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Part 34: Lotus Promotes Flipping a Whole Afternoon

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #33 - Anniversary: Lotus Promotes Flipping a Whole Afternoon

FelinoidSA: Lotus Pins Face With(out) A something
ZephyrWhisper: Lotus Promotes Flipping a Whole Afternoon
Deathmaster780: Let Past Fights Wow Attendees

Couple great matches for the Anniversary show! the Main Event in particular owned. We will begin the Z1 Climax, a round robin tournament next show. However, that won't be next week. Since I'm invited to a birthday party I will not be able to stream next Saturday. Instead it'll be the week after.

Match Card & Results posted:

LPFWA '13 Flashback: First Match Ever
Sabateini vs. Schir
I mean, it happened five years ago but... Schir won by Submission

#1 Buscus Brawl
The Masked Man (c) vs. Schir
The Masked Streak continues, Schir takes the win

#2 Singles Match
Face vs. Lotus Aura
There were flips and they helped Lotus win!

LPFWA '13 Flashback: Face vs. Lotus Retro
Kadorhal vs. Rath
Kad wins. Rath doesn't

#3 Singles Match
IGgy vs. Macro Man Keynes
Turns out IGgy is too drunk to fight and got BNF to replace him. Still, Keynes beats BNF.

#4 Kawaii Championship
Lady of the Lancet vs. Nadira (c)
Nadira wins by count-out. She was trying to reset the count but was too slow.

#5 Three-Way
Hell-Ena vs. Jumpy-Chan vs. Yelizaveta RN
Yelizaveta picks up the win against the veterans. Truly, this is a new era

LPFWA '13 Flashback: First Ever Buscus
Fruitsniffer vs. Ultigonio
The legendary first Buscus match where Fruity became the first ever Buscus champ

#6 Bunny Championship :3
Nuffkins vs. Fruitsniffer (c)
Wow! What a contested match. over 17 minutes, which is long for this game. But in the end Nuffkins rejects the hug twice and completely refuses the third. Fruity goes down 1... 2... 3...