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Victoria Revolutions

by Danimo

Part 22: Let the Eagle Soar

Chapter 12: Let the Eagle Soar

The Sicilian forces immediately push into Piedmont, and it seems the Sardinians were not prepared for this war at all.

The French have, for some reason, launched an amphibious invasion of the peninsula from the southern tip. And it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

We finally get to some research we care about. Machine Guns! Machine guns are obviously a great boon in the army, and they also open up much of the world for colonization.

The Sicilians have taken the island of Sardinia, and the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont is bound to fall soon.

Our peace treaty with Argentina has expired. The Argentinians have national claims on the land we own down there, but their military is still nearly nonexistant so we doubt they are going to act on anything soon.

On December 30th, after capturing the Sardinian capital, the Sicilians declare themselves the nation of Italy. The Sardinians capitulate to Italy, and the capital of Italy is declared to now be Rome.

The move to Rome may have been influenced by the recent capture of Naples by France, who seems to be making some progress in Italy. France remains at war with Italy, perhaps out of vengeance for its fallen North Italian ally.

Italy is already considered a Great Power and the sixth greatest nation in the world, due to its prestige and industrial power. They will need to boost their military power if they wish to drive the French off the peninsula soon.

Our peace treaty with Mexico expires. We would be worrying less about this if it weren't that we've been caught with a bit of bad timing.

Peace treaties and alliance treaties both last five years. We signed the new alliance with the United States five days after the peace with Mexico. Now, five years later, the peace with Mexico expires and five days later the alliance treaty expires.

And attempts to renegotiate the alliance treaty have failed. Mexico is not given enough time to assault a nearly defenseless Republic of Texas, however. The United States makes sure of it.

The United States, two months after the expiration of the peace treaty, declares war on Mexico for the fourth time in the last fifty years. And like the 2nd American-Mexican War, Texas is not involved and stands between them.

It is not long before American troops are flooding into what is left of Mexican-owned California, which is bound to fall entirely in a matter of days.

But California is not the only place where there is action going on. In Washington there has been a political upheaval. The declaration of the 4th Mexican War was the last straw for the American populace. Tired of being pushed around by the Democrats and Republicans, they've voted in a party that will truly stand for their liberties and uphold the Constitution. A party truly in the best interest of the American people.

The Anarcho-Capitalist Radical Party, with their Texan branch almost completely dissolved, have won the elections in the United States. The new Radical President is Andrew Johnson.

We notice a month later that the American troops on the border fly a new flag.

Andrew Johnson and his Radical Party have drastically changed the US Constitution. Gone is the old Constitution of 1787, here is the new Radical Constitution of 1869, which is rather similar to the old Texas Radical Constitution. The President of the US now serves for life and appoints his successor, and he wields far more power than before.

The democratic experiment in the United States has failed.