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Victoria Revolutions

by Danimo

Part 44: State of the Republic as of January 1, 1936


The Empire (109 provinces, not counting satellites) and the Rest of the World. The States (32) and Territories (2) of the Empire are labeled, here is the key:
A - Hawaii	        R - Durango
B - California		S - Guadalajara
C - Nevada		T - San Luis Potosi
D - Oregon		U - Zacatula
E - Utah		V - Estado de Mejico
F - Arizona		W - Oajaca
G - New Mexico		X - Veracruz
H - Colorado		Y - Bahamas
I - Wyoming		Z - Panama
J - Nebraska		1 - Magdalena
K - Kansas		2 - Cundinamarca
L - Texas		3 - Cauca
M - Arkansas		4 - Rio Negro
N - Louisiana		5 - Chubut
O - Sonora 		6 - Santa Cruz
P - Chihuahua		7 - Territory of Hassanhadjan 
Q - Nueva Leon          8 - Territory of Oman	 

The Top 15 nations. Note that we have fallen back to 9th, since our industry lagged a little bit toward the end.

The population statistics. The United States is about 35 million behind their historical number, and since Texas annexed most of Mexico we account for maybe 25 million of that, the rest never immigrated due to the American government. China has about double its historical population (Paradox games have trouble modeling population in high density areas).

I am unsure about the other nations, as I do not know what their populations were historically at 1936. But probably much lower.

The current Presidential Dictatorships (also the USA is one, but not shown because my save game is a little messed up). Other than these nations, the only other one with a government of note is Liberia.

Liberia has suffered a number of violent revolutions over the years. The latest one installed a monarchy, then they reformed into a constitutional monarchy. The HMS Government has been surprisingly stable since.

National Army comparisons. Texas has the fourth largest army in the world. Russia's army is also very scary.

However, if we add our troop numbers to those of our satellites, we get 334 total divisions (counting the irregulars from Nejd). Which puts the Texan Empire as 2nd, if you wish to count that way. Similarly, the UK would have 222 divisions (147 regulars, 75 irregulars from India).

A comparison of navies needs not to be posted. The Americans sunk most of ours in the last war, it will need to be rebuilt. Britain still rules the waves, with 571 ships afloat. France comes in a distant second, with 169.

And this concludes Victoria. It was fun. Hearts of Iron 2: Doomsday Armageddon is going to be fun; I just bought Armageddon so it will a learning experience for everybody. Give me a week to finish converting and maybe play a little. The story will not continue in this thread, for it is rather long.

Archive Readers: This is where is ends. Thanks for reading. I will probably upload my abortive attempt as Texas in Hearts of Iron 2 in the future. When I do I'll link it here.