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Part 13: Legit Player Flamander Wormed Again

Episode 12 - MONDAY NIGHT RAW - (Twitch VOD)
Legit Player Flamander Wormed Again - Tevery Best

Live!, Play Fighting, Worming Action - yerpalhal
Look Pop! (A) Formidable Worming Astronaut! - Zephyr
Low-Paid Fighter Wormed Astoundingly - tevery best
Lost Pugilist Finds Worming Again - Zephyr
Light Purple Ftracksuitlines Worm Afforded - Tevery Best
League Presents: Flamander's Worm Adidas - Tevery Best
Large Person Fights Worm Attack - Deathmaster780
Logic Pertaining (to) Formation (of) Worming Announced - Zephyr

As far as predictions go let me actually give you some stats. First of all, let's look at what everyone voted.

It's a bit split here but we have one clear favorite! The debuting El Catire Arrecho!

Wow, no one believed in Jumpy. Let's go against the odds! Rapadooooooo!

Honestly, people believing That Hope and Flamander are gonna take it is absolutely reasonable, given that Masked Man was a former Buscus Champion and he shit talked D the Destroyer before. So their chemistry probably sucks.

With how dominant a tree has been as the LP Superstar Champion it's a bit surprising to see such an even split between the two. But it's true Face did not do poorly as a time with Kylo or on his own so far.

I'm not sure how much of this 50/50 split being actual predictions and how much is just people wanting DCB to win. I too want to see her succeed, she deserves it! She never did bad, just always fell just short. But we all believe in you DCB! You can do it!

Link made sure he earned that shot before he actually got it so it's no surprise to see that he is the favorite in this match-up. He had a 5-star classic just last week after all.

Much like Hell-Ena before her Valerie proved to be a dominant champion so far. Lady of the Lancet, however, only recently started showing her true potential. People don't seem to be sure yet her recent success wasn't just a fluke.

No one knows BNF and Nuffkins hasn't lost any matches so far. So I'm not too sure why I should be surprised of these predictions.

Considering that this "whoever" was me it should be clear that people are voting for Kurt Angle

And now! Let's tally up the predictions people actually got right.
1. Fruitsniffer: 6
2. Vanderlyle: 5
3. Crow: 4
3. yerpalhal: 4
5. Rather Watch Them: 3
5. Anonymous: 3
7. Hitlers Gay Secret: 1

IGgy IGsen posted:

All right, here's the match card for this saturday. Here's the exact time and date.
You can vote on Kurt Angles opponent here.
You can make predictions on match outcomes here

#1 Four-Way
Dash Rendar vs. Lore Convoluter vs. El Catire Arrecho vs. Bone Pimp

#2 Singles Match
Samus vs. Jumpy-Chan

#3 Tag Team
The Sons of the Mask vs. Freddie Hope and Flamander

#4 LP Superstar Championship
Face vs. a tree (c)

#5 Falls Count Anywhere
Nadira vs. DivineCoffeeBinge

#6 Bunny Championship
Link vs. Palpatine (c)

#7 Kawaii Championship
Lady of the Lancet vs. Valerie Easton (c)

#8 LPFWA Championship
BNF vs. nuffkinsVEVO (c)

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Whoever you decide vs. Kurt Angle

Kadorhal posted:

I suppose I should have expected this. Ren got his chance at facing the tree one-on-one, and now it's my turn. Well, Mr. Tree, I hope you recall how our first tag match against one another went.

And not, y'know, how your one-on-one with Ren went.

I'm going to win this time, is what I'm getting at.

Also, before we fight, can I pin a missing poster on you, since you're a tree and all? Still haven't seen the boss lately, he owes me like a month of pay.


I... am... Three... men... Ah, the third man is I. Eh... three person is... Third human is... AAAGH, INVISUX! MARANA HATANOCEO MALAX!

DivineCoffeeBinge posted:

That's right, Nadira! If you want to knock me unconscious outside the ring again, you'll have to pin me after! The people deserve to see a winner!

...which I'm hoping is me! In case that wasn't clear!

So... yeah!

Pyroi posted:

Ahh...that was a great nap. Ah! How long have you been there!?

About twenty minutes, your majesty. Just wanted to update you on that monster you wanted. Unfortunately, you still have too much of an outstanding debt with NME for us to sell you another monster.

What?! I'm royalty dang it, now you send over one of your big guys, like Octacon, or that Ice Dragon!

Unfortunately, as I said, there is no way that we can send you another monster until your debt is paid. However, we do have an alternative payment option...

