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Part 1: Look! Periodically Funny Wrestling Again

Episode #1 - Look! Periodically Funny Wrestling Again (Twitch VOD)
(Episode title courtesy of Trizophenie)

The video description has timestamps and everything. It's still processing currently, in the meantime you view it through the twitch link in a somewhat lower quality.

If you wanna submit a character don't hesitate, Character submissions are still open.

The official match card:

IGgy IGsen posted:

All right! Time for the first show! Here's the exact time when it'll hopefully happen. It's possible that I'll have to delay it if the prep work I still need to do takes longer than expected.

Match Card is below:

Match #1 - Buscus Brawl
IGgy (c) vs. Fruitsniffer

Match #2 - Extreme Rules
The Masked Man vs. Dr. Ham

Match #3 - Singles Match
El Catire Arrecho vs. Lotus Aura

Match #4 - Singles Match
Toad vs. Schir

Match #5 - Lightbulb Match (more conventionally known as "Ladder Match")
Lady of the Lancet vs. Divine Coffee Binge vs. Nadira

Match #6 - Kawaii Title Match
Hell-Ena vs. Konami Kouda (c)

Match #0 - LPFWA vs. The Universe
You get to decide!
Here's a poll to determine who LPFWA will face
And here who will represent LPFWA

If the trios match wins the three LPFWA wrestlers with the most votes will make it. I'll probably close the polls some time on Friday. OH, and I should probably mention that whoever you select as a opponent will be fought until they are either defeated or have defeated all of our guys.

Before the show... (Keep in mind that none of this is canon until proven otherwise by the show itself, but it is a fun read in any case)

DivineCoffeeBinge posted:

Fruitsniffer, you can avoid the Buscus! I believe in you! And in Hug Lyfe!

Fruitsniffer posted:

Thanks, DBC. Just because I was the guy who "won" the belt the most times last season, doesn't mean I plan on doing that again this time. No matter what happens though, I'm sure Iggy and I will be able to hug it out in the end, even it will have to be a bear hug.

VolticSurge posted:

I cannot wait to meet Lord Sidious! He is to thank for Grandfather turning out the way he did. Shame he keeps such...distasteful company. That Rendar character reminds me too much of Father Han Solo.

Kadorhal posted:

Alright, first match in a couple years... I'm probably a bit rusty. God knows the stuff I was wearing at the end last time is. I don't even know how that's possible when there really wasn't anything that could rust. Maybe it's moon-rust. I should practice a bit. Let's see, I was using...

Oh god. I think I forgot my finisher's name. What was it again... Hanging DDS? No... shit, glad I don't have to call my attacks or anything.

Hitlers Gay Secret posted:


Zanzibar Ham posted:

"So my first patient is The Masked Man? I see there's no mention of a problem area, which means this must be a-" *cracks knuckles* "-full-body work-over."

Jaguars! posted:

This should be a walk in the park compared with the average meeting of the faculty biomedical ethics committee!

And it can't be said that the alma mater wasn't supportive!

I don't know that a prestigious medical research university based in Maltibore will get many enrollments from this place, but at least they'll get a few concussion research subjects! They have to spend their excess marketing budget somewhere, I suppose.

And they printed me a nice collegiate jacket!

Bliss Authority posted:

My first match shall be against a pawn of eldritch powers? How appropriate.

jimmydalad posted:

Grawwr rawrrrr rooooaarrr! Grrrr raaaarr roaaarr!!! Wrooooooo grrr grwwwl roar!! Awrr. (I am not Eldritch! I am Demonic! Your flesh shall be delicious!!! Bitch.)

Dragonatrix posted:

It was just lying there, on the ground... It had a doctor's name on it... so why did that bearded man say I own it now? That doesn't even make sense! I was trying to return lost property and now I have to fight someone...?


No, wait, I'm looking at this wrong. This is professional wrestling, right... so it's not a "fight," it's a stage show. And one I can use to better help people in the future.


