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Vectorman 1 and 2

by MeccaPrime

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Original Thread: Diary of a Space Garbage Man [Let's Finish Vectorman - Insane Difficulty]


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Hey guys, remember when I started this LP and then I had to let it go due to family stuff? Well, it's about time I finished it off!
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Get it all started by playing this remix to get you in the mood!

These games contain sudden flashes of white at certain points, please be advised that if you are prone to seizures triggered by such things that you should take precaution when watching these videos.

What do you get when you combine pre-rendered 3D graphics, a passable story at best, wacky catchphrases, and soul-crushing difficulty?

You get possibly the best designed game for the Sega Genesis.

Title: Vectorman
Platform: Sega Genesis/Megadrive
Genre: Platformer (Mostly)
Release Date: VM1 - 1995, VM2 - 1996
Developer: BlueSky Software
Story: Vectorman is set in a future where the Earth got so trashed that humans left the planet; robots (orbots?) were left behind to clean shit up so when the humans get back, the place is nice and neat (I was wondering where Pixar got the idea). While Vectorman was dumping trash on the sun, his supervisor was the victim of a workplace accident that caused him to turn evil and want to destroy the world or something. Vectorman returns from his trip hoping for a nice break but finds out that NOW HE HAS TO DEAL WITH THIS SHIT?!?

I'll be playing both Vectorman games released on the Genesis/Megadrive. These games are known for their brutal difficulty even on the easiest settings; naturally I'll be playing on the hardest difficulty setting possible . I've never actually beaten them on this setting (I have on the medium difficulty) so this will be a journey for me as well as you.

So come, join me as I possibly lose my mind.

Use for the best streaming experience!

Days 1-2 (Terraport/Metal Head)YouTube
Day 3 (Tidal Surge)YouTube
Day 4 (Absolute Zero)YouTube
Day 5 (Arctic Ridge)YouTube
Day 6 (Bamboo Mill)YouTube
Days 7-8 (Rock 'n' Roller/Death Alley)YouTube
Day 9 (Hydroponic Lab)YouTube
Day 10 (Superstructure)YouTube
Days 11-12 (Stayin' Alive/Nightscape)YouTube
Day 13 (Dark Ruins)YouTube
Day 14 (Underground Vault)YouTube
Day 15 (Worldlink Center)YouTube
Day 16 (Twist and Shout)YouTube

Scenes 1-2 (Geronimo/Night in the Swamp)YouTube
Scene 3 (Bog Jam)YouTube
Scenes 4-5 (In Darkest Night/Fired)YouTube
Scenes 6-7 (Magma P.I./Turn up the Heat)YouTube
Scenes 8-9 (Orbot Express/Dirty Job)YouTube
Scenes 10-11 (Vectorman 1 2 3/I Can Dig It)YouTube
Scenes 12-13 (Rollerderby/Mist Chances)YouTube
Scenes 14-15 (Cave Fear/Dreamsnake)YouTube
Scenes 16-17 (Recycle or Die/The Shadow Nose)YouTube
Scene 18 (Shout and Twist)YouTube
Scenes 19-20 (Tank You/Tank Patrol)YouTube
Scenes 21-22 (Bad Eggs/Queen for a Day)YouTube

User Zeikier shows us what Vectorman does with the rest of the day after spending 5 to 8 minutes saving the world.

User Zeikier reawakes my dormant fears and shows me a boss more terrifying that the Piranha.

User Cyrekk creates a campaign poster for my 2012 presidential run.

User Daigerus drew this picture for the thread!
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