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Part 19: State of the Republic as of February 1, 1864.

State of the Republic as of February 1, 1864.

We've been able to remove tariffs and still maintain a small budget surplus. Remarkably we were able to avoid going into debt during this last war, but it did not come without a cost. Revolt risk is high in slightly more than half our provinces.

Our new claims in the territory of Santa Cruz. Should we move to place a claim in Viedma, we will be able to claim the entirety of Santa Cruz as territory of the Republic. Should we be too slow, we will be forced to fight whoever takes Viedma before us for the right to claim Santa Cruz.

The latest political and demographic polls. Anarcho-liberalism is becoming smaller, and the Conservatives are polling at post-Revolutionary War levels. Revolt risk is likely to stay the same (or even go up) if the Radicals remain in power for much longer. The people want a government that truly represents them.

With our newest acquisitions, our population is now 46.6% Mexican. Yankees (mostly in Hawaii) are a third of our populace. Cultural Texans are only 15%.

A full 18% of our populace are soldiers, and they are mostly Yankees in Hawaii and Mexicans in the newly gained land. We do not currently require that many soldiers, so many of those men will likely be returned to the fields and mines soon.

The total population of the Republic is roughly 2,450,000. 40% of that is from the peace settlement.

Texas, despite its territorial gains, is still a lower tier nation. We will need to find was of increasing our prestige and affording a better military if we wish to be considered a nation of greater stature.