Yeah, that's it! It's a show. I've done that before! But it's on Friday and I haven't been given a script yet. Hopefully I'll get my copy in time, so I can practice this.

Blind Sally posted:

The camera pans across a starship parking in the lot behind the LPFWA headquarter. It's sleek, black, and cool--all the descriptors a six-year-old would use to describe a starship. It's also covered in rust and garbage. It's the Outrunner, Dash Rendar's other ship. Purchased when he had a surplus of money, it's now the only thing he owns after having to sell the Outrider due to a shortage of money. Suffice it to say, his LPFWA career had not worked out. His final appearance on the show had tanked his reputation, sending all of his business ventures spiraling into ruin.

Inside the ship, we see Dash Rendar sitting at a desk, his holovid camera recording himself. Having subsisted on a steady diet of meat-lover's pizza and beer, the Dash we knew is now unrecognizable: overweight, unwashed, and out-of-shape. His stomach is visible, his clothing no longer up to the task of adequately cover him; his skin is the colour of a Kaminoan, his red treasure-trail standing out in stark contrast.

Dash picks up a large platter covered in slices of pizzas and grunts loudly for the camera. He reaches out of view and grabs a squeeze bottle of mayonnaise--a remnant of his days in the LPFWA when he had stolen the entire moon's supply of food. One wonders if the best before date has passed, but only for a moment. Dash gives the bottle a shake.

Oh yeah. You all know your boy Dash loves the taste of mayonnaise on pizza for breakfast.

He squeezes the bottle over the pizza.

Just drench this bantha poodoo in mother-crinking mayonnaise, oh yeah.

He grunts, a noise halfway between Tim Allen and a nerf. He tosses the bottle off-screen. A guest in the room would have noticed it was not the first bottle to have been so casually tossed aside--a monument in the corner sat as a testament to his sins.

Mother-crinking twenty-five slices of pizza, oh yeah. I love'em all being drenched in Sith-varped mayonnaise.

He reaches off-screen for another bottle.

Now that we got mother-skrogging mayonnaise all over the place, here comes to syrup!!! Gotta have that sweet and savoury taste!

He waves the bottle back and forth, spraying cheap corn-based syrup all over the pizza. His grunting intermingles with the grunts of the bottle until it is difficult to tell the two apart.

Aw, yeah. Stacks of sithspittin' mayonnaise and syrup-covered pizza, all for my gosh-dwanged gut! Yeah, boy, look at that sloppy-shebbed druk. Yer boy Dash is gonna eat it all!

He slaps his belly, as if for good measure.

Twenty-six syrup-drenched, mayonnaise meat-lover's pizza slices going in your boy, Dash Rendar's, karking gut, hahahahaa!

Dash readjusts the camera--the top of his head is now cut off. He lays the platter on his ample lap. On a small being, it would be balanced precariously, but on Dash is settles in as if it belonged there. He grabs a slice of pizza and raises it to his mouth. He starts to take a bite then stops. There's a smidgen of mayo now in his beard.

Don't forget to like and subscribe if you wanna see your boy, Dash, put more bomb-sheb food-stuff jammed into this kraffing gas tank.

He grabs his stomach at this, clutching it for emphasis. His desperate shill complete, he begins to eat. Slice after slice. Bite after agonizing bite. His breathing is so loud at parts that it peaks the audio. May the Star Wars gods have mercy on those viewers listening with headphones.

A door in the background opens suddenly and in steps a spindly robot, Dash's companion, Leebo. Dash scrambles, knocking over a beer-can tower as he falls out of his chair. The pizza platter is spillt all over the floor. He grabs a blanket to cover himself--it is covered in mayonnaise.

