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Part 38: Chapter #3: Tragic Farewell, Part 2

Chapter #3: Tragic Farewell, Empire Path

Now, you remember way back in Chapter 3, when Bastion rushed to his dying father's side and heard an incredible tale of betrayal, self-sacrifice and many, many ellipses? That wasn't the only way it could've gone....

Behold Empire Bastion with his mighty level 8 stats! To order to get onto the Empire Branch, you'll need to reach level 8 by the end of Chapter #3. Five levels in three levels isn't exactly easy, especially since there aren't many enemies in those missions, and you'll have to deal with AI teammates. Still, it can be done. Aim for one level in the first chapter, and two each in each of the following two battles.

And, once more, the last enemy goes down into darkness.

Except now you get a choice. Choosing "I must attend to Kamorge" sends you back to the Kingdom Branch, but today, it's time to go for the gusto.

: I will have revenge for you, Father! That Imperial bastard won't escape my wrath!

: Where is he?! Nothing's showing up on my scanners...Wait! There! Directly north! I won't let him escape!!

Next Time: Bastion tries to end the Empire Branch 17 missions early! I, for one, am rooting for him.