Well? What is it!?

Simply obtain any of the title belts, while providing advertisement for NME. It's a win-win, you receive a title, and NME gets some free advertising. What do you say?

I suppose I have no choice...

Looks like the Masked selling out.

Rather Watch Them posted:

Valerie is, honest to god, actually training.

What's the matter, Val-uh-rie? You look like Death!

I haven't been in the ring for a couple weeks. I'm getting rusty, and Lady is a fighter that makes me nervous.

No, I mean your get-up! Why are you cosplaying as a Sandman character?

This is who I am.

Aww, I thought I was!

That was a long time ago.

Val moves to an elliptical machine and pedals like hell.

Not long to me! You think I'm ancient history, but I'm a stronger force than you... You remember the first time you heard Evanescence? How your mind expanded! You knew from that moment that this was real! That I, that we are not a phase! Wouldn't you agree, Valxis Ravenblood?!

Val lurches over the handlebars and catches her breath.

Don't ever say that name again. God, that sounds ridiculous.

You take yourself too seriously... Remember where you are! Remember who you are!

I'm a damned professional! I'm not going to lean on being "crazy girl" to get ahead.

Well I hope the commentators can tell you and the Lady apart! Two women with dark hair, a black'n'blue color scheme, and a cold lifeless demeanor, together in the ring! Brilliant!

Vanderlyle, post:73, topic:2484, full:true posted:

“Muy bien, after beating that weird monster last week, I feel like I’m ready for the big show, it’s time to show everybody what El Catire Arrecho is made of.”


#1 Four-Way
Dash Rendar vs. Lore Convoluter vs. El Catire Arrecho vs. Bone Pimp
Our newcomer El Catire Arrecho takes the win by pinning Bone Pimp!

Scene - Hugrule Warriors: Impressed with Catire Arrecho's performance Link and Fruity ask him to join them in their new team: The Hugrule Warriors. He gladly accepts

#2 Singles Match
Samus vs. Jumpy-Chan
Jumpy hits the End of Heartache on Samus for the one two three!!!

Scene - D Mask Reconciliation: Masked Man and D argue a bit because Masked Man said some things about D during an interview but in the end Masked Man lulls D into helping him once more. Heh, sucker

#3 Tag Team
The Sons of the Mask vs. Freddie Hope and Flamander
They do some things but in the end Flamander DOES THE FUCKING WORM HOLY SHIT! and a bit later Flamander also pins D, noting to see here

Scene - Palpy is not dead!: Face explains to Kylo that Palpy is not dead no! He really isn't!

#4 LP Superstar Championship
Face vs. a tree (c)
A tree fell in the middle of nowhere with no one to hear except the entire crowd and face. Does it make a sound? Yes, one two three. A tree retains yet again

#5 Falls Count Anywhere
Nadira vs. DivineCoffeeBinge
Unfortunately DCB did not win...

Scene - Strategy Meeting: The Hugrule Warriors hold their strategy session and arrive at the conclusion that in order to defeat Palpy they need to beat him at his own game. In the end they realize that that would make them just as bad as him so they opt to just come out as a unit and not do anything

#6 Bunny Championship
Link vs. Palpatine (c)
The Hugrule Warriors come out as a unit and don't do anything so the oRa66 just do their thing. It's DQ, Palpy loses by DQ

Scene - Debriefing: Their swift defeat does not break the spirits of the Hugrule Warriors and they brainstorm ways to easily refer to El Catire Arrecho somehow and then leave to figure out how to find the Triforce of Wisdom

#7 Kawaii Championship
Lady of the Lancet vs. Valerie Easton (c)
In an only somewhat surprising upset, Lady of the Lancet takes the win and the titles

Scene - Golden Lovers?: Val tumbles backstage, upset over her defeat. Hell-Ena shows up but Val dismisses her, stating that she made it clear that she cannot tame her, wondering what she wants from her. Ref Joe shows up out of nowhere telling her Hell-Ena probably has the hots for her. But Val tells Joe off for stalking her despite her no longer holding the Pokeymanz title

#8 LPFWA Championship
BNF vs. nuffkinsVEVO (c)
BNF must have gotten rusty because Nuffkins actually won and in his mind now has the right to wear a yellow kilt

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
IGgy vs. Kurt Angle
I gave it a good shot but in the end I cannot win against Kurt Angle one won an olympic gold medal with a broken freaking neck. Oh it's true, it's damn true