Sir, I have good news! The LPFWA has renewed your--oh, what the hell. Again? Seriously!?
It's not what it looks like!
You mean you're not eating a bunch of garbage for your horrible YouTube channel?
And you wonder why Guri left us.
Hey, now that's not fair--
You've spent the last two years sulking and drinking and eating--and eating. It's time for you to do something with yourself!
I AM doing something with myself!
Something else.
My last video got 10,000 views! I'm moving up in the world. Did you know that my Master_Jedi_Dash channel is the 15th most popular junk-food-related review channel on the moon's YouTube network?
I didn't. And I still don't. Gonna quickly purge that bit of information from my memory banks.
Oh, come on! You've never supported me!
No! Never! And I never will! But at least you didn't embarrass me! Dash Rendar used to mean something. He used to be the greatest jobber in the LPFWA--
Wait, I was a jobber?
--now you sit around the Outrunner making weird internet videos. On the Outrunner! You used to do this shit on the Outrider!!!
Bandwidth isn't cheap on the moon.
Look, the LPFWA renewed your contract. I don't know what they were thinking. I'm guessing it's a clerical error. Doesn't matter. You're back.
I-IGgy wants me back?
Again, it's very likely that this was a mistake.
Leebo, ol'buddy, I have to go!

Dash jumps to his feet and sprints to the hatch. He grabs his giant shoulder-pad armour off a hook and looks at it wistfully. The mayonnaise is still in his beard.

Here's hoping the old suit still fits.
I wouldn't count on it.

He moves to leave but stops himself. He reaches up on a nearby shelf and pulls down a bottle of Corellian brandy.

For courage.

Exeunt Dash. Leebo walks over the holovid camera and switches if off.

(After finding out that DivineCoffeeBinge has to face Asuka)

DivineCoffeeBinge posted:

....oh Jesus I'm gonna die so hard it comes through the PC and breaks my nose

....but with enough caffeine anything is possible!

anilEhilated posted:

Is that thing working? It's gotta be working. So much lost, so much forgotten. What's the ticking sound? I know you're out there! Oh, the light is on. Ahem.

As a perfectly reasonable precaution, I have taken to hiding these logs in inconspicous places behind shaped charges. Note to self: toilet - super bad idea for hiding place. Don't repeat. Second note to self: Make sure the explosion goes outward this time, recovery of data from smoking clumps of wire proving difficult.

I know I'm onto them. It was obvious from the start that the LPFWA was hiding something sinister and I, in my innocence have ignored it for too long. Then the fools asked me to investigate. They awakened the genius detectiv- Ho! Who goes there? That ticking sound again!

Now they're after me. They want to be rid of me. They say I've had a breakdown. They say I don't think straight. They say they need to ask me a couple questions about those explosions. All excuses. Want proof? Look at that schedule! I'm not even competing! They removed me from it because I know too much. But that won't stop me, oh no. That ticking again?!

...Ooh. I remember now. Log over. No, wait. Note to self: proximity detonator and timer not the same thing. Log over now. AnilEhilated, genius detective, exit stage... uh, shaft!

DivineCoffeeBinge posted:

AnilEhilated! What happened to your kitty ears they were the best!!

anilEhilated posted:

Surgery. Not voluntary. They said it was a spontaneous nerve-condition triggered growth but that is clearly just an excuse. They were on it. All. You might be on it as well. Shame. I was about to warn you about the ticking package in the middle of the cofee storage but I am not going to. So there. Real shame. I appreciate a good set of neurotic tics.

Results (this is where you'd ordinarily watch the show before going on):

Match #1 - Buscus Brawl
IGgy (c) vs. Fruitsniffer
IGgy submits to the Hug Lyfe, Fruity takes the win

Match #2 - Extreme Rules
The Masked Man vs. Dr. Ham
Dr. Ham did it by reversing Masked Man's finish into the Spine-O-Cracker

Scene: Lotus Aura approaches IGgy, admitting to being responible for bringing an new championship into circulation by putting Black's Title on Rara via shady means. The cosmic bunnies punish Lotus by giving him the Bunny Championship. Uh oh! IGgy doesn't really show any sympathy.

