not. Need I remind you once again that we nothing about the man?
Not true, we know that he wants to settle old debts, the nature of which the man pointedly refuses to elaborate on and is good at killing things. See, no problem.
: I understand your concern, Reyna, but we know we can trust him. And we also know that he can hold his own on a battlefield.
: Most importantly, we know his son is quite attractive.
: What was that?
: Uh...nothing. Heh, heh.
: I should also admit that I am very curious about Kamorge.
Yeah? Well, I'm not. How could a game featuring giant robots hitting each other with giant swords be this boring?
: As am I! What is this great debt Galvas owes him? And for how long have they known each other?
: Ah, well. That is gossip best kept for another time? The faster we make our way through the Empire...the sooner we will have the answers we want.
: Well, yes, but it's so much FUN to gossip.
What? What the fuck? Boy, I'm glad we were treated to that dialogue.

The party starts moving towards the castle, but before we can get anywhere...

: I apologize, Kamorge, but I can't continue on until I can determine which systems are inoperative.
: Perhaps we can assist you in that regard, Ione.
: Of course we can! Puck, have a look and see what you can do!
: You got it, Bastion!
: Are you kidding me? This vertically-challenged tyke is a mechanic?!
I believe they prefer the term "heightactically-differenced"
: The laws against child labor are quite strict.
: Puck is not a boy, Reyna! He's almost a man. Besides, he's the most amazing tech you'll ever meet.
Also, he doesn't get paid, so it only counts as an internship.
: My ATAC would have fallen to pieces long ago without him!
: Says you.
: Geez, Bastion, why don't you lay it on a little thicker?!
: Aw, Puck, I've not embellished your raw talents one bit, and you know it!
: Well, then, Puck, I would be honored if you chose to assist me.
: No problem, let's go!

But wait, we're not done yet!

: You are a man of very few words, aren't you, Kamorge?
: Indeed
If only other characters could be like him
: So, tell me, seems that you move around quite a bit. Doesn't that get hard?
: Yes, it is difficult. I doubt there's a place on this continent where we haven't lived at some point.
: Well then, how did Milea come to be in your company?
: Both of my parents were slain by soldiers of the Empire when I was very young. Kamorge had been a good friend of my family, and took me in as one of his own.
: Oh, Milea, I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean to cause you any pain...
: Don't be silly, Reyna, and please don't apologize. After all, how could you have known.
Well, Milea's a girl traveling with a band of fugitives without any family...there's probably not a happy story behind that.
: Besides, I couldn't have had a better life than the one Kamorge has given to me.

Puck shows up because God knows we haven't heard his fucking life-story yet.

: Geez, that was TOO easy! All I had to do was patch up the bipolar circuits and tweak the cortez modulator.
: Sounds like our little genius has finished his repair work.
: Thank you very much, Puck! I'll go and run a few diagnostic programs before we depart.
And then Ione and Kamorge leave, but we're still not done
: Boy, he IS good! The very best engineers in the Avalon Corps don't work that fast!
: I said as much earlier, remember?
: Yes, yes...oh, I forgot to ask how Puck ended up with you as well.
Why, Reyna, why you gotta be this way?
: Puck was apprenticing with one of Father's friends, who is an engineer.
And then Kamorge bought him for three packs of cigarettes
: He's traveling with us to test what he's learned thus far in real-life situations. And I assure you there aren't many "situations" we haven't been in lately.
: It's okay, Bastion! I really don't mind fixing your ATAC all the time.
: I'm starting to get the picture.
: It's the perfect arrangement. Father and I battle against the Empire...Puck repairs our ATACs and allows me to pull wedgies on him when the mood strikes...And Milea cooks and cleans up after us. Like I said, it's perfect!
: No, no. It would be perfect if you managed to belch out a "thank you" now and then to show some appreciation!
: I appreciate what you do, Milea. You KNOW that!
Weren't there giant robots in this game at one point? I can't remember anymore
: wouldn't hurt to tell me every now and again.
: Sounds reasonable to me.

Kamorge and Ione walk back into the scene

: Attention, everyone! Kamorge and I have seen a battle forming in the distance! There isn't any time! We must mobilize at once.
: Excellent. We can strike against the Empire on their own wretched turf!
: We must keep our wits about us as we descend into the conflict.
: Yes. Caution is the best course of action. It may already be too late for the Empire's poor prey.
Given what I know about the next mission, I truly, truly wish that were true.
: If we are careless, we shall become victims as well. Heads up! Let's go!

Next Time: More Characters, More Talking