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Part 18: , part 2

Chapter 9, part 2

Shortly after Houston's death, the men of the 1st Texan Infantry and 1st Texan Volunteer Cavalry, and later the President, swore that the land that claimed Houston's life will never leave Texas's control.

Argentina is sending a division to test their resolve.

Reinforcements are arriving for the Texan Army. Two divisions, but those divisions have been depleted through this ongoing war, so they number only 9000 men total.

Mexican troops have taken advantage of an opening and liberated their city of Villa de Leon. We will take that province back soon, for they sent only one division to liberate it.

Research into Army Decision Making is complete, and we begin the naval study of Raider Group Doctrine. We have little interest in navies, but our academic system requires the pursuit of knowledge in all areas before we can advance too far in any one.

Colima is liberated, push the boundaries of our control further south along the Mexican Pacific coast.

The troops in Colima are sent to Villa de Leon, where they are to recapture the city. Troops are also heading in to Zacatecas, and the fighitng in San Juan del Rio continues.

The two reinforcement divisions reach Puerto Deseado before the main army, engaging the enemy. The battle does not look well for the Texans.

The rest of the troops arrive soon, and the battle swings in our favor.

We win the battle, and the Army of Texas is ordered to capture the mission at Trelew.

The reinforcement divisions did not fare well in the battle, and one of them was entirely wiped out. The single division, numbering only 4000 men, was loaded back onto the transports.

They are going to assault and capture the fort at Rio Grande, on the island of Tierra del Fuego.

Yet another peace envoy from Mexico arrives and is turned away. We will only settle for peace when America decided it, or when all of Mexico is seized.

Our nation's great rail system is progressing very nicely. Only Lee's Ferry does not have the latest railroad technology (grey provinces are up to date).

Rio Grande is captured without incident

The government in Austin did not like the invasion of Argentina as much as Houston did, and now that he was gone they could use the Army of Texas for a cause they thought was more noble (and would please the taxpayers more). The populace of the Republic was growing tired of this war, and the government sought to use Army to end it. The men that captured Rio Grande were sent to Puerto Deseado and told to dig in, to defend against any Argentinian incursions. The Army was loaded onto the transports, and they set a course for the southern coast of Mexico.

The transports arrived in the Golfo de Tehuantepec, and began to land at the city of Acapulco. American forces had already captured the province to the north of Mexico City.

While the troops were unloading, a naval battle was going on to the northwest of our transports. We were lucky that the US Navy engaged the Mexican ships before they found our undefended transports.

Our troops land and begin to capture Acapulco. Soon Mexico City will be in our grasp.

But not this time. The American populace was much more displeased at the war than ours, so the US decided to end the war. The peace deal that the Americans accepted awarded Texas generously.

The borders in the southwest after the 3rd American-Mexican War. Mexico still controls an area in California, as America only took the city of San Francisco. Texas's gains stretched from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, pushing the border further south and forming a buffer of sorts between the old Republic and Mexico.

We wish the US would have held out longer, for we could have gained much more land had we captured Mexico City, but we are more than pleased at the land that has been granted to us.