Match #3 - Singles Match for the Bunny Championship
El Catire Arrecho vs. Lotus Aura
El Catire Arrecho takes the Bunny Championship off of the newly minted/cursed champion Lotus. Lotus got in a nice dab, though

Match #4 - Singles Match
Toad vs. Schir
Toad basically kicks out of everything like it's nothing end then pins Schir

Scene: Rara wakes back up and wonders why she has Black's Title. Ref Joe explains the situation but also takes his job way too seriously. Then Nadira comes and asks Rara nicely to give her Black's Title but as the curse of Black's Title demands violence is necessary.

Match X - Backstage Brawl for Black's Title
Nadira vs. Terara Fluffybottom
Nadira kills Rara. I'm sorry Rara

Match #5 - Lightbulb Match (more conventionally known as "Ladder Match")
Lady of the Lancet vs. Divine Coffee Binge vs. Nadira
Things happen with the ladder and everybody refuses to interrupt the attempt to change the lightbulb but it gets interrupted anyway, somehow despite taking forever. Then Nadira just takes it

Match #6 - Kawaii Title Match
Hell-Ena vs. Konami Kouda (c)
Konami gets in two Demon Banishing Uppercuts against Hell-Ena, but it was not enough. Hell-Ena takes the win and with it the Kawaii title

Scene: Dash Rendar announces proudly that he's found LPFWA. He's closing in on the Moon in his ship, the Outrunner, trying to defend his actions from the end of his last stint to Leebo.

Match #0 - LPFWA vs. The Universe
DivineCoffeeBinge vs. The Undefeated Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka.
You tried, DCB, you tried. Maybe some day.

Zanzibar Ham posted:

"We had a good session today. I believe you'll agree we had major progress! But remember, this is a process. There's no quick fixes. Talk with my secretary and he'll schedule you in for your next appointment."

Vanderlyle posted:

Catire and arrecho are both venezuelan colloquialisms, where catire means blond, and arrecho can mean either mad/angry or badass. So the fact that you can see he’s neither angry or blond is perfectly fitting for my mental image of the character. Coñazo, which is part of the name I gave the finisher, is a strong hit or impact.

“I want to say how grateful I am for this opportunity, most people didn’t think I’d ever get to wrestle on the moon, mostly because I wouldn’t take my mask off for the space suit, but not only did I make it, I even won the bunny belt, so I want to think mi madre, Valeria, mi padre, Tomas, mis hermanos y hermanas, Carlos, Genesis, Elimar, Ped-oh, my time is up? but I have mo-.”

Man, I wish I could have watched this live, but my internet has been horrible lately.

Jaguars! posted:

hmph... ...Perhaps there's more to this wrestling thing than there appears. I don't see why they call themselves professionals though, it's semi-skilled work, or a trade at best. Some guy even told me it's just a job to him!

Bliss Authority posted:

"I underestimated my opponent and unleashed my ultimate technique too soon. Clearly I need more training - if I want the next time we meet to go differently."

Rather Watch Them posted:

Now that All Hallow's Day--and my phantasmagorical week-long bender--has concluded, I'm now free to return to my plan of total moon domination. Like the ebbing tide before the storm, I have lied in wait for my debut, and now the time has--Oh, hold on... Sorry, my coven-buddies want to know about lunch? Most of them are vegan, but I think we can settle for pescetarian--I would kill for some good sushi right now. Good sushi, okay? ... Great. Where was I?

Valerie scrolls back through the script on her phone.

Now, the time has come for Hurricane Val to hit the LFPWA! And believe me, she hits hard. I swear to the powers of the Deep, I will tame this demon and bend her to my will! Though my physical prowess may be... lacking, I know a few tricks, a few charms, perhaps an incantation or two. No matter how you slice it, I am destined to be victorious, kehahahahaa!... I'll be in my sanctuary, and don't you dare follow me!

Valerie exits down the hallway and takes an immediate turn into the locker room. The camera lingers.

(off) L-P-F-W-A! Dammit!

DivineCoffeeBinge posted:

Okay, phew. I think I'm mostly conscious again. Did you know Asuka can kick your soul right out of your body? I know, right? I didn't either! But all of a sudden BAM, there I was, floating above the moon, watching my body sleep. Which was kinda strange, as it hasn't done that for something like seven weeks...

