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Original Thread: Henshin A Go-Go, beibei. Let's Play Viewtiful Joe [VLP]



INT -- RChimpCola's house, Livingroom.

RChimpCola: Hmm, I haven't started a new Let's Play thread, and my guest commentator for Rockman and Forte's schedule has been incongrous. I should do something about that. I guess it's time to start to fire up the gamecube and get the got. Time to go forth, enter into the land of justice, and prove my mettle against the nefarious fiends that scheme to overthrow the world. Let's get actioned. It's sexy time.

<Fade to black>

Yes folks, it's time for the Viewtiful Joe series to be played! Well at least the first two games. Capcom shut down Clover, and they reformed as SEEDS, but will they be able to produce their final offering in this trilogy? One can only hope. Until they do, it's time to get the first two games rolling or else our balls will sweat in the grip of indecision. So, let's get down to business.

No goodnik Rolecall!




Ballerina Biancky:

Biancky Boxers:

Bianco Billy:

Red Leader:





Black Leader:

Metal Leo:

Black Thunder:

Mach Thunder:


Space Tank?!?:

Dastardly Bat Man, Charles III:

Iron Ogre, Hulk Davidson:

Aquatic Terror, Gran Bruce:

Another Joe:

Blade Master, Alastor:

Inferno Lord, Fire Leo

What does the future hold?


Viewtiful Joe

Intro Video -- The before you even press the start button intro. -- The stuff before you even press start.Dailymotion Google
Episode 1, Act 1 -- The test run ported DIRECTLY from the sandcastle and becoming the first video of the thread OH MAN.Dailymotion Google
Episode 1, Act 2 -- Viewtiful Joe versus Batman.Dailymotion Google
Episode 2, Act -- Viewtiful Joe versus two BLACK THUNDERSDailymotion Google
Episode 2, Act 2 -- The purpose of the Red Bottle.Dailymotion Google
Episode 3, Act 1 -- Parodius NIGHTMARES!Dailymotion Google
Episode 3, Act 2 -- Joe versus falling, the elements, and sharks.Dailymotion
Episode 4, Act 1 -- We all live in a yellow submarine.Dailymotion
Episode 4, Act 2 -- With new batteries in the wavebird, we take a stab at the second submarine.Dailymotion
Episode 5, Act 1 -- Who fills a sewer with goddamned lava?!? Dailymotion
Episode 5, Act 2 -- Trains, planes, and Automobiles.Dailymotion
Episode 6, Act 1 -- A CLIFFHANGER?!?!?!?Dailymotion
Episode 6, Act 2 -- The dramatic showdown with INFERNO LORD, FIRE LEO!Dailymotion
Episode 7, Act 1 -- That really was a viewtiful combo right there. Dailymotion
Episode 7, Act 2 -- In wherein we say our heartfelt goodbyes.Dailymotion
Episode 7, Act BOSS! -- What was it Joe said about happy endings?Dailymotion
The Ending and the credits -- Pretty self explanatory here.Dailymotion
Episode Bonus: Viewtiful World -- It seems Joe quite isn't done 'Rocking-on' Dailymotion

