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Part 7: Chapter #4: Araba Reclaimed, Part 2

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But I wouldn't love myself.....

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Fixed. Hopefully.

Chapter 4: Araba Reclaimed: The Thrilling Conclusion!

: Who was he, Galvas, and how did you come to know him?
: Kamorge was the false name he gave himself when he left the Kingdom and went into hiding. His real name...Alugard.
We already knew all of that!
: Alugard?! He was the leader of the Guardian Knights! He was responsible for the safety of the king himself!
And what a fine job he did!
: Yes, he was.
: And he was your younger brother. I know he died with honor, Galvas.
: I am certain he did. The last time I saw him was shortly after the King perished, during the Empire's assault on the capital. I always believed that he fled from shame, that he left because he had dishonored the Kingdom. I tried to shut him out of my mind...but I always hoped he would come back. I always missed him.
: Before Kamorge...died, he gave us a message for you. "The supreme spirit sleeps at the feet of the lion...Guide the holy lineage to the light." The meaning of those words is a mystery to all of us.
: ...I...I...can scarcely believe it. Where is Alugard's...where is the boy, Bastion?
: In the reception hall, I believe. Still in mourning for Kamorge...Alugard.
: I'm certain you'll enlighten us sooner or later, but I'd prefer to know sooner. If you don't mind...
: I was shocked when you mentioned that Alugard had a son...but now I understand their true relationship. And now I know why Alugard fled the capital. It was not out of shame, but because of his duty. Alugard took it upon himself to protect the next King!
: What?!
: The blue blood of royalty flows through Bastion's veins, Ione. He is our fallen King's only heir. When the capital was assaulted and the King perished, Alugard must have stolen away with Bastion.
Yep, Bastion is the last hope of the Kingdom. Sucks to be the Kingdom
: But why did he stay away for so long, instead of returning after the Empire had been repulsed?
: I can answer that one, Ione. Bastion is who they wanted in the first place, not the King.
That...does not really appear to conform to the flashback we saw, but sure
: If Alugard had come back here with Bastion, they would've attacked us again. They needed him...because he's the only one who can pilot the Ultragunner ATAC. It's a gift, and a curse.
Ultragunner? Now that's a name I can get behind. Finally, a mech with a proper weapon. I mean, it's called the Ultragunner!
: (So now they know. I wonder what Faulkner will think of this)
Meet Ganlon. He's traitor, but makes up for it by being really bad at it.
: It all makes sense now. I can't believe I didn't figure it out sooner. The Empire started this war to find Ultragunner, and to make Bastion use it against us!
: But when Alugard took Bastion, he distracted the Empire, and gave us time to regroup.
: We need the power of the Ultragunner to reclaim what the Empire has taken. But Bastion could not have used or controlled that power when he was only a boy. Alugard knew that he...that we all would have to wait for Bastion to mature into manhood.
Anyone buying this explanation? No? Well, they tried, at least.
: And, now that Bastion is a man, all we need to do now is FIND the Ultragunner for him.
: According to Alugard's message, there may be a clue to its location in the Kingdom of Dionne-Lehve.
: Then it is most likely the course of wisdom to journey and have a chat with the Marquis.
That's right, the Kingdom of Dionne-Lehve is ruled by a Marquis.
: What of Bastion? How do you think he will react when he learns of his true lineage.[/img]
Well, given this game so far, I'd say an overly long scene that makes me want to reach into the screen and beat Bastion to death
: (And will I remember to call him "Your Highness"?)

: Which is why the innocent people of Fruah were viciously attacked by the Empire...Which is why this horrible war came to pass...And which is why Father died! I...I am the cause of it all. I am the cause of destruction which has plagued the Kingdom for these 16 years! I want to believe this is a horrible nightmare from which I'm about to awaken...But I know it's true. I can feel the truth pushing down on my chest like a crushing weight. I wanted to save this world from the Empire's wrath. I wanted so much to make Father proud. But all I did was instigate the death of the man who gave me everything...who taught me everything! I am a plague. I bring death with me wherever I go. I kill the ones I love. I'm not royalty. I'm just a curse. A horrible...curse... ... ... ...
Got it out of your system, there, champ?

