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Part 39: Lumbering Pugilists Filled With Aggression

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #38 - Lumbering Pugilists Filled With Aggression

Sel_Nar: Large Perverts Furiously Wanking Attentively.
Sel_Nar: Laggard Porcine Fears Winning Again
Sel_Nar: Large Proctologist Fingers Working Agony
Hamstray: Lumbering Pugilists Filled With Aggression

Here's a couple clips from the episode:

Match Card and Results posted:

Show will be at the usual time, in the usual place.
We'll be entering our fourth round of Z1 Action and things are heating up because the final block matches are nigh and the stakes are getting higher.

#1 Buscus Brawl
Dr. Ham (c) vs. Face
It took a little while but eventually Face would stay down for the pin to become the new Buscus Champion

#2 Z1 A-Block
Thundercat Chris Pine vs. El Catire Arrecho
Catire picks up an amazing win on his debut.

#3 Z1 B-Block
a tree vs. Lotus Aura
And the streak continues 0-9 (actually checked this) the tree loses once more.

Scene: Jeff Lyfe interviews The Brutal Baroness but it devolves on a conversation about the economy and politics on the moon, or the lack thereof.

#4 Trios-Tag Match
Tolvie, Yelizaveta and Samus vs. The Brutal Baroness, Nadira and DivineCoffeeBinge
Team Baroness takes the win by countout after Nadira tries to throw the legal woman back in the ring but gets accidentally gets stopped by DCB who just happens to be in the way.

#5 Z1 A-Block
Fruitsiffer vs. Kylo Ren
Kylo defeats Fruity, which means he now has wins over both Fruity and Toad, the only other two people still in contention in A-Block.

#6 Z1 B-Block
Freddie Hope vs. Palpatine
Freddie upholds tradition by beating Palpy once more.

#7 Bunny Championship
Pyroi DDD vs. Nuffkins (c)
Pyroi takes like three finishers and four sigs before he stays down. Only kicked out of the third finisher, though, the other two he escaped due to Hollow Man distracting the ref

#8 Z1 A-Block
Toad vs. Dash Rendar
This went on for a long time. 15 Minutes bell to bell to be exact. Which means this is a draw.

#9 Z1 B-Block
Majestic Goat-Man vs. Lore Convoluter
What a good match. Goat proves superior early on by reversing all of Lore's big moves but Lore survives three MGMs but still gets up. In the end he's just running on fumes and stays down for the three-count after a desperation punch from goat followed by a powerful chest chop.

And this is where we are now in the tournament. Fruity, Toad and Kylo are still in contention. Everybody else is out.
Kylo Ren has a win over both Fruitsniffer and Toad, which means he has the tie-breaker over both of them. What this means is that as long as Kylo wins next week he wins the entire Block while Toad and Fruity need Kylo to lose against Catire or go to a draw in order to win. However, if Fruity and Toad also go to a draw Kylo would still win due to the tie-breaker.

Still in contention with 6 points each are Freddie, Palpatine and Goat-Man. Freddie has a tie-breaker over Palpy, but Goat has the tie-breaker over Freddie. What this means is: If Goat wants to win he has to beat Palpatine. But Palpy needs to both win, and Freddie to lose (or draw). And finally Freddie needs a win and has to hope goat loses in order to win the Block.

After that the winners will go against each other at ALL OUT the week after.

Enchanted Hat posted:

This is but the first of my many victories. Tolvie and her pathetic rabble of cosplayer trash could never stand against the strength of my WILL to conquer the title! And when I have that title, a title which is rightfully mine, THEN my family will be returned to greatness!

As for that coffee-smelling layabout and the leather pervert on my team, I thank both of you for your exemplary work. The Brütal family remembers its friends as well as it remembers its enemies. I hope that you will continue to serve me as well as you did in the ring tonight. And woe betide our enemies!