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Part 15: Eating Barbecued Iguana

Chapter 8: Eating Barbecued Iguana

America arrives in Texas! And not a moment too soon. Many US divisions from the north and west are heading toward the Mexican armies.

San Antonio is once again liberated, and many battles for the defense of Texas are going on across the Republic. Mexican forces are being driven out by the superior American troop numbers. General Houston is sent back on the offensive, to attack a lone Mexican division that is seizing Dallas.

This time the Mexican forces are attempting to hold their ground. They have superior troop morale (I think due to difficulty setting) but we have better numbers.

The Mexicans are trying to open a front in California again, to distract American forces. They've only sent a handful of divisions to San Diego, so it is unlikely it will work.

The Battle of Dallas continues. It appears the Mexicans are suffering greater losses than we are.

The naval base in Hawaii is completed.

General Zuloaga never gives his men the order to retreat, and General Houston never gives them a chance. Only a handful of Mexican troops survive the Battle of Dallas, and it an important victory for Texan forces.

While the the Battle of Dallas went on, American troops liberated El Paso and Roswell.

The Americans have launched an amphibious invasion of Tampico. Now that most of the Mexican forces have been driven from Texas, it is time for an attack on Mexico.

General Houston is told to gather his men and drive the rest of the Mexicans from the Republic. He will intercept Mexican forces in Albuquerque, then go on to drive the invaders from San Diego.

The US Army has lent us control of their forces in the Republic. Though we must refuse the offer, for we cannot afford to pay for them, they are still willing to accept our orders.

The 38000 men of the 23rd Corps are sent to assault Mexican positions at Albuquerque, where they should meet with General Houston's forces.

The rest of the American forces are to begin the invasion of Mexico.

The men of the 35th Corps and 8th Corps, numbering 40000 and 31000 respectively, are told to cross the Rio Grande to engage Mexican forces at San Fernando and capture Chihuahua.

Meanwhile, the US 17th Corps, which had already crossed the Rio Grande to invade Matamoros and test Mexican forces along the border, capture Matamoros. We receive word that the Americans have raised our flag over the city. America is fighting this war not only for their interests in California, but to solidify its relationship with Texas and punish Mexico.

General Houston, commanding 30000 Texan troops and 40000 American, engages the enemy at Albuquerque. General Ampudia never stood a chance.

The 48000 men of the 17th Corps are ordered to invade and engage Mexican forces in Revilla. Now that we have men on the southern side of the Rio Grande we can readily assault Mexican forces.

Houston liberates Albuquerque. We recieve word that more American troops are on the way in California, having already defeated the Mexicans in San Diego. General Houston is no longer needed there, and his men are instead ordered to join the invasion of the Mexican mainland and assault Buena Vista.

San Fernando is captured, and the 35th Corps is ordered to assault Revilla from the north. With a total of more than 90,000 Americans assaulting them from the northwest and southeast, the Mexican troops in Revilla will be forced to make a hasty retreat or be obliterated.

The 2nd Corps, which numbered almost 45000 and had joined the 35th Corps in San Fernando, is ordered into Castañuela.

In Albuquerque, the 23rd Corps sent heading towards Caliente, and the two divisions of the 52nd Corps are told to join with Sam Houston's men in the invasion of Buena Vista.

San Diego is returned to our control, and the American troops in Chihuahua have captured the area. Mexico's defenses are beginning to collapse.

More American troops are ordered into Mexico, their numbers totalling another 90,000. The 32nd Corps, 40000 men under American General English, are invading Baja California while the 50000 men of the 13th Corps are told to join with General Houston's invasion of Buena Vista but then continue on to Hermosillo. The 8th Corps, having just captured Chihuahua, is ordered to push further south into Mexico and capture the city of Jose de Parral.

The tide has turned against Mexico, but they are not going to give in without putting up a fight. They are heavily outnumbered though, and it is unlikely they will come out of this war without losing much land.