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Part 32: Look! Pros Fear Wrestling is Anime

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #31 - Look! Pros Fear Wrestling is Anime

YerPalHal: Look! Pros Fear Wrestling is Anime
ZephyrWhisper: Leaf Patted Fruity Wins Again

Match Card and Results posted:

Match Card:
#1 Buscus Brawl
The Masked Man (c) vs. John Cena
Spoiler: Cena wins

#2 Four-Way - No. 1 Contender Match for the Kawaii Title
Garbo Barba vs. Samus vs. DivineCoffeeBinge vs. Konami Kouda
Samus does the Triple Power Bomb on Garbo but somehow fails to go for the pin, so DCB goes for it instead and wins the match

Scene: Nuffkins beats up Referee Joe backstage and challenges Flamander once more, if he declines again he will attack more people

#3 Singles Match
Angus McMutton vs. Dr. Ham
Angus beats Dr. Ham via pinfall. Palpy interfered so much that he was banned from ringside, though. Most of his interference were useless

Intermission: Fire Pro Wrestling World
Krimsh vs. Punchy
Krimsh takes revenge for what happened 15 years ago and finally defeats Punchy

Scene: Nuffkins starts attacking Jeff Lyfe but Flamander interrupts, telling Nuffkins that he wont face Flamander, but Ultimate Justice Soldier Flamander next week in HELL. Nuffkins thanks him very politely and looks forward to their confrontation

#4 Bunny Championship :3
a tree vs. Fruitsniffer (c)
Fruity somehow manages to defeat the tree. Hugging the entire tree proved to be ineffective. But just hugging select limbs proved enough to submit the tree

Scene: Fred Hope appears in the ring and challenges Fruity to a match in HELL. Fruity accepts, saying he'll hug Freddies ass in HELL

#5 Hardcore Match
Kara the Punch Wizard vs. Tolvie
Kara's streak cannot continue, Tolvie prevails.

Intermission: Fire Pro Wrestling World
Kung Fu Mari vs. seven random people
Look, if any of you know the name of the guy who won please let me know. But just know that this happened.

#6 Kawaii Championship
Jumpy-Chan vs. Nadira (c)
Nadira proves her worth once more and retains.

nine-gear crow posted:

Dat wuz fantastic, Palpy. Join'in oRa66 really turnd mah career right round. Ah canne thank ye enough.
Yeah, sweet, whatever. Now you just hang out here for a minute. I got a ref I need to do track down back stage.
If he's back stage, den why do ye have yer car keys?
Don't worry about it...

yerpalhal, post:182, topic:2484 posted:

ah think i’m gonna like being part o thon ora 66 i just watched the boss squish a ref with a monster truck…good times stirs the hope in me y’know