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Part 9: A Lone Star Sandwich

Chapter 4: A Lone Star Sandwich

Before his aides arrive to inform him of the current going-ons, President Houston looks at the revised map of the Republic and smiles. For him, it is the most beautiful thing in the world, and also the scariest. Texas has more than doubled in size; should Mexico change its current attitude toward Texas and seek to regain its wayward provinces a large amount of the Republic would be immediately forfeit, and talks with the US for a renewed alliance are still not going well.

Our capitalists waste no time in expanding our railroad toward the Pacific. When President Houston promised the ability to "ride from Corpus Christi to San Diego", he did not imagine it would occur without a horse.

Also, whatever corruption had taken root in San Diego under the poor watch of Mexico has been routed.

Ever since the American-Mexican War ended, both nations have been sending envoys to Texas. We welcome the diplomats from both, and are perfectly willing to trade with the Mexicans these days, but we still feel a connection to America and still desire a lasting alliance with them.

The latest envoy from the US brings us news that the US Congress in Washignton has passed a resolution that states that "the United States of America hearby proclaims the Republic of Texas to be under its protection, and will not stand for any hostile action against Texas." While we are delighted to hear how well America thinks of us, we still desire to be treated as an equal.

Ad-hoc Money Bill Printing study is completed, and we turn towards an industrial study again. Inorganic Chemistry is an area which may provide benefit both in the short term and the future. Industrial technology is also an area in which Mexico lags behind and is willing to trade hard cash for.

Speaking of trade with Mexico:

A deal is brokered between Texas and Mexico for a mutually beneficial exchange of technology. Texas is also able to negotiate in a monetary support package for the Republic. Our factories have been providing a decent income, considering our population and situation, but we could always use more money to put toward educating our poor farmers.

Using money we've accumulated and this money from the Mexicans, we fund the education of enough of the poorer citizen to fully staff our fertilizer factory.

In the middle of September of 1852, the population of the Republic reaches five hundred thousand, nearly double that of the population 16 years ago. The demographics of our nation have changed much in that time though.

Inorganic Chemistry is completed, and research into Iron Railroads begins. This is an area we are slightly lagging behind in, as we are told that American capitalists have already begun construction of iron railroads in the US.

Relations between Texas and the United States are progressing very well, and the United States now considers Texas its best companion.

Texas's is slowing gaining political position in the world, but it still has a long way to go. Mexico is still much better respected internationally (rank 20 or so), and our friend the United States is among the Great Powers (rank 5).

Russia has moved to consolidate their holdings in North America and have claimed the entire territory of Alaska.

President Houston continues to flex his uncanny ability to negotiate for land, and trades the Mexicans more technology for El Paso. Now all of the lands that Texas claimed back in 1836 have been gained.

A war has started in Europe. Citing reasons that we do not care to understand, the United Kingdom, the Ottoman Empire and the Turk's satellite principalities have gone to war with Russia.

Five days later, more new arrives from Europe. France has joined the British and Turks, and Russia settled for white peace with the small principalities, who joined the war only out of respect for their liege but wish to stay out of it in reality. The Swedes decide that a war against Russia would not be to their advantage and decide to sit on the sidelines.

On August 1, a prominent member of the Nationalist party is assassinated. It is rumored that the true target was Mirabeau Lamar; luckily he missed Lamar but the damage had been done. The world looks poorly on a nation that cannot protect its politicians, and we are regarded so low that even our current friends Mexico and the US refuse to enter trade negotiations, for fear of reducing their own reputations. (my prestige is now -7, and opening trade negotiations is unallowed when prestige is negative)

Also, Prussia and Austria declared their positions on what is now being called the Crimean War, since Crimea is apparently a major area of fighting. They will remain neutral, which is fortunate for Russia. They could hardly afford the opening of such a large front.

The Kingdom of Sardinia signs an alliance with France, in hopes that it will back future ventures in Italy. Immediately after signing the treaty, Sardinia honors the terms of the agreement and joins France in war with Russia. Whether Russia will be able to stand against nearly a third of Europe's might is yet to be seen.

Iron railroad is completed and the plans are sent to our capitalists, so that they may begin laying down the iron soon. Our study turns to Collectivist economic theories, which have been becoming steadily popular in Europe in the last few years.

Mexico's crimefighting abilities are horrendous, and we were forced to clean up El Paso after receiving it. It is now as good a place to live as the rest of Texas.

The Republic's fourth election cycle begins. The ideology poll looks rather similar to the previous election's.

But the party polls tell a different story. The Democrats have shifted to being a minor party since the last election, and the Radicals not only have taken the Democrats' spot as the second party but are polling nearly 5% higher than the Nationalists. The Radicals have been riding a wave of pacifist feelings in the voting public; it is unsure whether or not the Radicals will be able to hold their lead for the next nine months.