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WILL: A Wonderful World

by Mix

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Original Thread: "You've Got Mail," said the God Dog - Let's play WILL: A Wonderful World



Have you ever asked God for help?

Do you believe in God's existence?

If one day your fate has changed,

do you wonder if God heard your call for help...?

There was an urban legend.

Write your troubles down on a note.

Hold it in your hand at midnight, and pray.

“God, please help me...”

Then God will hear your plea,

and change your fate.

A young girl wakes up in an unknown room, where a strange dog informs her that they are gods and their duty is to change the fate of any humans that ask for help. Letters appear in their mailbox, and with pen in hand, she begins her job...


WILL: A Wonderful World is a Chinese visual novel puzzle game developed by the indie studio WMY Studio and published by PLAYISM. It released originally in May 2017, with an English release coming March the following year. It follows two higher beings tasked with the responsibility of reading wishes (in the form of letters) sent by mortals, and using their power to reshape fate... and learn more about the lives of those who would pray for a miracle in the process.

Before going any further though, consider this your primary content warning; as I have in previous LPs, I will give specific content warnings for the update itself whenever relevant, but in a broader sense this LP will end up broaching heavy topics such as depictions of violence/gore/assault, suicide (both explicit and ideation), child abuse, sexual assault (not explicitly shown- there is a point where the game is descriptive that I chose to skip entirely), mental illness, human trafficking, and so on. I did my best to make sure everything is tagged and handled appropriately, so just heed the content warnings when they show up. This isn't an 18+ game or anything, it's gotten releases on PS4 and Switch, but it does still broach some really heavy stuff, and the game also does a frankly terrible job of actually preparing you for what topics it contains, so I'd like to think I managed to make up for that lack.

This LP is going to cover the main story; while this is not a kinetic novel, it is laid out somewhat uniquely compared to other visual novels in a way that will make more sense once getting into the actual game itself. This will not be a 100% LP (mostly to avoid redundancy), but we will cover everything relevant that the game contains. Rather than there being choices of any kind for the thread to vote on, instead I set things up so that the thread could guess the solutions to some of the puzzles as we encountered them; I gave credit to different posters for what their guesses would result in and have kept that credit in the LP even upon being archived.

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