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Victoria Revolutions

by Danimo

Part 20: Won't Get Fooled Again

Chapter 10: Won't Get Fooled Again

Our transports are sent back to the Mexican coast to retrieve our divisions in Acapulco. Attrition would make it too costly to attempt to march through Mexico to our border.

The 3rd American-Mexican War was superb for relations for the United States and Texas.

And the US agrees to a new alliance immediately. We hope we are able to maintain this type of relationship for the foreseeable future.

The 2nd Opium War comes to an end. No territory is exchanged, but China is forced to sign another humiliating treaty.

We begin construction of a trading post in Viedma, the only unclaimed province in Santa Cruz. The cost is rather expensive (steamer convoys alone are about £200 each) but we are able to afford it, and it will be more than worth it.

It will be three years before the trading post is completed.

China has decided it is tired of being behind the rest of the world and a strengthening movement has taken hold there. They are eager to learn what they can from the West. (China actually chose the ahistorical option in that event. The path they chose will eventually lead to China becoming civilized if they don't stray and pick a wrong event choice in the future)

Caving in to increasing pressure from the populace and in Congress, the constitution is amended to include a free but censored press. This might please their opponents for a little while.

The Republican Party in the US wins its third election in a row. Fremont chose not to run for a third term, and the Republicans nominated a popular speaker and senator from Illinois by the name of Abraham Lincoln.

One month and two days later, President Lincoln was assassinated by Mexican conspirators, hoping to destabilize the Republican Party. Taking his place is Ulysses S. Grant, a general and war hero from the previous two wars with Mexico.

(the Abraham Lincoln assassinated event, for some reason, is entirely independent of any other event in the game. Poor guy bites it every game)

We don't need as many soldiers as we have at the moment, and its relatively cheap to draft people back to being soldiers, so we send almost 15000 people back to their old jobs, where they might make us some money.

Speaking of money, we begin to lower the taxes on our populace, first with a 9% decrease.

We begin research into more navy techonology we don't want right now but must research.

We send a diplomat to Russia, to attempt to foster good relations between our countries. Unfortunately he doesn't succeed very well and relations remain cold between us (-17).

Our rail system is completely up to date within our old borders, and our captitalists have already put up some rail in El Rosario (Baja California) and Matamoros. Mexico seems to lack either the resources or will to build railroads in their country.

After years of debates in Congress and being distracted by a major war in and out of our borders, the Radicals push through the piece of legislation that they came into office seeking: an amendment that frees all slaves in Texas and makes slavery illegal. Though the Nationalist and Democratic politions were originally very opposed to this, they realized the overwhelming popular support for such policies, and have adopted a similar approach to policies concerning minorities (Democrats and Nationalists are now Full Citizenship parties).

Now that slavery is illegal, Texas is sure to look much more appealing to future immigrants.

The Radicals, now that they've accomplished their goal and the other parties have changed their ways, realize that the public is eager for an election and growing increasingly angry at the Radicals and the amount of power they wield. President Walker announces that the parties have been made truly free again and that a new constitution is being drafted by a congressional committee consisting mostly of Nationalists. A new presidential election will be held in nine months.

Its good to have the old flag back.