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Part 26: Longhorned Player Finishes with Attitude

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #25 - Longhorned Player Finishes with Attitude
Episode Title by Deathmaster780

Results posted:

Scene: Angus and Tommy talk for a bit before Angus goes to face his fate

#1 Buscus Brawl
Bone Pimp vs. Angus McMutton
Angus is the 1 in and tha 6 and 1, breaking Bone Pimp's losing streak by losing himself.

#2 Three-Way
Jumpy-Chan vs. DivineCoffeeBinge vs. Konami Kouda
Konami finally begins showing us what she's got since the tournament and takes another win

#3 Singles Match
Yelizaveta RN vs. Lady of the Lancet
Yelizaveta beats up Lady, throwing her around a bit

#4 Bunny Championship :3
Tommy Wiseau vs. Kylo Ren (c)
Okay, just take a step back and let this sink in: Tommy Wiseau, writer, director and actor in The Room defeats Kylo Ren, a guy who actually has superhuman powers.

#5 Singles Match
D the Destroyer vs. The Majestic Goat-Man
Goat wins by countout while posing in the corner. TRANQUILO

#6 LP Superstar Championship
Toad vs. anilEhilated (c)
So there was a match supposed instead we witnessed a murder. Toad completely SQUASHED anil. It's not even funny. Just kidding, it totally is]

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Toad vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner
Steiner pinned Toad again. After the squash in the match previous one might now think of the implications this has concerning Scott Steiner's power level but then you remember this isn't canon. Probably. Steiner DID beat Toad in the past, after all.