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Part 44: Chapter #7: Traitorous Warrior, Part 1

Empire Chapter #7: Traitorous Warrior


: Then again, neither does anything about this war...


: What do you think, Bastion? Is this ring too gaudy, or does it make a fashion statement?
: I delight in telling bad jokes, Bastion! Would you like to hear the one about the priest and the gerbil?
That...took a shocking turn...
: Aching, my bones are. Understand my pain, you will, when old you become!
: Oh, Bastion! I broke one of Sadira's teacups! I hope she won't become too upset with me!


And who is the brave leader of the Araba Garrison?

The big G, himself, Ganlon!

: Just as I, ah, told you, Zakov, this is the perfect time to strike.
And he's still a traitor!
: Every soldier in Araba is drunk or, ah, sleeping. We can seize control before they, ah, know what hit them.
: Just when I thought I couldn't become anymore confused! What is this man talking about? Is he an Imperial soldier as well?
: Not at all, Bastion! That ATAC belongs to Ganlon, the Kingdom's Western Corps Commander!
: What?

: What's going on?!
: Isn't it obvious, Bastion? Ganlon betrayed the Kingdom in exchange for more power within the Empire!
: This man is a traitor.
Says the guy serving in the same army that killed his father last week.
: He is without honor, and I was taught that a man without honor doesn't deserve to live.
: Bastion, you look really angry! What's the matter?
: You are without honor, Ganlon! You would sacrifice the lives of others to satisfy your own selfish desires!
Yeah! An honorable man would force his men to fight to the death against the Imperial Army!

: Well, this is awkward...
: What the hell are you doing?! Weren't you informed about...Wait! This is the Alba ATAC! Alugard, is that you?! How did you survive?! Where have you BEEN all this time?
: I don't know what you're talking about, traitor! I only know that you disgust me! Soldiers who raid defenseless towns and betray one another. What a proud army the Kingdom has assembled! I'm not going to let you commit this shameful act, Ganlon. I'm going to make you bleed! Prepare yourself!

Most the time, Zakov's just hopelessly incompetent. But this time...not really his fault.
: Seize dhem!
: Which one, Commander?!
: Both of dhem, you idiot! NOW!!
: Yes, sir!

An attack on Ganlon later...
: Let us see if you have any honor on the field of battle!
: Your voice is not Alugard's! You are just a boy! Tell me who you are!
: I am Bastion, son of Kamorge! Remember both our names, you gutter-dwelling annoyance!
: Bastion?! This cannot be! You are lying to me! I demand the truth!!

Thanks to Bastion's intervention, the peaceful surrender of Araba to the Imperials has turned into a three-way battle royale between Bastion and Cecilia, the Kingdom troops and Zakov's squad. The first thing you ought to down is get Bastion and Cecilia into a better defensive position. The two-square wide bridge on the left side of the map is probably the best, but it requires marching Cecilia across the entire width of the map as the battle rages...

Once Ganlon get down to half-HP, he runs.
: (This situation is completely out of control! I must return to the castle before I, ah, suffer more damage! Who is that boy inside the Alba? If it is, uh, truly Bastion, it all changes! No, it's impossible. He and Alugard are both, ah, dead. They must be!)

That's one impressive bloodbath you precipitated, Bastion. I mean, every single ATAC on the field is essentially on the same side, but now everybody is trying kill each other! Excellent work!

Eventually, the Kingdom side is apt to get crushed, leaving you to deal with the majority of Zakov's forces on your own. You technically aren't actually supposed to win this battle, but compared the other 'no-win' battles, this one is a breeze. Both Cecilia and Bastion get quotes when they attack Zakov for the first time.

: Turn off your ATAC and surrnder at vunce! I don't vant to hurt you!
: I'm sorry, Commander Zakov, but I'm having too much fun to stop now! Ha-ha!
: I vill be filling a formal complaint with dhe Princess about dhis! Just you vait and see!

: Haff you gone mad?! Deactiwate your ATAC ant surrender at vunce!
: Shut up and stay out of my way, Zakov, or I'll defeat you along with the traitor!
: How dare you speak to me dhat vay! I vill not tolerate insubordination!

Eh, two against four...and Bastion and Cecilia's AGI are sky-high, and the enemies can only hit from the front? Not exactly an incredibly hard challenge.

: Who is dhis fool, and vhy in dhe worlt is he doing dhis?!

Because he can, Commander Zakov, because he can...

And the last Imperial is killed, a glorious victory for the...oh, fuck, we're on the Empire's side this time aren't we?

: All of you deserved to lose! All of you! (Father, you would have been so proud of me. I fought with honor, just as you taught me. So...uh...Princess Sadira is going to be upset about this, isn't she?)

Next Time: The continuing adventures of Bastion's untreated bipolar disorder!