Bastion tries to leave, but Milea moves to intercept!

: Wh...where are you going, Bastion?
: If I stay here, I will only bring the wrath of the Empire down upon you all. I'm going to take my ATAC into the farthest mountain range, and wait for the Imperial Army there. I will do my best to die with honor, as my father did..
: Honor?! Tell me, Bastion, where is the honor in running like a coward? You ARE a fool, Bastion! Kamorge laid down his life to save yours, and now you're just going to throw away his sacrifice? You said he taught you everything! Didn't he teach you to show respect for the dead?! You act as if you're the only one who deserves to grieve. What about me? He was my father as much as yours. Leave if you must, Bastion. I have lost my family before. Perhaps I can survive losing another.
: Milea...I'm so sorry.
: Please, Bastion. Don't forget about what has driven you for so long.
: The Empire...defeating the Empire.
That's right, you can't die Bastion, too many of your enemies would be delighted by your death. Bonus points if anyone is able to locate the source of the quote I'm pretty sure I just mangled.
: That's right, Bastion! Not a day goes by where you don't talk about kicking the Empire's butt! So why are you gonna quit now?
So, Bastion is brought out of his funk by promises of further bloodshed. He's...not the greatest hero in the world.
: Puck... ... ... ...You're right, I can't quit. The Empire won't stop until they rule the Continent. We all know that. And since I'm the only one who can use the Ultragunner, I might be the only one who can stop them. But I'm afraid of what might happen to you all if I stay...or if I fail.
Okay, well, you just said that if you don't fight, the Empire wins, so unless you failing somehow involves you personally murdering each and every one of your friends, I don't think you've got much to worry about
: We're your friends, Bastion! We're gonna stick by you no matter what happens! And if we work together, we can do anything! Kamorge always told us that, remember?
: He's right, Bastion.
: Puck...Milea...
: So are you going to stay and fight, or what?! I know Barlow and I owe you a life debt and all, but that doesn't mean you should waste our time! Besides, do you know how long it's been since Barlow ate? He's about to gnaw my foot off!
: He's not joking. I've tried it before. Leather's nutritious!
Ugh...I hate Barlow and Devlin
: I'm going to stay Devlin, and I'm going to fight.
: Bastion, your face is even more handsome when you're wearing that determined look...I think it...
: What?
: Reyna!
: What?!! It's quite becoming! You have good friends, Bastion. Friends who will always help you, no matter what you need.
: I wish I had realized that sooner...but at least I know it now. Together, we're going to defeat the Empire. We're going to do it for the sake of our world. We're going to do it for my father...

But wait, there's more talking to be done!

