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Volgarr the Viking

by Combat Lobster

Part 4: World 4

Update #4

This week Völgarr finds himself in the middle of a snake-worshipping cult. How is Völgarr gonna get himself out this time? I'm pretty sure it involves hitting things...



A small barbarian cult formed at the foot of a volcano, taking up residence in the ruins of some ancient temples originally built to worship the Viking gods. This cult instead worshipped a god they believed took the form of a fire-breathing serpent. The leader of the cult saw his control slipping as the cult's numbers dwindled over time...perhaps due to new recruits seeing the grotesque transformation half-snake half-man abominations.

When Fáfnir approached the cult leader and made his offer, the leader actually declined, for he had a better idea. Instead, he asked Fáfnir to a form the pact with favorite pet snake in his stead.

Through the magic of the Seal the snake grew to enormous size. Now with a physical manifestation of his "fire snake god" to demonstrate, the cult's numbers swelled, and those outside the cult began to believe the snake to be a reincarnation of Jörmungandr. Few knew its true nature, and no one knows the real motives of the cult's hidden leader.