Viewtiful Joe 2

Episode 0: Demo Video -- The introductory video of Viewtiful Joe 2Dailymotion
Episode 1: 10 Million Years BC -- Let's fight in Dinosaur Land!Dailymotion
Episode 1 Part 2: 10 Million Years BC -- So do ehht. Do ehht. Ehhh. What's wrong with you?Dailymotion
Episode 1 part 3: 10 Million Years RCC -- Drill tanks? What kind of nonsense is this?!?!?Dailymotion
Episode 1 part 4: 10 Million Years BC -- Hey we meet Joe's dad!Dailymotion
Episode 2 Part 1: Viewtiful Heroes, and the Statue of Doom -- No Whip, No Hat, no Snakes. Nothing like the temple of doom at all.Dailymotion
Episode 2 Part 2: Viewtiful Heroes, and the Statue of Doom -- Wow this is a pretty short update. Also SERGEANT JOHN!Dailymotion
Episode 2 Part 3: Viewtiful Heroes, in a Bunch of Dark Rooms! -- Now that's what I call Viewtiful.Dailymotion
Episode 2 Part 4: Viewtiful Heroes, And the Statue of Doom -- Here we fight a german aztec statue. Yeah I don't know either.Dailymotion
Episode 3 Part 1: Memoirs of an Invincible Monster -- I think you guys mean invisible monster?Dailymotion
Episode 3 Part 2: Memoirs of an Invisible Update -- The return of BIG JOHN!Dailymotion
Episode 3 Part 2: Memoirs of an Invincible Monster -- Crankensteiner off the top rope oh god I don't even know if that's a real move.Dailymotion
Episode 4 Part 1: Thunderboy Lives Twice! -- Ukemi, I'm glad to have you back buddy, pop open a brewskie and save my ass.Dailymotion
Episode 4 Part 2: Thunderboy Eats Rice! -- Man. This level. This level.Dailymotion
Episode 4 Part 3: Thunderboy Lives Twice! -- In which Sylvia tries to insert her entire fist into her 'O-Face'.Dailymotion
Episode 5 part 1: Ice Edge -- Viewtiful Joe, !Dailymotion
Episode 5 Part 2: Ice Edge -- Watch as I fail to achieve an overall V-Ranking for a stage.Dailymotion
Episode 5 part 3: Lice Dredge -- It's quiet. A little too quiet.Dailymotion
Episode 5 part 4: Ice Edge -- Frost Tiger versus us, guess who wins?Dailymotion
Episode 6 part 1: Do Androids Dream of Romantic Scene? -- R.I.P. Big John, Fifth Reconnaissance Regiment, Second Panzer Division, First Platoon. Dailymotion
Epsiode 6 Part 2: Do Black Holes Dream of Ice Cream? -- I think I'm qualified to say yes.Dailymotion
Episode 6 Part 3: Do Androids Dream of Romantic Scene? -- Cameo Leon, we hardly knew ye. Dailymotion
Episode 6 Part 4: Do Androids Dream of Romantic Scene? -- Guest Starring, new video service.Dailymotion Vimeo
Episode 6 Part 5: Do Androids Dream of Romantic Scene? -- If you're wondering what Sylvia is doing to that robot she has a history of this.Dailymotion
Episode 7 Part 1: Starship Viewties -- In space, no one can hear Charles Grodin scream.Dailymotion
Episode 7 part 2: Starship word that sounds like Viewties -- ELEVATOR ACTION!Dailymotion Dailymotion Vimeo
Episode 7 Part 3: Starship Viewties -- They wasted an awesome giant robot cutscene on THIS?!?!Dailymotion
Episode 7 part 4: Starship Viewties -- The THRILLING CONCLUSION.Dailymotion
The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful Joe Chamber 1 -- Beat the badniks in time!Dailymotion
The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful Joe Chamber 5 -- Try Try Try to understand. He's a magic man. Dailymotion
The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful Joe Chamber 12 -- Destroy the oct squads!Dailymotion
The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful Joe Chamber 9 -- HANS DELBRUCK!Dailymotion
The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful Joe Chamber 2 -- Continuing with the ICE Theme!Dailymotion
The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful Joe Chamber 11 -- Get your propeller beanies, kids!Dailymotion
The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful Joe Chamber 6 -- I knew that E.T. was hiding something sinister.Dailymotion
The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful Joe Chamber 14 -- Seriously, get out of the hot air balloons people. Other people want to ride in those balloons! Dailymotion
The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful Joe Chmaber 15 s -- More UFOs, I LOVE IT!Dailymotion
The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful Joe Chamber 7 -- VFX Management and youDailymotion
The 36 Chambers of Viewtiful Joe Chambers 18 and 27 -- BOXES BOXES BOXES BOXES BOXES BOXES BOXES BOXES BOXES!Dailymotion
GUARANTEED TO BLOW YOUR MIND -- This is like Caged Heat, man.Dailymotion
WINGATES! TO THE LEFT OF ME! WINGATES TO THE RIGHT! -- So wait that isn't his last name?Dailymotion
APACHE CHIEF, ENOUCK CHOUCK! -- Meanwhile at the hall of Gun.Smoke.Dailymotion
COWBOY HATES NINJA -- Sorry to all the Marvin fans out there.Dailymotion
COWBOY HATES FATTIES -- Seriously, slide some of that nog my way.Dailymotion
WELL THAT WAS A FANCIFUL DIVERSION! -- Bury me with my mummy.Dailymotion
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