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Part 51: Chapter #11: Thomson's Fate

Chapter 11: Thomson's Fate
Alternate title: Hamburger Time for Thomson


: (The army that my father so proudly served, and my REAL father led.)
: If these are indeed Kingdom ATACs, I will attempt to explain what we're doing here.
: I doubt that will do us much good, but you're welcome to try.


: Are you alright, Bastion? You've been acting a little strangely since we left the palace. What's on your mind?
: I believe Princess Sadira has taken an interest in the growing friendship between you and Cecilia...
: Use the High Speech, I do. The tongue of the ancients, it is.
: Do you like my maid outfit, Bastion? I sewed it all by myself!
: Like, don't be afraid of me, Bastion. I don't bite...hard!


: Their leader is Commander Galvas. He was a good friend, so perhaps he will listen to me.
Sure, how badly could it go?

: Wait! It is the Sylpheed! An excavated ATAC being used by the daughter of the Imperial Emperor!
Aren't all Emperors Imperial?
: And that other ATAC is...The Alba? What the hell is going on?!
: Attention, pilot of the Serata ATAC! Are you Commander Galvas?
: Is that the voice of General Thomson?
: Yes, Galvas, it is me. Please listen to what I have to say--
: First, Thomson, you will listen to me! I have many questions for you, but I will begin with the simplest. Why are you now in the company of the Imperial Army?!
: I will explain, Galvas, if you will only stop speaking and hear my words!
: What is there to explain? You are quite obviously a traitor to your fellow soldiers and your country! I would rather you explain how the Imperial Army came into possession of the Alba ATAC!
: The Alba is being controlled by His Highness, Prince Bastion!
: What?! You lie!
: When the royal capital fell fifteen years ago, Alugard spirited away with the King's son! It's the truth!
: And where is Alugard?!
: He died while defending His Highness from General Faulkner. I met His Highness unexpectedly in the Imperial Palace...And with Princess Sadira's help, we are journeying to find Ultragunner.
You know, when you say that story out loud, it does seem kind of suspicious.
: Once we have obtained it, Bastion will have the power to end the war!
: Stop this nonsense, Thomson! Prince Bastion was slain when the Empire invaded the capital! Your ridiculous story only serves to remind me of the intense pain I have felt since that awful day!
: It is NOT a story, Galvas! I swear on my life that I speak the truth!
: Silence, traitor!!

: You are no longer a general in the Kingdom Army! You are a criminal who deserves death! Or do you deny that you were not the one who supplied the Empire with a floorplan of Araba Castle? Your betrayals end today, Thomson, as does your miserable life!


: Thomson!
: No!
: You...Do you know what you've done?! Thomson's wife was a prisoner of the Empire! He wanted me to return here and claim the throne! All he wanted was to bring peace to the citizens of the Kingdom, and you strike him down?!
: I know about you, boy! Ganlon gave me a full report! He informed me that a bastard child was baring his fangs at the Kingdom. And having the audacity to use one of the Kingdom's own ATACs!
: Don't you understand?! Ganlon is the real traitor! He's the one who gave Araba's secrets away to the Empire, not Thomson!
: Your words have no weight with me, boy! Prepare for death!

Our chat with Galvas isn't over yet, a bunch of people get conversations when they attack him...
: He drugged his own soldiers and attempted to give Araba Castle to the Imperial Army! He has no loyalty to you! He sold out to the Empire simply in exchange for a higher rank!
As opposed to Bastion, who sold out to the Empire for....well, I'm sure he'll get something for it at some point...
: You keep referring to the great evil of the Empire, boy, and yet you are a soldier in the Imperial Army! You're a hypocrite, an idiot, or both!
: You don't understand, Galvas! There is good and evil within the Empire! Sadira and I are fighting for good!
: Enough of your lies, boy! I will rip your tongue from your mouth!
: Why won't you just LISTEN to me, you grumpy old idiot?!

: Sorry, old man, but you won't get my head that easily! I'm going to make you pay for what you did to Thomson!
: You don't have the strength or the skill to harm me, little girl! But I welcome you to try!

: Shall I have your remains returned to Nordilain for a proper burial?!
: Like, you don't understand, old man! Bastion IS the Prince! I know it!
: Stop speaking nonsense, you wench!'re alright.
: Stop sassing me, you stupid old fart!
: WHAT?!

Okay, fight time. It's another battle against Kingdom grunts. Same as before, orange ATACs are harmless, greens are a bit more dangerous. Galvas, of course, is the biggest threat on the field, especially since he has a fire stone, he must die first.

: I will find a way to defeat you, bastard child! I swear it!
Incidentally, Galvas keeps referring to Bastion as a 'bastard,' and I'm not sure if he's using it as a pejorative, or if he thinks Bastion really is the son of the late King, just not a legitimate one.

See you later, Galvas.

And another one dead. Still, there are a lot of Kingdom ATACs, so I suppose it's time to form up in a more defensible position. Squadron! Assume Line Formation against the rock wall!

Close, but I should have set them up one square over so that they could only hit Claire from the front and Bastion wasn't as exposed. Still, if you have some you can put your team's backs against, it will force the enemy to attack almost exclusively from the front, which greatly reduces their accuracy.

It's just a matter of time, now...

Mission complete!

: Where is Thomson?!

: Your Highness, please don't be angry with Galvas. He is...inflexible, but he acts purely out of honor.
: I understand, Thomson. I only wish he had listened to us. (His resolve to live appears to be weakening...)
: Your Highness, promise me that you will bring peace to the Continent.
: I swear it, Thomson.
: And promise that you will try to rescue my wife...if Faulkner has not already slain her.
: Done.
Note: We will never actually do this in this branch.
: I am a very lucky man to have met Your Highness...and to see how you have grown...into manhood. Goodbye...Bastion...
: He's...he's gone. I felt his final breath.
: Oh, Bastion.
: Thomson was a wonderful man.
: Honorable, he was....

And it'll have waterslides! And fireworks! And a never-ending fountain of bourbon! Thomson would have wanted it that way...
: That's a wonderful idea, Bastion.
: A totally wonderful idea. He needs to be remembered.
: I will miss him.
: We better get moving, Bastion...


: We're almost at the border, Princess.
: Franco, we have a problem! We're being ambushed!
: Not again!
: I wonder if these are more Kingdom ATACs, or someone else?

Next Time: Bastion takes the ATAC-ACT!