Anyway, God says she's pretty much okay with the way things are going in the LPFWA. Okay, so the demoness winning the Kawaii Title is a little worrisome, but she's sure one of us will go and beat her up and win it back for, you know, the glory of whatever. Also she says I need to keep at it so I can win my first match. It's bound to happen sometime, she assured me!

She also said that I'm on to something with this whole coffee thing. I'm developing this extra-caffeinated mondo recipe that involves what I think might be a black magic portal to the Elemental Plane Of Caffeine? Is that even a thing? Well, it is now. I tried some and it made me start shaking so much that I slipped through a wall like the Flash but it tasted a little acrid, so I'm gonna keep refining my recipe. Soon it'll be available at Moon Starbucks! I'm thinking of calling it the Hyperccino...

Rather Watch Them posted:

Foolish whelp, you know not the power with which you are tampering! Such potent conjuration is not for the realm of mortals!

But for real, did you take my spellbook? I've been making potions to achieve a similar effect and--Hey, if you're that good at brewing, maybe we should trade notes on the D-L? I'd love some input from a third party. You know how it is running a coven; everybody just says what they think you want to hear.

Mathwyn posted:

Well Woolsey, here you are. Not the chance at stardom you were hoping for, but beggars can't be choosers! Time to take the moon by storm!

Wait. The Moon? When and how in the blazes did civilization reach here anyway? What year is it?

*Checks calendar* Woolsey, you may have some catching up to do.

DivineCoffeeBinge posted:

Ooo, you're going to have to stay up pretty late if you're going to do all the reading you'll need to get caught up. Here, drink this.

Mathwyn posted:

Ah yes. Coffee, drinking, sleeping. All things that I still do as a living, breathing person.

Thanks for the coffee, doll. No, no. No need to hand it to me, just leave it on the table. I'll drink it later when I'm feeling less incorpo- I mean indigested. Yes. Less indigested.

Zanzibar Ham posted:

"You seem to be suffering from an acute case of Monochromaticism, I suggest you arrange an appointment with me post-haste! I'll crack some color out of those bones."

Mathwyn posted:

This? No its just stage makeup you know? Things always look different on film. Besides, medical help is about a century too late at this point 'doc'.

anilEhilated posted:

The ghost does present a peculiar dilemma in performance in an essentially contact sport in a state of being corporeally challenged. The implications are intriguing, need to obtain a bit of ectoplasm, maybe with a cunningly concealed container. Naturally, the option the ghost is merely pretending cannot be discounted. Or the option of a ghost pretending to not be a ghost so badly he actually reveals his ghostitude. Or a non-ghost pretending to be a ghost so badly he reveals his nonghostitude. But why would he lie? Is he on it? Is a ghost a he?

...Is a ghost susceptible to explosives? Ectoplasm experiment needs to feature a source of external combustion. I will get to the bottom of this mystery, my word as a genius detect- is that security again?



e: Seriously, you have one fantastic character idea in there.

Kadorhal posted:

In the fifteenth abandoned room with a Goldberg nametag off to the left, Face is currently struggling with connecting various wires to a TV while talking into a phone.

Alright... then I connect this other wire? Okay... alright, all of 'em are connected.

The screen on the TV suddenly blinks to life. Filled with static, which seems odd for a TV in the 2020s. I dunno, I didn't make the thing. Sound begins emitting from its speakers - a voice.

Ahem... are we live? Good. Hello and welcome, all you superstars of today, yesterday and tomorrow on the moon with LPFWA- Face stop breathing so heavily, I can hear you through the phone - welcome to the arrival of Kadorhal, Incorporated's CEO. As you are all no doubt aware from our many varied ads that were run during the first show-

Uh, sir?

Face, please put down the phone. Anyway, as you are indubitably aware of now, my name is-


Damnit, Face, stop breathing so heavily, I'm trying to cut a pr-

Sir, nobody else is watching.

Wha? Oh... uh, just you?

