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Part 68: Chapter #9: Faulkner the Filcher

Feinne posted:

Ah and the tacked on out of character 'evil path'. It's a shame Soul Nomad ruined all evil paths forever for me by having the best possible one.

It's not really an 'evil path.' I think, after having so much time inside this game, I can understand how this branch came to be. After hours upon hours working on this game, the developers must have said, "Wait, we've got robots, but it's the middle ages, and there's a secret prince, except pretty much everyone important already knows the secret...what the fuck are we doing?" And, having realized that this game makes no sense, decided to just run with it.

Anyway, since I'm here, I might as well go through the last mini-update before we get to the Ruin Branch proper.

Ruin Chapter #9: Faulkner the Filcher

The Chapter starts out exactly like Kingdom Chapter #9 right up until Faulkner threatens to kill Milea unless Bastion gives him the Ultragunner. Now, back then, Sadira popped out to save the day. But, well, Bastion's not on so great terms with her this time around...

Ah, well, easy come, easy go.
: Oh, life is cruel at times, is it not, my young Prince? But, I'm encouraged that you've come to your senses. (The boy gave in so quickly! Alugard would be shamed at Bastion's lack of resolve, but I'm thrilled.)
: No...Don't be stupid, Bastion!!
: Would you be so kind as to exit the Ultragunner immediately, Bastion?
: As you wish.

: (And I am confident he will find a way to utilize its enormous power!) All soldiers, retreat immediately!
: What shall I do with this girl, General Faulkner?
: Cast our little minnow back to the sea, of course. She's of no use to me any longer.
Wait, we gave Faulkner the Ultragunner before he gave us Milea. Wow, that could have gone badly. Well, no harm, no foul.

: Unbelievable. The royal ATAC was stolen by Faulkner! This shall have a drastic impact on the future of the war, as well as the Continent itself.
: Shall we pursue Faulkner?
: It is not our duty, Melior. Besides, Faulkner lacks the ability to activate Ultragunner. Let us return to Hibernia. I have many issues to consider.
Alden, you're the worst Greek Chorus ever.

: Faulkner is long gone, and so is the Ultragunner.
: (Your Highness, you have made a foolish decision, and the Kingdom is destined to suffer for it.)
: The Ultragunner is in the hands of a madman. This is not good!
Hey, Faulkner isn't a madman! An insane person could never have managed to hustle us so effortlessly!
: We must work quickly to decide on a course of action to counteract Faulkner! I believe that returning to Araba Castle to decide that would be the most productive.
: Where is Milea? I'd like to make sure she's alright.
: Uh, now that you mention it...I saw her only a few minutes ago. She didn't look very happy.
: Bastion! This is BAD!
: What's the matter, Puck?!
: I just found a note from Milea! She's run away!
: What?!
: Why would she do that?!
: This is my fault! I should have been watching her more carefully! I should have known that she would blame herself for what happened!
: What are you talking about, Reyna?
: Don't you see? She blames herself for being kidnapped, and being used to manipulate Bastion!
In fairness, her actions did give Bastion's worst enemy the most powerful weapon on the planet.
: We must find the girl before anything even more tragic happens! Let's go help Bastion look for her...

Ugh. I think it might be time for a...restructuring of the party.
: It's not your fault, Reyna. It's mine.
: (I feel your pain, Bastion, even if you'd never believe it. I know what it's like to lose a loved one.)
: I shall commission a search party immediately. There is no reason to abandon hope yet. A young girl on foot cannot possibly travel far in such a short period of time.
: Never mind the search party, Zeira. I'm going to find her myself. I've already caused enough trouble as it is, and we really don't have the resources to mount a search.
: Resources really aren't the issue, friend. But, as always, it is your choice to make.
: I'll come with you, Bastion!
: Oh, what the don't mind if I tag along, right, buddy?
: I'm coming with you, too, of course!
Well, Puck as an indentured apprentice, I'm reasonably sure you don't get to choose if you're coming along.
: Milea was really nice to me, Bastion. I want to help you find her. Devlin, are you coming?
: I...I'm sorry, Bastion, but I won't be joining you.
: I'm sorry to hear that.
Devlin's not coming? Could this be the greatest Branch ever?
: Now that I've become involved in the war against the Empire, I don't want to stop. I can feel the anger growing inside of me, Bastion, and I need to release it on the battlefield. I have come to realize that only by waging this war can I end it. I know I'm not explaining myself very well, but that's how I feel. Please don't be too upset.
Huh. Well, apparently Devlin can't come with us because he's gone completely fucking insane.
: No, Devlin. I'm disappointed, but I know that every man must pursue his own destiny.
: Well, it appears you've gathered a search party of your own. I can't say I'm not pleased.
: Thank you. All of you. Let's begin the search at once.
: I shall return to Araba Castle with Galvas and Devlin. I hope to see you there soon.

Bastion didn't know it, but that was the last time he'd ever lay eyes on Devlin

: Farewell, Your Highness.

: Are you all absolutely sure that you want to join me?
: It would be very strange of us to change our minds over the course of a few moments, Bastion!
: Heh, heh, heh. Good point. Ideally, we could split up and search individually, but with the Imperials so close, that's too dangerous. We'll spread out as much as we can, but we'll stay in a group.
: Alright. Let's move out!

: We've completed our sweep of the mountain's south face. Let's move on to the north face.
: Nothing on my scanners, Bastion.
: Nor on mine. Milea has already left this area...or...
: There's something on MY scanners, but it's definitely not Milea.
: What is it?!

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