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Part 48: Chapter #9: Logan's Test, Part 2, Ending Voting Begins Here!

Time from opening pitch to clear evidence that the Cubs' season is going to suck: 1 hour, 23 minutes. So you guys get an update earlier than I intended.

Chapter #9: Logan's Test, the soul-shattering conclusion!

: He might be a dirty old man, Sadira, but I'm starting to enjoy the way he makes you squirm.
: Oh, hush up. Duke Logan can flatter me as much as he wants, now that we're allies!
: Stylin' battle, Sadira. I was totally impressed by your skills.
Yes, it was quite boss, now go away.
: Thank you, Claire. I only wish our school instructor could have been here to watch me thrash you. I would love to stay and speak more with you, Duke Logan, but I'm afraid we're in somewhat of a rush.
: You're in a hurry? Then I totally have to go and get all my stuff ready!
Wait...something is very wrong, this game wouldn' couldn't....
: What? And why are YOU in a hurry, Redhead-in-a-Bottle?
: Like, DUH! Because I'm going with you, of course! Are you getting SO excited or what?!
No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Oh, Claire, I'm so excited, I'm about to your father for coming up with this awful idea!
: You wanted us to be your allies, right? Coming with you is the best alliance of all!

: You're SO sweet, Shion! Thank you SOOO much!
: Duke Logan, I strongly advise you to reconsider! I cannot guarantee your daughter's safety!
: Sadira, you and your friends are skilled fighters. My sweet Claire will be fine! I will miss you, darling.
: I'll totally miss you too, Daddy! How about a hug?
: Claire, you know how I feel about public displays of affection.
What? That you're against them because it would force the developers to actually draw sprites of the characters hugging? Because I'd believe that.
: I can't believe that I'm forced to travel with the girl who stole my boyfriend in military school!
: What's wrong, Sadira? Afraid of a little competition for my affections? Heh, heh, heh.
: You should be happy, Princess! Now we have SIX party members!
: Alright, already! Come along, Claire, before I come to my senses.

Shut up, Claire!
: Nervous? Haven't you traveled much outside of Nordilain before?
: It's not that...Aren't we inside the border of Hibernia now?
: Yes, we just passed the border a few sectors ago. Why?
: That's what I thought. It's gonna be really awkward for me here.
: Why do you say that, Claire? Do they have a law here outlawing the use of the words "like" and "totally"?
: No, silly! It's just that, like, Hibernia and Nordilain have been SO fighting each other lately. Daddy is even getting ready to launch an invasion against them. Maybe they won't recognize my ATAC. That could happen, right?
: D'ohh!
: My head hurts...
: WHAT?! Your father is at war with Hibernia?! Why didn't you think to mention that small detail somewhat sooner in our journey, Claire?!
: Because I didn't know we were coming here, silly!
: Why should I have to tell you when you could have figured it out from the direction we were headed in?!
: Oh, yeah. That's, like, a great idea! I'll try that next time, okay?
How many missions left in this branch?
: Enough! We're taking you back to Duke Logan before I stangle the life out of your brain-dead body!
: Princess, we're being approached by a large group of ATACs!
: Oh, well, I guess we have to fight now. I bet it'll be totally fun!
: I'm starting to believe that you did this on purpose, Claire!

Next Time: The return of an old....friend.

Important Announcment!

As most of you know, I thoroughly despise democracy. I believe that the only choice the rabble should be given is whether they want to fight in our wars or be executed for treason. Still, it occurs to me that perhaps the illusion of choice could restore some measure of excitement to this thread. Therefore, I announce that, starting immediately and continuing until Empire Chapter #16, you are allowed to vote for which ending of the Empire Branch I do first. Your options, which you're likely at least dimly aware of at this point, are:


-Hates Claire
-Probably pretty rich

-Really shitty at her job
-Is Sadira


-By jRPG standards, has great personality
-Is a ninja who wears a maid outfit

-Is probably secretly planning to kill Bastion in his sleep
-Ultimately will have to choose between her twin passions of murdering people with shurikens and laundry


...Is not an option in this game. But, rest assured, even if she were, I would forbid you to vote for her.

Voting is now open!Please God, let somebody vote....