Just me.

Uh-huh... Well, we can do this in a couple hours, right? They did see all our wonderful ads, yes?

They decided not to run any for the first show. There weren't enough.

Well that's the-... eh, fuck it, that's reasonable. This moon-market's untapped potential that's gonna be lucrative as hell - you see those new videos of that one guy eating pizza and stuff? Don't want to drown out all the competition before they become big enough to be worth buying out. Did you at least find a sweet TV?

I think this TV is older than any of the wrestlers here.

Jesus... Why did you even pick now of all times to do this? It's right around 6 AM where I'm from!

Well, y'know, we're kind of on the moon. Nighttime and daytime don't really apply the same way, so my biological clock's a little...

Yeah yeah okay I get it. Jeez, this guy. You don't see me complaining about heading to the moon at this time of night!

About that... why now?

Well, I don't want to have to chase the moon down getting to it!

... Uh, sir... you do know-

YES I AM FAMILIAR WITH THE BASICS OF SPACE TRAVEL. I don't want to waste twelve fucking hours waiting for the destination to come back to me, either! I'm not wasting time or fuel on this shit, not when there's so much work to do! Find a bigger TV in a more populated area and get ready to start this shit up again in... eight hours sounds reasonable. Eight hours! End transmission.

The TV suddenly turns off, as do the lights. Then it starts smoking, because it hasn't been stored or maintained properly - who'd they expect to keep an eye on things back here, a fifteenth Goldberg? The weird sci-fi dual-screen thingy that wasn't meant to be used with it probably didn't help either. Face is left in near-complete darkness, the only light provided by the weird (but totally awesome) glowing eyepieces to his mask.


Why did I sign on with this jackass again...?

Oh, yeah. He pays really well.

Dragonatrix posted:

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no...

I betrayed the Cosmic Bunnies... too many times to count... I threw away that belt I found lying around, by giving it to Rara so I got the Bunny Championship :3 as a curse...

But then I lost the Bunny Championship :3 immediately!

And then... and then... Rara got attacked... no, Rara got murdered! For that terrible, ugly belt that really belongs in the dumpster...

I think I can fix all this though. First, I just need to figure out who attacked Rara... who would want an ugly belt that they need to defend all the time...? Hmm.

Pyroi posted:

Hey, doc? That full-body really did wonders for my back. Thank you.

Next time though, I'll be giving you a full examination. With a hammer. Or a staircase. Or...or...uh...fuck shit shit fuck you had it you sounded so threatening


Kadorhal posted:

C'mon, you stupid piece of... I got this working on a TV that doesn't even have the right hookups for this shit, why won't you... there!

At the press of a button, the TV springs to life. And... once again, filled with static. Does Face just have a fascination for outdated shit? This time, though, there doesn't appear to be any sort of figure on the other end - just the static.

Huh... that's weird. I'm doing this at the right time, aren't I?

Face pulls out his phone, dialing a number. After a few seconds of ringing, it picks up.

Yes, hello?

Sir, I set up on a newer TV like you said, but nothing's coming through.

Wha...? Oh, it's Fa- The hell are you calling me about that for now, my man?

Eight hours. Exactly how long you told me to wait to do this again.

Oh... so I did. Still, the point is, I'm not on the space-plane anymore. I haven't had time to set up a more permanent thing for making statements! Do you have any idea how short a time eight hours really is?

... so, what do you want me to do now, then?

Find a different TV, most likely. Did you get a better one at all?

Well, I went into the twelfth room instead of the fifteenth... it's a little better...

Gah, you and your obsession with old technology... what the fuck is any of that even doing on the moon?... Fuck it, I'll do the promo myself when I'm all set up and ready. Just take the day off or something, get ready for the next show, whatever.

Sure thing, sir.

Face hits a button to end the call, looking over the TV still displaying nothing but static. He gives it a knowing nod, smirking underneath his gas mask. What the hell does this mysterious boss-type character know, oldies are goodies.

