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WILL: A Wonderful World

by Mix

Part 67: The Final Letters

[BGM: Broken Dream 2]

Please Wake Up

I was standing in the room of Master Willy.

He was lying on the couch.
He was sound asleep.
How badly I wished...
that he would rush over as normal and mock the awful-tasting snacks I'd made.
Please let him wake up.


Why didn't it work? Is Master the only one who can use it?

But I can feel something... something is about to happen. I'm so close.

What am I missing?

Maybe I should check Master's room more carefully. I might be able to find some clues.

Like before, we now get to poke around Willy's room. I'm going to start with the posters on the wall.

Is the person on the poster someone Master likes? Is that a tennis player?

No, no, no! This is not the time to be wondering about that!

Next, the guitar.

Oh, right! Maybe I could use some kind of noise to wake him up!


No, this isn't working...

Next, the bed.

Let me carry Master to his bed first.

Eh... Whoa!

How is he so heavy? I can't carry him at all...

Next, let's examine Willy ourselves.

Master! Master! Master is a dumbass! ...It's not working... he still can't hear me...

And lastly, the desk- specifically, one of its drawers...

The drawer is locked.

Master must have locked something very important inside.

But if I don't have the key... How can I open it?

Oh right! I could try that again!

A Locked Drawer

I tried to open the drawer.
There must be something very important inside.
But it was locked.
Then I tried the cabinet next to it.
It wasn't locked.
But there was nothing inside. I realized that there must be something very, very important inside the drawer. I needed to open it.


[BGM: Silence]

There is an old newspaper and a picture frame inside the drawer.
The entire newspaper, including the front page, is about one thing only.

Why would Master lock a newspaper inside this drawer?

The headline of the front page reads: Changing the Fate of Humans: A New Revolution for Global Civilization.