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Volgarr the Viking

by Combat Lobster

Part 2: World 2

Update #2

Volgarr goes for a swim(?) in the City of Akron.



Long ago there existed a city of enlightened people who combined magic and technology, becoming far more advanced than the barbarity surrounding them, and used their power to isolate themseleves and their entire city deep beneath the sea.

Over the years they evolved into a fish-like race and eventually forgot their true origins. Recently, rebellious youth among them have begun to believe that they were cast out from the land above and denied their rightful place as rulers of the land-dwellers. Lead by a brash young prince who struck a bargain with Fáfnir to unlock the secrets of the advanced technologies of his ancient ancestors and usurp the throne, the Myrmor of the City of Akron are now preparing for invasion...