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Victoria Revolutions

by Danimo

Part 3: Wrap-up

Chapter 1 wrap-up

A brief look at the current situation of our world as of March 5 1838.

This is North America. Colorado is a fully Texan territory, and Oklahoma is fully American. Otherwise not much has changed in the last two years.

Europe is rather uninteresting. The Ottoman Turks are at war with Egypt, whom they could promptly steamroll if they put any effort into it. Instead, they have done very little.

South America is slightly more interesting. Brazil has some revolting going on in the interior, and Peru has a revolt going on in the area of present day Bolivia.

Who cares about the rest of the world though, lets get to Texas.

This is an overview of the population of the Republic. Those Issues are what the voting population cares most about, so only landed Texans (Colorado is not a proper state yet). The Republic is almost split between Full Citizenship and Slavery, and it also appears this last war may not have been very popular (or, they've realized we may as well not have an army and let the US Army deal with Mexico).

This is the current political setup of the Republic. The Dems are in power, are political reforms aren't the most liberal but standard for the time, and there are no social reforms.

Political reforms affect the conciousness of the classes. The more liberal the reforms, the happier the working classes become, and the richer classes become less happy in response. The cost of reforming scales with population size, so it's best to enact them now. Sorry rich people, Texans must be free in every way*.

* except slaves, of course.

These are the current political parties. Those percentages are the percentage of voters that would vote for them. The main parties (the ones with the hand holding two ballots) are the liberal Democrats (historically, Sam Houston's party and were advocates of Texas joining the US) and the conservative Nationalists (Mirabeau Lamar's party, advocates of Texan independence and expansionism). Our people know the right one to vote for.

The minority third party are the Radicals, polling less than 0.00%. They are anarcho-liberals, also known as anarcho-capitalists. Basically, 19th century Libertarians. Fortunately, no one is currently crazy enough to vote for them.

The budget is balanced well enough for the time being. We can afford to lose less than 0.0£ per day while we still have £12000 in the treasury. The taxes could probably use some adjustment in the future though, as a 33% flat tax is not necessary. We will try to keep tariffs as close to zero as possible for the time being, as we don't want to put any undue burden on the purchasing power of our citizens.

And this is the state of our army. The end of the war left Houston with little more than five thousand men, a thousand of which were returned to the fields and mines after the war. This sorry army is not fit to fight any kind of war in the future, but the current state of the Republic will not allow for much military growth soon.