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Part 38: Largely Purple Flamboyance Willfully Annihilated

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #37 - Largely Purple Flamboyance Willfully Annihilated
Episode Title by Sel_Nar

Sel_Nar: Large Pouty Fat Wins Appendicitis
Hamstray: Legal Problems For Wrestling Association
Sel_Nar: Lumberjack Pounds Fur Wearing Armani
Sel_Nar: Ladies Punching Freely With Accelerants
Sel_Nar: Largely Purple Flamboyance Willfully Annihilated
Hamstray: Lotus Palpatined! Fans Were Aggreived

Match Card and Results posted:

Hey yo everyone! Show will be at the usual time, in the usual place.
We're entering the halfway point of the Z1 Tournament as we go full speed with both blocks! We'll be having both blocks in one night for the next three episodes, which means the Finals will be at the next PPV (which will be called ALL OUT, it happens on the same day as ALL IN if I'm not delayed)

Anyway, since this means a lot of matches in one night I won't do a bonus match until the PPV. Aside from the Bunny Title and the Buscus Match, I also wont do any title matches until ALL OUT.

On a different note: I added a DCB chant to the bot.

#1 Buscus Brawl
Woolsey Smythe (c) vs. Dr. Ham
Woolsey takes it home. The not having to carry the Buscus. By beating Dr. Ham

#2 Z1 A-Block
Dash Rendar (0) vs. El Catire Arrecho (0)
They do battle but Dash does the Outrunner which made catire's luck run out.

#3 Z1 B-Block
Freddie Hope (4) vs. Majestic Goat-Man (2)
Goat pulls an amazing upset by beating Freddie in quick fashion

#4 Singles Match (No Count-out)
Inspector Jane vs. DivineCoffeeBinge
D-C-B D-C-B D-C-B wins.

#5 Z1 A-Block
Fruitsniffer (4) vs. Thundercat Chris Pine (2)
T-C-P T-C... they're not actually chanting that. And even if they did, Fruity wins via hug

#6 Z1 B-Block
A tree (0) vs. Lore Convoluter (0)
Another blemish in the tree's record. It took a while but Lore takes the win

#7 Bunny Championship :3
Macro Man Keynes vs. Nuffkins (c)
Surprising only Keynes' mom, who's long dead, Nuffkins wins

#8 Z1 A-Block
Toad (4) vs. Kylo Ren (2)
This is a live or die situation for Kylo and he manages to stay alive in the Z1 by beating Toad.

#9 Z1 B-Block
Palpatine (4) vs. Lotus Aura (2)
This is a live or die situation for Lotus and unfortunately he is, due to losing to Palpatine in this match, statistically eliminated from the tournament

Here's the current standings (after the show, so be wary of spoilers):

As promised we have our first eliminations. In fact, have the competitors in this block are eliminated. Catire is still at 0 points. There's only two matches left which means he can get 4 points at most. While Dash and TCP could still reach six points total they'd still lose because Fruity, who already has 6 points has a tie breaker over them due to having beat them already. So the ones still alive are Fruity, Toad and Kylo, none of which have faced each other in the Tournament yet, which means anything goes, but Fruity has the points adavantage at this point.

If Fruity wins against Kylo next show that would eliminate Kylo completely. But if he were to lose both of them would still be alive, but fruits would be required to win by points, which means he has to beat Toad the week after. Toad and Kylo still have very real chances of winning this, despite fruity's current points advantage. However, even if one of them beats Fruity, Fruity can still win just by outscoring them. There could also be a scenario where Catire vs. Kylo on the final night could decide whether Kylo or Fruity win, if Toad is already out of the picture by then. But I wouldn't count him out. He's got the tie-breaker over Toad now.

Just like in A-Block we have only half the entrants alive. Tree faces the same fate as Catire in A-Block, in that he still has no points and there's only two matches left while Lotus and Lore have both already lost to Palpy (6 points) and Freddie (4 points), meaning they have the tie breakers here anyway, even if Lore and Lotus managed to reach six points and Palpy didn't win any more matches.

Going forward, if palpy beats Freddie, that means he's VERY close to winning the entire thing.. And they just happen to face each other next show. If Freddie beats Palpy, Palpy is still alive, though, because there's still a chance that he can surpass him in points. Don't count out Goat, though. He has four points but a victory over Freddie so he's got the tie-breaker here and he's yet to face Palpy. And if Palpatine wins against Freddie next week the only one who can stop him from winning the entire tournament is Goat.