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Part 35: Let's Put Forth Wrasslin Awesomeness!

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #34 - Let's Put Forth Wrasslin Awesomeness!

Maigius: Let's Put Forth Wrasslin Awesomeness!

Match Card and Results posted:

All right! After a week long break we are gonna have us another show at the usual time.
This week the Z1 Climax will begin! You can also vote on who gets to face Awesome Kong

What is the Z1 Climax, you might ask. Well, you might be familiar with the G1 Climax. It's an annual tournament NJPW holds, it features two separate blocks having their own round robin tournaments (meaning everyone within a block will face everyone else in that block) and at the end the winners of both blocks face each other in the finals. It's usually one of the best times in wrestling any given year and guess what, it's going right now! It started last weekend and will last all the way to the middle of August. It usually features around 20 people total, but there have been more, and as few as 12 people once. Which is also the mount of people that have entered the Z1. All competitors are listed below!

Block A
Kylo Ren
El Catire Arrecho
Dash Rendar
Thundercat Chris Pine

Block B
Freddie Hope
A tree
Lotus Aura
The Majestic Goat-Man
Lore Convoluter

Z1 Tournament matches will take place under specific rules.
There will be no count-out and a time limit of 15 minutes (which so far, we have only very rarely exceeded)
Winning a match will grant 2 points while a draw gives 1 point to each wrestler in the match. Losers, of course, get nothing. Below are our Night 1 match-ups, featuring Block A.

Of course, we'll still have our regular matches happening, so the full match-card is, as always, below.

#1 Buscus Brawl
The Masked Man vs. IGgy
IGgy gloriously defeated The Masked Man. All Hail IGgy

#2 Singles Match
Kara the Punch Wizard vs. DCB
Kara defeated eternal crowd favorite DCB

Scene: The Hugrule Warriors have one of their trademark "Strategy Meetings", hyping each other up for their matches

#3 Z1 Climax A-Block
Kylo Ren vs. Thundercat Chris Pine
No matter how many phenomenal forearms Kylo throws, TCP wins with the Styles Cl... Scratching Post!

#4 Z1 Climax A-Block
El Catire Arrecho vs. Toad
Toad reverses Catire's clothesline from hell into an FU2 and takes the win

#5 Z1 Climax A-Block
Dash Rendar vs. Fruitsniffer
Holy crap! Fruity just did a 619 followed by a hug to make Dash tap!

Intermission: LPFWA vs. The Universe
DivineCoffeeBinge vs. Bootleg Awesome Kong
DCB kicked some ass! And won.

#6 Bunny Championship :3
anilEhilated vs. Nuffkins
It was more competitive than anyone thought but Nuffkins still stood tall at the end

#7 LP Superstar Championship
Link vs. Palpatine (c)
Palpy managed to get Disqualified for using a weapon. Link was not pleased

Scene: Link calls Palpy out for getting DQ'd and challenges him to a Ladder Match at the next PPV, The Wall of Golden Stuff

Z1 Standings: