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Part 20: Lazy Pugilists Forget Wrestling Ambitions

Episode #19 - Lazy Pugilists Forget Wrestling Ambitions - (Twitch VOD) - (Alt YouTube Link)
Pre-Show: LPFWA Best Bouts #4 - BFC vs. Pyroi in a Ladder Match from LPFWA 2k14

divinecoffeebinge: Lazy Pugilists Forget Wrestling Ambitions
divinecoffeebinge: Lacerations Performed For Witness' Adoration

Match Card and Results posted:

#1 Buscus Brawl
Bone Pimp (c) vs. El Catire Arrecho
El Catire Arrecho takes the win in this strong debut

Scene: Fruitsniffer promotes his new album, I guess. Not sure if this was a success.

#2 Three-Way
Dash Rendar vs. anilEhilated vs. Schir
They just all throw each other around for a while but then dash takes the win with his big meaty fists

#3 Singles Match
Lore Convoluter vs. Masked Man
They barely flipped, but Lore wins

Scene: DCB announces that there will be a tournament for the LPFWA Women's Title but there's only 12 spots and a 13th female member has joined the ranks, awaiting her debut at Toxx Party. Since DCB is the bottom seed for reasons she has defend her spot in the Tourmanment against Rara tonight and the loser of that match against the newcomer, Garbo Girl, not to be confused with Garbo Barba in a Tables match at Toxx Party.

#4 Bunny Championship :3
Link vs. D the Destroyer (c)
The Hero of Hugrule is no match for D

#5 Women's Tournamet Qualifying Match
Terara Fluffybottom vs. DivineCoffeeBinge
What a war! Rara takes it

Intermission: LPFWA vs. The Universe
Palpatine vs. Macho Man Randy Savage
Macho Madness is running wild YEAH!

Scene: Nuffkins chooses his opponent for Toxx Party. It's a tree.

Main Event: Co-Comm Title Match
oRa 66 vs. Frederick Hope and Flamander (c)
Freddie and Flamander defend their titles once more

After the Show...

DivineCoffeeBinge posted:

Okay, so Plan Win All The Matches From Now On didn't work out.

It's just... you know, Rara's my friend! Also, the last time I punched her a whole lot we sort of broke the space-time continuum and I was a little afraid of doing that again.

Seriously, I don't need another Hound of Tindalos coming after me. Those were dark, dark days.

Also, Hounds of Tindalos do not, it turns out, like coffee. Which is part of what makes them horrifying.

nine-gear crow posted:

...Oh wow. Just when I thought you couldn't look like a bigger dickhead.
Yeah I stole Macho Man's sunglasses. What of it?
I guess that makes up for getting tooled by him, huh?
Says the guy who lost to the hobo and the crash test dummy. Again.

Kadorhal posted:

Ah, don't worry too much about what Palpy says, my man. You at least proved you're not Buscus material for about a week.

Thanks, I guess. Though, unrelated... where the hell were you for two months?

Oh, yeah, that. It was an impostor. A really bad one, far as I could gather. How did none of you notice?

Well, I was a little suspicious... but then he said I was the best in the business... but anyway, why was he replacing you?

It's kind of a long story, but the gist of it is that it was the end result of an assassination attempt. One that failed, obviously, so I'm back now.

And... why are you back now?

Because much like the eye for talent that was the only attribute of mine the impostor shared, I also have an eye for business opportunities! I simply told them we could work out a deal for extending their services to the Moon, now that it's back where it belongs in Earth's orbit. We're officially part of a partnership now, Kadorhal-CabalCo Industries.

Well, okay... weird, and doesn't really make sense. Less so than any of the other weird shit that goes on around here. But okay. Does this change anything about how I need to wrestle?

No, no, not at all. All that's changing is the variety of products we advertise. You keep doing you, my man, prove... well, that you're not Buscus material at the very least, I think you can manage that for another week or two.

Yeah... thanks, I think.