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WILL: A Wonderful World

by Mix

Part 3: Farewell...

content warning: suicide

[BGM: Broken Dream 1]

From here on, the puzzles will actually begin (though this isn't the end of the tutorials, as we'll see in later sections). As such, I'll be having the thread give what they think might be the “right” solution for some of these puzzles, and go through each possible outcome (with credit for each). This is still relatively straightforward, though- only one letter and only three sections to re-order. Obviously, we already know what happens if we leave it as-is:

...and the game doesn't even bother processing the solution, it tells you immediately it's a Bad End. :v: So let's start trying out solutions.

It seemed like pushing the button on the flashlight triggered the gas explosion, so maybe if he finds it and pushes it first before spilling the paint?

The night breeze was coming in through the window.
I tried to take a deep breath, but I couldn't.
Perhaps I had spent too much time picking up those things earlier. Had I been poisoned?

I held the flashlight in my hand and walked towards the doorway.
I found a girl lying on the floor unconscious.
Had she been poisoned, too?

I suddenly remembered a news story about people who had killed their neighbors by accident while attempting suicide by burning coals.
I wanted to go back and call an ambulance, but I could not breathe anymore...

If I could at least open the door...
I tried to reach for the handle, but it seemed to be getting farther away...

Whoops! They inhaled too much of the smoke because we left the fire burning with no open window for too long. We avoided one Bad End only to arrive at a different one. Let's try something else.

Like putting out the fire and opening a window before spilling the paint, too? (guessed by Junpei and ZCKaiser)

I held up my flashlight. I made sure everything had been picked up and then walked toward the doorway.


Someone had just shut the door. I hurried up.
However, there was nothing there except a broken, worthless ceramic pot on the floor.
I opened the door and looked outside into the hallway. There was no one there, either.

I went back in, saw the remaining coals, and the smoke that was still lingering in the room.
I could still continue with the plan...

I lit the coals again and closed the window.
I climbed back into my bed.
I felt my consciousness leaving me as I started to enter another world...

Unfortunately, while we stopped Li Wen from collapsing/presumably dying, we also stopped any kind of external force from disrupting Wen Zhaoren's suicide attempt, which is not an outcome we want (for, uh, obvious reasons). Another Bad End.

What if we make sure he puts the fire out first? Remove the temptation completely? Well...

Huh? Some pieces are missing!

Hmm, sometimes this happens.

In this letter, the previous development led to a gas explosion. As a result, Wen Zhaoren would not be able to carry out his following actions. Therefore, the white pieces disappeared.

Usually, pieces will disappear when the subject of the actions described in the pieces is no longer active. This is not only confined to the sender of the letter. It could also be because of someone mentioned in the letter.

Again, it depends. The important thing is to think about why they might disappear.

I see.

:eng101: Important information to have, for sure! We now know it's possible to lose pieces entirely if something particularly disruptive happens as a result of the previous pieces' order. Even though it was the same as the original Bad End, we've learned something here.

In any case, here's the actual solution (guessed by dervival):

Open the window and put out the fire immediately, then deal with the brushes and paints (giving enough time to vent/dilute the air inside the apartment), then finally find a flashlight to find out what's going on.

BGM: Silence

“Who's there?!”
I pressed the button on my flashlight in a hurry and the white light almost blinded me.


I saw a shadow fall to the ground.
I quickly turned my light toward the sound, and saw that it was a girl that I had never met before.
I checked to see if she was still breathing. She was.

I remembered a school picnic during my junior high years...
I had done the same thing to scare a girl in my class.
She didn't faint, even though I had done it intentionally.
Kids today are so weak.

[BGM: Tender Love]

I carried the girl into my ventilated bedroom, laid her down on my bed and pulled the sheet over her.
I went back into the living room and picked up my paint brush. I tried to remember her panicking face when she saw me.
I suddenly had a new feeling, a feeling that I could paint something special this time.

And yet...
I just fell asleep with the brush in my hand while leaning against the wall.

Wow! That was so scary!

I don't want to see anything like that ever again...

I wonder though, why can we see all of these images? Aren't we just reading their letters?

Technically, we are not actually receiving hand-written letters from the humans. You could think of these letters as a manifestation of their ”Will”. That's why they include more than the text you are reading. Sometimes we will receive the images of what they see, or even how they feel.

Wow... that's really amazing.

[BGM: A Family Matter]

How did you feel?

Whew... everything felt so unreal...

Am I really a god? Have I always been living here? And... has the sky outside always been so red?

It's even snowing outside. The weather is so weird...

I have no memories of any of this. Is any of this real?

Of course! Don't worry about it. Your memories will come back to you slowly. Anyway, don't you think this job is perfect for you? And it isn't too hard either, is it?

That's true. It is more interesting than I thought.

While it is interesting indeed, it is also rather serious.

From now on, I won't repeat myself anymore. So, the truly important information, as you see here, will be highlighted in orange text.

Or bolded, in the case of this LP. :eng101:

Things in orange text are *extremely important*. When you see something in orange you should slow down your reading and pay extra attention. The orange text may appear, not only in my words, but also occasionally in the humans' letters as well.

The humans' letters might include text in other colors too, such as yellow and blue. The yellow text highlights digital messages in a text message or email, while the blue text highlights messages left in a fax or a note.

The orange text, however, emphasizes something else. I'll explain to you later when we see it.

You won't remember it all if I say too much right now.

In the end, you just need to remember that orange text is extremely important.

It looks like you have truly mastered what I have taught you so far.

You are truly my master. All right. It seems like you should do just fine now. And I can take it easy too, then.

I believe as you go along with your tasks you will eventually make the right decisions. Besides, I can see that you have already made a choice.

A choice?

Yes. I told you at the beginning that handling the prayers from the humans is our job. However, whether to help them or not, and how exactly you want to change their fates, is completely up to you.

I see that you have chosen an S ending for them all. That means you are choosing the path of absolute “kindness”.

Well, they were asking me for help, so of course I should help them.

What's the alternative... that I should torture them instead?

Haha, not necessarily.

I just want to remind you that the path of an absolute “kindness” is not an easy one. Especially when you receive letters from two different people, you will have to make the endings for both sides an S.

Simply achieving an S ending for just one of them won't be good enough. In other words, you have to solve two people's problems at the same time.

I see. Well... I'm sure I can find a way.

Okay then. By the way, I suppose you don't remember your own name, either.

Your name is “Myth”.


You are a god who can manipulate people's fates through stories and puzzles. That's why they call you “Myth”. You might not know this yet, but you are actually quite popular in the human world. Some of the urban legends that have been circulating are stories about you.

Wow! I didn't know I was so impressive!

Even though I seem to have forgotten a lot of things, and I'm still adapting and trying to learn...

I do feel like helping people, and that makes me happy!

If I work very hard, could I possibly grant wishes to everyone in the world?

Everyone? Well, you'd be buried by all of their letters first.

However... if you try your best, you should be able to shape the world a little closer to your liking, at the very least.

Got it. I'll try my best!

Well, from now on let me know if you have any questions. After all... it's just the two of us here.


[BGM: New Life]

Let me see what kind of letters we're getting today~

NEW MESSAGE: My New Partner

NEW MESSAGE: First Day at New School

NEW MESSAGE: 20,000 Pesos

NEW MESSAGE: Here I come!


Profiles have Updated.