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Part 27: Texan Artillery vs Uncivilized Natives, Round 2

Chapter 17: Texan Artillery vs Uncivilized Natives, Round 2

We have a little less than five years before we must worry about Mexico again. We intend on expanding our industry and colonies, and if possible our military, during this grace period.

The Swiss have broken their neutrality to ally with France to fight the Germans, and Mexico is going to take out its frustration on the USCA and Yucatan. Mexico will likely crush those nations, but most of Mexico's forces that survived this last war are in the north, so this war will not be too short.

We question Switzerland's decision to join the war, considering the rapid gains the Germans are making in France.

The Nationalists pretty much dominate Texan politics, and we wonder if any other party will be able to beat them in an election any time soon. Charles Goodnight returns to office with promises of African expansion and rebuilding our military, which became nonexistant after demobilization.

The study of Nationalism & Imperialism begins. It is an area of study we are very interested in, for the ideas (inventions in game terms) that can spread after studying it can help a very expansionist nation such as ourselves.

Four months after they enter the Franco-German War, the Swiss are defeated by the Germans and are forced to cede nearly half their nation to them. The Germans are within sight of Paris too. France greatly underestimated Germany.

Germany is considered the greatest nation in the world now, due to its massive prestige and industry.

Our population has exceeded 4 million. The 4 millionth citizen was likely one of the many immigrants coming into California, expecially Baja California.

Mexico has regained the Yucatan, which had broken off many years ago

We decide to begin the rebuilding of our military with the recruitment of 2 infantry divisions, one Texan from Corpus Christi and one Mexican from Austin, each with an artillery brigade attached. (Artillery brigades are awesome and should be built if you can afford the extra stuff needed)

Steel Railroad research begins following our completion of Nationalism & Imperialism. Once it is completed our nation and our capitalists begin contruction we will have the best railroad in the Western hemisphere, as only Germany has beaten us to this technology (it unlikely we will ever catch up to Germany technologically).

After we purchase some more supplies we decide to exhaust the rest of our current manpower pool and recruit four Mexican divisions out of Santa Fe.

When all the divisions are ready they are deployed to San Antonio. Sixty-four thousand men is a good start, but as we recently learned it is not near enough to wage war against Mexico.

We've promoted two new generals, in an attempt to find someone better than Maxey. What we got was barely better. Bonham is faster than most due to his earnestness, which is going to be what makes him our current general in charge of our primary force. We're unsure about ever giving Ruiz command of anything, considering his unreliability and the fact that no one wants to be under his command (Womanizer decreases morale and defense, Perverse hurts morale and reliability).

Our mobilization pool was destroyed by this latest war (don't know why), so we must begin to rebuild it too. Due to our larger and growing population we will be able to have a larger reserve.

The Franco-German War is a complete disaster for France, where German troops are mopping up the rest of their mainland.

France settles for peace with Germany. The Germans were much more kind than they could have been and took only three provinces, ones on the border that Germany considered part of their national claims.

Oil has been struck in Houston and attention has turned away from cattle ranching to drill for oil now. There are few non-industrial workers left in Houston, but we don't really care for oil current, as it is only fetching £0.50 per unit.

The claim in Rio de Oro is completed, and now we are going to get Seguia el Hamra. We may not be able to take on Mexico yet, but Morocco is definitely doable.

Before we rush to go shoot things in Africa, we politely ask the French for permission to cross through their territory, so that we may get to the Moroccan capital, which is landlocked in French possessions. France, still pissy about horribly losing the Franco-German War, declines. We decide to go ahead with war plans anyway.

We are going to block Argentina from claiming territory in Africa by building a claim right in the same area as them. The workers are told to make our trading post twice as big as their mission, to show those diry Argentinians who's boss around here.

In hopes that maybe he will die in the heat or in battle, General Ruiz will be in command of our two artillery divisions, which will be sent to Africa to fight in Morocco. (the divisions only have ~7100 men each because I had to cut army spending for a little while)

Steel Railroad is completed and study into Investment Banks, which will be a boon to our economy, begins.

Ruiz's army is loaded onto the transports in the Gulf of Mexico and they set off for coast near Rio de Oro (which is confusingly named Coast of Santa Cruz).

On the way there they deviate from the course a little to see if there are any troops in Moroccan Tangiers, but all they find is this:

A two hundred division strong naval fleet in the Strait of Gibraltar. We've never seen so many ships in one place. We make a note to stay friendly with Britain.

We declare war on Morocco in late September of 1877. This should be a quick war; Morocco has no troops in the four provinces we can get to.

Ruiz and his men land in Seguia el Hamra and quickly seize the claim there.

We then immediately claim the Rio de Oro (the area) as a territory of the Republic of Texas. We gain a nice amount of prestige from the move (36).

The population statistics for the territory of Rio de Oro. The small Arabic minority were the Moroccan colonists. It is unlikely the natives will convert to Texan culture in the foreseeable future, but they are welcome in the Republic regardless.

Ruiz is sent north to take the three Moroccan provinces we can march to from Rio de Oro.

Either the Mexicans are trying to toy with us, or there is a split in Mexican politics between a faction that loves Texas and a faction that loathes Texas. Either way we welcome Mexican attempts to befriend us but they should not expect us to waste money on befriending them.

France still will not allow us to pass through their territory.

Ruiz seizes these three Moroccan provinces, then is loaded back onto the transports to take Tangiers from Morocco.

After Ruiz takes that province we send a peace envoy, demanding the four provinces we have seized. The Moroccans decline, knowing we cannot pass through the French territory between us and their capital.

Morocco sends a counter offer a couple weeks later, offering three of the provinces we want. It is clear they won't willfully cede Tangiers, so we accept this offer (while cursing France under our breath).

The map of Texan Morocco. The people there are all poor Sunni Arabic farmers, but we know France would be interested in acquiring our Moroccan provinces we do not care too much about the people there.

Our rank among nations is 16 following the end this colonial adventure. If we want to progress much more in rank we will need to build our military up to levels not seen yet in the Republic.

edit: This update seems kinda short but there should be another tomorrow; I'm going to try to get back to a 1:1 or 1.5:1 update to day ratio.