: The citizens of the Kingdom have prayed for your triumphant return!
: I've come to understand a great many things recently, Galvas. But I'm not going to wage this war against the Empire simply for the sake of the Kingdom. I'm going to fight for the freedom of everyone on the continent regardless of the nation in which they dwell. No one in this land should have to live in fear, as I did. No one.
No form of government guarantees freedom like a feudal kingdom!
: Your Highness! You are the heir to the Kingdom! The citizens would revolt if they heard you speak this way!
Yes, the citizens of the Kingdom would be furious at the notion of freedom and not living in fear. They demand to be worked like slaves and dwell forever with the specter of death constantly hanging above them!
: You were born to inherit the throne! You must fight for the honor and the glory of the Kingdom!
: Calm down, Galvas. Bastion is our leader, and that means he's the one who sets our agenda. Or do you wish to usurp the authority of his reign already?
Boy, sounds like the freedom initiative is off to great start!
: What?! I would never commit an act of treason against the Prince!
: Then perhaps you should give his leadership a chance. Right, Your Highness?
: Please don't call me "Your Highness"! It just sounds too...weird. Bastion will be fine.
: Your Highness! You cannot be addressed with a common name! THAT would be weird!
: Ummmm Hmmmmm...Well, Bastion, what is your command? We're waiting!
: Yes, Highness. What is your bidding?
: If you're taking suggestions, I think we should visit Marquis Dionne to look for the Ultragunner.
: I wish I, uh, could join you, but that battle was, ah, murder on my ATAC, so I'll have to, uh, stay here.
Yeah, that's not suspicious!
: Really? You seemed to pass the battle with nary a scratch. But, I guess someone has to guard the castle.
This is a bit odd, if only because Ganlon will almost always got killed in the last battle, and he'll certainly get roughed up, so this probably could have been handled a bit better.
: My, ah, thoughts exactly.
: Your Highness? Is it your will that Ganlon remains here while the rest of us escort you to Marquis?
It's my will that this scene end before I lose what's left of my sanity. As long as these conversations may seem to you guys, there twice as long for me. I mean, fuck, this entire post, which is pretty fucking long, is all talking, and we still have one-and-a-half scenes left.
: Remember that we are merely your advisers, nothing more. Please do not hesitate to disregard our advice.
: sounds fine to me, Galvas. And don't hesitate to call me Bastion.
: I don't think I can bring myself to do that, Your Highness. I apologize.
: Ione, you probably don't want to hear this, but I believe you should hold the fort with Ganlon. Nothing against Ganlon, of course, but he won't be able to hold off the Empire if they return. I'd stay behind too, if the new Prince here didn't require someone to teach him about diplomacy!
: It's alright, Zeira. If I held rank over you, I'd force you to stay here, too.
: Mmmmmmm. Sassy, aren't we?
Wait, am I losing my mind or did he just really say that? What's that glowing, winged fox? He did say it? Fuck. Anyway, Ione leaves the party permanently at this point. If she had a personality or any interesting traits, this would be shame.

Almost done. I promise
: So, Zeira, please tell me more of this Marquis Dionne.
: Hmmm. Where to start? He's chief of a tribe of mercenaries who've been battling the Empire since forever.
So, the Marquis is the leader of tribe that comprises a kingdom, and they're all mercenaries at war with the Empire and the only member of them who will see that actually got paid fought for the Empire (we'll get to that in the next branch), and they've been fighting the Empire since 'forever'. There's nothing incoherent about that.
: He's difficult to impress, I've heard. The only way to earn Dionne's respect is to engage him in battle.
: We have to fight him to earn his respect? Has anyone bothered to try stimulating conversation?
: Heh, heh, heh. Dionne's idea of stimulating conversation is a good, loud battle cry. The only way to get on Dionne's good side is by fighting him and his mercs. And they fight to win. If you engage Dionne and his crew, and you win...or just've made friends for life.
: Duke Zeira, have you ever fought Marquis Dionne?
: Heh, heh, heh! I knew you were beginning to wonder how I knew so much about him! Fact is, I did fight Dionne once, when I wasn't much older than you...and, of course, I was soundly defeated.
: Duke Zeira! I never knew that! Why haven't you told that story before?
: Well, I'm not especially fond of retelling tales where I am the one pummeled to a pulp at the end.
: Good point.
: Not to boast, but I believe I could best the Marquis if we engaged on the battlefield again...
: Is anyone else getting strange signals on their short-range radars?
: I am...and those signals look very much like ATAC heat signatures!
: Prepare for battle!
And that's it. They just talk fore-fucking-ever, and then bandits attack out of nowhere. Vanguard Bandits: Come for the robots, stay for the endless conversations!

From the translators who brought who Zakov's accent: You thought you knew fear. You thought you saw the outer limits of irritating accents. You thought Working Designs could never create a pattern of speech more grating and inappropriate to a medieval setting. You thought wrong. Next Time: Claire....