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Part 13: America, Fuck Yeah

Chapter 6: America, Fuck Yeah

This is the status of our Republic after the short American Civil War. The province of Beaver has roughly as many Cherokee as the combined population of the rest of the Republic, all crammed in there from the Trail of Tears a while back.

A large number of those Cherokee are unemployed and angry about being on the losing side of the war. Some are beginning to immigrate away from Cherokee to our other provinces, anywhere that they can find a job. The influx of Cherokee is actually very welcome; the Cherokee are finding it easy to assimilate into the native Texan population after immigration, thanks to the pro-minority Radicals. Some Texas ranches have been empty for a while now, with their former farmers now craftsmen or clerks and working in the factories

Britain's attempts to hold the Russians just north of Lake Superior failed, and most of Canada is now under Russian control. The Russians would be moving into Quebec soon, but the war would not last that long.

Almost seven years after the war began, the Crimean-Canadian war comes to an end, with the United Kingdom admitting defeat in North America and surrendering a third of Canada to the Russians.

Russia is now in possession of the Yukon, Northwest Territories, most of British Columbia and parts of Alberta and now share a land border with the US. Britain still holds the island of Victoria.

We continue the education of the farmers. Texas has 3 factories currently and that means 15 spots for craftsmen/clerk pops to fill to be running at maximum efficiency.

While educating clerks we notice that our stock of wine has run out, a disaster that never would have occured back under Houston's administration.

The United States is regularly sending diplomats to the Republic, and much progress is being made between the two nations.

So much that the Republic is able to give Alexandria back to the US in exchange for the Californian gold-mining city of Mariposa and their knowledge of Breech-loaded Rifles. The US has started to recently regret letting Texas keep two of the rebel provinces, and is eager to gain them back. President Walker* did not care for the eastern border anyway, his expansionist eyes were on the west.

*Though his official title was "Texas Ranger", more sane officials in Austin grew tired of it and it became only used when addressing the President personally

The map of the Republic of Texas, as of August 25, 1860. Mariposa is the province west of Las Vegas, north of Mexican San Bernandino.

Mariposa produces precious metal, which fetches a nice price on the world market.

News comes in from the north that American troops in Oklahoma City have engaged a rebelling population there

Soon a messenger arrives from our own Oklahoman province, bearing new that Oklahomans there have taken up arms too.

Houston and his army is ordered to march to Beaver to put down the rebellion. Once they arrive, they find that the rebel Oklahomans nearly match the quantity of US Civil War leftovers that Houston commands. The military men are better equipped, experienced and commanded and win a victory with few deaths on their side.

The study of idealism is completed, and we begin on its counterpart, realism.

The number of American troops in New England is becoming alarming. Are they planning some sort of invasion of Canada?

Our steam transports, having made the voyage around South America to come to port in Houston, are sent out on reconnaissance duty around the Caribbean. We are most interested in the status of the Haitian military, and the situation on the Mexican-Central American border.

At the beginning of November of 1861 we commission an accurate map of the current political situation in our region to be drawn. So much has changed in the last forty years.

Realism finishes, and the study of empiricism begins. With so much of the rest of the civilized world already having knowledge of these cultural ideas we will not receive much prestige from them, but they our research establishment considers it necessary to discover these before we head on to newer industrial technologies.

Cherokee immigration to the rest of the Republic from Beaver had stopped a short while ago; all the unemployed Cherokee had moved. The Republic offers it back to America, and in exchange America returns Houston's conquest, Hawaii, and gives the Republic a support package consisting of some army and navy technology and twelve hundred pounds. The Americans valued the highly populated Oklahoman province greatly for some reason, perhaps they did not see the value in a small fish-producing island chain.

Once again we are the masters of the Yankee infested Pacific islands.

We begin construction of a naval base in Honolulu. A naval base will be important if we wish to make Hawaii the center for Texan operations in the Pacific, and we do not intend on trading Hawaii to anyone any time soon.

As we begin to reorganize the population of Hawaii and begin to consider the idea of creating Yankee capitalists there, an American diplomat rushes to us with important news and an urgent request.

The United States, still angry about Mexico's refusal to surrender territory in the 2nd American-Mexican War, starts the third one. But this time the US wants to avoid the neutral Texas problem that held its armies back in the last war.

A day later, the Congress of the Republic of Texas decided to take the only option a true Texan has in this situation.