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Part 40: Preparations

Chapter 29: Preparations

Refridgerator Technology has arrived in th Republic! Texans all over rejoice at the prospect of cold drinks at any time in their very own homes.

The Dye Factory in California is finished, but there is an unfortunately accident involving a train car that happened to be full of dynamite which levels it the next day.

The United States has sent an envoy to us letting us know that they are guaranteeing our independence. We are offended. We do not need their help or pity.

Electric Power Generation is being researched, which means we're coming toward the end of the industrial tech tree soon.

We wish we could uneducate capitalists. Seriously, glass?

Meanwhile, there is a communist revolt in Panama by a bunch of Creole Pagans. They are quickly put down.

The Nationalists win the elections again. Miriam Ferguson is their candidate and the first woman to be elected President of the Republic. Ma Ferguson is smart and well educated but is also not much more than her husband's puppet. Her administration's goal is simple: prepare the Republic for war. In her inaugural address, Pa Ferguson (who spoke for almost half of his wife's speech) announced the new military recruitment drive. Their goal: 600 thousand manpower in reserves.

Within months the goal is already nearly met. The government is offering good pay, food, and shelter, which is more than what most of the former citizens of Mexico could say they have (though there are a number of Californian immigrants that were recruited too).

A massive army of twenty-six divisions is being recruited. This will be the brunt of the future invasion of Brazil.

Our navy is receiving some attention too. Two of these new "submarines" are being built, and if those two prove useful and successful then more will be built.

The new glass factory in Californian suffers an accident similar to that of the dye factory when a train car full of goods from the nearby artillery factory derails and explodes, taking out most of the glass factory.

The 26 division army is completed; they are deployed to Corpus Christi to await further instruction.

We realize that we do not have enough transports in the Navy to carry all these men, and we set to remedying that.

Our research establishment is now studying Anti-Rationalism, which involves the study of some rather radical ideas, such as nihilism and quantum theory.

We are considering sending our capitalists in Durango to Los Angeles to give their brethren there a lesson in industry and economics.

Our pair of submarines are completed, and we send them on a world tour, both as a scouting mission and to brag. We find a most amusing sight in England: The Army of the Maharajah of Jodhpur (including the Jodhpur Legion). They must be putting on a show or something for King George V.*

*(the British line of succession has followed its historical path)

Germany, arguably the most powerful nation in the world, has decided to take on Russia. Tensions on the Prussian border had be high ever since Austria's defeat some years ago.

The Californians have finally caught on. An automobile factory is currently underway. It should be noted that although automobiles have been around for some time now, this is the first full-fledged factory to be built for their production. The name of the first Texan automobile: the Houston.

Fortification improvements have resumed on our northern border. A line of trenches, a technique we've learned from the French and Germans, is being dug all along the border.

The latest national army comparison reports are in. Russia's army is humongous, but China's* is getting up there. We have nearly as many troops as the United States, which is great new. Also notable is the United Kingdom's drop on this chart.

*Note that most of China's troops are regulars. For about 3 years now they have been a civilized nation, and some important events happened that we neglected to report. On February 14, 1909, the Chineses Assembly voted President Yuan Shikai to the status of Emperor. He then declared the Chinese Empire (with new imperial flag) and himself the Great Emperor of China (this era now becoming the Hongxian era of Chinese calendar). Despite rumblings from outlying and southern provinces, Emperor Shikai managed to hold the Empire together, and China has actually been doing okay since then*. He managed to build up the military quite a bit, and by no means is China any longer uncivilized.

*historically Yuan Shikai was Emperor for only 83 days; he abdicated since China had begun to fall apart ever since he was made Emperor. This weakened the central Chinese government afterwards and led to a bloody period of warlords.

(click the map for much larger image)

This is the latest map of the Republic and its satellites. Bolivia is in green because they were a satellite but experienced a revolution that ended its satellite status. Their new government is friendly to the Republic and grants us military access, so we do not wish to reinstate the satellite government (for now).

The United States has declared war on Russia. We were wondering if the United States was going to take a shot at Russia since it seems to be the thing to do.

Russia has been at war with Germany for two years now*, and with the United States joining in Russia now has two fronts to defend.

*1923 was largely uneventful and passed by quickly. The Germans held the border for a while and only toward the end have the Russians gained the upper hand.

The German held their positions in Prussia for some time but could not stand up to the Russian war machine.

Election season returns to the Republic, and the big news is that former President Fransisco Villa has accepted the Nationalist nomination for President. His victory is assured.

While the Russians are gaining ground in Europe they are beginning to lose it in North America, as the Americans take Vancouver.

Berlin is taken by the Russians, who show no signs of stopping as the German Empire falls before them.

The Russians must be putting all their effort into the German offensive, because the Americans are taking the Northwest Territories and Alaska with ease.

The capitalists in Guadalajara announce construction of their first factory, a lumber mill. Lumber is still a big business in the Republic.

The Americans have taken all of the Russian holdings in North America. We are eager to see what they do now.

By the time the peace settlement with Germany comes, the Russians had taken little less than half of the German Empire.

The Germans are forced to cede a number of Prussian border provinces to the Tsar. Russia has proven itself nigh unbeatable, but if the United States keeps things going the way they are the Russians may see their first defeat in more than a century.

Fransisco "Pancho" Villa wins the Presidential elections in an overwhelming victory. This is the fourth consecutive victory for the Nationalists, who have resumed their place as the premier political party in the Republic. President Villa promises a great victory over Brazil and that Texas will be among the greatest of nations before his term is over.

The date is May 11, 1925. The End is less than ten years away.