The TV itself disagrees, though, as it befalls the same fate as the last one - shutting down, taking the power in the room with it for a while as it begins emitting a foul-smelling smoke. Face can only be glad he's already wearing a gas mask. no, i don't care if they don't actually do anything about smells. bite me, i'm the narrator.

... Maybe the boss is right about this old shit. Hey, doctor! You got a TV I can borrow?

jimmydalad posted:

!em htiw etepmoc dna yrt ot hguone hsiloof yna tiawa ylregae I !sehctam eht lliw os erofereht dna gnidnenu si regnuh yM .ecalp tsrif eht ni ytinutroppo siht pu em gnittes rof slaem ym morf deraps eb llahs yggI !noititepmoc fo eman eht ni em ot dereffo eb lliw taht slaem ynam eht ot drawrof kool I ,noipmahC iiawaK eht ma I taht woN .snamuh fo hself eht morf hceeps fo mrof emos deniag evah I taht smees tI - (It seems that I have gained some form of speech from the flesh of humans. Now that I am the Kawaii Champion, I look forward to the many meals that will be offered to me in the name of competition! Iggy shall be spared from my meals for setting me up this opportunity in the first place. My hunger is unending and therefore so will the matches! I eagerly await any foolish enough to try and compete with me!)

(in response to Konami)
.gnorw em evorp ll'uoy ebyaM .nosaer emos rof ti ni supotco fo egnit a dah hself ruoy hguoht ,laem ecin a ekam did uoy rof yrt ot uoy egaruocne od I hguohT .em taefed reven lliw uoy ,hguorht flesruoy tup uoy gniniart hcum woh rettam oN - (No matter how much training you put yourself through, you will never defeat me. Though I do encourage you to try for you did make a nice meal, though your flesh had a tinge of octopus in it for some reason. Maybe you'll prove me wrong.)

(in response to Valerie Easton)
.teid ym pu ecips ot gniht eht tsuj eb dluohs hself lacigam ruoY .revewoh ,em thgif dna yrt ot eerf leeF .em enola tel ,lliw ruoy ot ylf a dneb t'ndluoc uoy ,enacra eht revo evah uoy rewop elttil tahw htiW - (With what little power you have over the arcane, you couldn't bend a fly to your will, let alone me. Feel free to try and fight me, however. Your magical flesh should be just the thing to spice up my diet.)

(in response to DivineCoffeeBinge)
.suoiciled naht ssel eb dluow hself ruoy erus ytterp m'I ,knird uoy "eeffoc" siht fo tnuoma eht htiw ,niaga nehT .laem a sa llew sa tnemesuma na sa evres lliw tI .yrolg fo esuaceb em thgif dna yrt ot eerf leef ,seY - (Yes, feel free to try and fight me because of glory. It will serve as an amusement as well as a meal. Then again, with the amount of this "coffee" you drink, I'm pretty sure your flesh would be less than delicious.)

Vanderlyle posted:

“Excuse me, I’m new to this wrestling thing, (not fighting though! just wrestling, I’m super experienced with fighting) and I don’t think I was told about any Cosmic Bunnies, or that the belt I’d be fighting for was cursed, is this normal?”

IGgy posted:

Don't worry about the bunnies. They only curse you if you commit crimes against bunnikind. Such as not hiding easter eggs, eating rabbit, not cuddling bunnies encountered in the wild, not respecting the bunny code and declining cupcakes.

VolticSurge posted:

OK,I've calmed down a bit now. Good news is that my deluxe RWBY boxset was undamaged by my tantrum the move! The show speaks to me on a personal level. Adam Taurus is my spirit animal. Anyhow, time to break in my new digs! *connects his music player to the gigantic set of speakers* Alright, let's get this binge session started! *turns on TV and Blu-Ray player, puts in the RWBY Season Volume 1 disc* But one more thing before we get going... *sets his iPod to the RWBY soundtrack, hits "Play All" and turns the speakers up to an ear-shattering volume. At this point anything he says is inaudible due to the sonic assault that can be described as the RWBY soundtrack.*