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Part 24: Lout picks a Fight With Angle

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #23 - Lout picks a Fight With Angle (numbers don't lie)

Lout picks a Fight With Angle (numbers don't lie) by YerPalHal

IGgy IGsen posted:

It's time again for LPFWA!
Join me again this Saturday, at the usual wrestle time on the usual wrestle-channel.
It's the last show before THE BIG SHOW which is the name of the next PPV because I couldn't really think of anything. The WWE wrestler Big Show is probably gonna show up.

You can vote on the bonus match here!

#1 Buscus Brawl
Bone Pimp (c) vs. Dr. Ham

#2 3-Way
Samus vs. Lady of the Lancet vs. Konami Kouda

#3 Hardcore Match
Garbo Girl vs. Yelizaveta RN

#4 Bunny Championship :3
Lore Convoluter vs. Kylo Ren (c)

#5 Singles
a tree vs. Freddie Hope

Intermission: LPFWA vs. The Universe

Main Event: LP Superstar Championship
D the Destroyer vs. Palpatine (c)

Tevery Best posted:

Previously, on Adventures of Lore Convoluter:

To understand how I know your name, first you have to hear my convoluted backstory!
Cool, I guess.
I was not always the greatest mathematician who ever lived. In fact, there was a time, a long while ago, when I did not care for mathematics at all.
It was then that I met my master, who taught me to love numbers, and explore probabilities.
My master's name was... Edward Lorenz.
I don't think this has much to do with anything.
Well, I kinda had this free association when I read the LPFWA roster, and I thought what the hell, so I sneaked into your locker and read through your immigration forms.
...why did you decide to tell me this?
Not much of a reason. But I also have to tell you something else I calculated!
What would that be?
I have learned the secret of unlocking the true power of the Power Gloves!
...I already know it?
The forces involved in the activity of just one Power Glove are amazing. The two are impossible to contain without an outside circuit that could ground them! And only one material can be used for it!
Yeah, Lepfawium. I know that. It's what the LPFWA championship belts are made of.
Which means that if you win a belt, you will be able to unlock the true power of the Power Gloves, and be unstoppable!
I know. I told you I know that.
So, to make it up for going through your stuff, I pulled some strings. You're getting a title match in Episode 23. All right, see ya!
Huh. Who would have thought that crazy guy has so much influence backstage in LPFWA.
ANYHOW, now I must prepare for my most important fight... so far.
Kylo Ren might have the Force...
It won't help him much against THE POWER. Glove.
It's so bad.
That line, I mean.

Results posted:

Scene: Goat has a serious talk about the losing streak with Bone Pimp. Then Chris Pine comes and says "Meow, that's right."

#1 Buscus Brawl
Bone Pimp (c) vs. Dr. Ham
The streak continues! Bone Pimp takes up the loss!

#2 3-Way
Samus vs. Lady of the Lancet vs. Konami Kouda
Samus wrecks everybody beautifully and gets to challenge for the Kawaii Title next week!

#3 Hardcore Match
Garbo Girl vs. Yelizaveta RN
Yelizaveta does what she does best. Make people unable to get up anymore.

Scene: Palpy talks about his revenge plans against various people

#4 Bunny Championship :3
Lore Convoluter vs. Kylo Ren (c)
Kylo retains, but not without Face's interference. Palpy would be proud if he wasn't so mad about this.

#5 Singles
a tree vs. Freddie Hope
Woah! That went on for a while, but Freddie eventually got tree down for the 1... 2... 3...

Intermission: LPFWA vs. The Universe
Dash Rendar vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner
Normally if you go one on one with another wrestler you got a fifty fifty chance of winning. But Dash is a genetic freak and he's not normal, so you got a 100% at least at beat him. Then you add Kurt Angle to the mix, your chance of winning drastic go up, because Kurt Angle KNOWS he can't beat me so he's not even gonna try. But then he pins me anyway and I'm sad. The numbers don't lie, they are 1, 2, 3.

Main Event: LP Superstar Championship
D the Destroyer vs. Palpatine (c)
[spoiler]D wins by countout, which means Palpy retains through Championship's advantage yadda yadda.

Scene: Nuffkins announces an open challenge, Fred Hope answers[/spoiler]

YerPalHal issues a FOIT ME M8 challenge to IGgy, who is the reigning champion as Stone Cold Boss Man Nakamura

Don't remember FOIT ME M8? Here's how it goes.


Hey everyone, let me introduce a new Championship belt!

The FOIT ME M8 Title!
If you watched the last two streams you already know what's up with that one but I'm finally making it official. A belt challenged for and defended by actual people playing WWE 2k18 on PS4. Anyone can challenge as long as they honor the rules.

1. Belt is challenged for by saying "FOIT ME M8" to the reigning champion.
2. Ideally these matches take place after a stream but if not title matches need to be recorded in some way.
3. All participants have to pick random, except for the reigning champion, who uses the wrestler they won the title with.
4. It's a shoot, brother!
5. If the title changes hands the wrestler who held it until then ACTUALLY FUCKING DIES FOR REAL! and can't be used anymore and must be skipped. Except the Undertaker. He always comes back.
6. If you are champion you are allowed to create a champion's entrance and attire for the wrestler you won with. You are also allowed to change their twitter handle to @Sting. You don't have to do any of that but that's what I'm doing. But keep in mind that the actual title is the Twitter handle @Sting. As champion you SHOULD bring it to the ring at all times.
7. If there's really messed up lag across an ocean then that's cool, I guess. The netcode is bad anyway.

Current Champion:
IGgy as Big Boss Man '91

Past Champions (dead people):
JunpeiHyde as Sting

Failed Challengers (also dead people):
JunpeiHyde as The Miz