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Part 40: Lotus Powerfully Fails Wrestling Action

LPFWA 2k18 Episode #39 - Lotus Powerfully Fails Wrestling Action

Deathmaster780: Lotus Powerfully Fails Wrestling Action
Deathmaster780: Lore Powerfully Fails Wrestling Action
ZephyrWhisper: Lore Powerbomb Foiled by Winning Aura
Maigius: Large purple feline wrestles alcoholic

Match Card and Results posted:

It's time for the final round of Block matches of the Z1 Climax in the usual place at the usual time
Whichever two fighters win the blocks will face each other next week going ALL OUT at ALL OUT

Scene: Rara is rescued from the crate, finally :3

#1 Buscus Brawl
Face (c) vs. anilEhilated
In this match Face needed to win in order to be able to team up with Kylo next week at ALL OUT. He failed, anil beat him.

#2 Z1 B-Block
A tree (0) vs. Freddie Hope (6)
Tree had not one a single match in the tournament yet. And this would not be his first. Tree finishes the Z1 with no points, Freddie with 8

#3 Z1 A-Block
Dash Rendar (3) vs. Thundercat Chris Pine (2)
TCP was able to get the win, finishing the tournament with 4 points. Leaving Dash with 3

#4 Four-Way Elimination Tables (Kawaii and LPFWA Women's No. 1 Contender Match)
The Brutal Baroness vs. Hell-Ena vs. Kara the Punch Wizard vs. Samus Aran
It came down to Hell-ena and Baroness, in the end Hell-ena came out on top, earning her a shot at the LPFWA Women's Title and The Brutal Baroness with an opportunity at the Kawaii Title

Scene: Konami challenges Rara for the Pokeymanz title. Rara invites Konami for tea.

#5 Z1 A-Block
Fruitsniffer (6) vs. Toad (5)
A fast, intense back and forth. In the end Fruity hugged Toad into submission

#6 Z1 B-Block
Lotus Aura (4) vs. Lore Convoluter (2)
Two guys good at going fast and hard. Lotus went faster and harder this time, though and wins, ending his Z1 with 6 points. Lore still sitting at 2.

#7 Bunny Championship :3
Schir vs. Nuffkins (c)
Spoiler: Nuffkins wins

#8 Z1 B-Block
Majestic Goat-Man (6) vs. Palpatine (6)
This was a grudge match, although a one sided one. Months ago Palpy beat Goat with an elbow drop to the butt. He could not recover from that and was pinned off of that. This time Goat was victorious, but there were no elbow drops to the ass. Goat finishes with 8 points, Palpy with 6. Due to having a tie-breaker over Freddie, this means Goat wins B-Block. Gongrats Goat!

Scene: Palpy Challenges Nuffkins for the Bunny Title claiming he's lost the tournament on purpose

Z1 A-Block
Kylo Ren (6) vs. El Catire Arrecho (2)
Even though Catire is long eliminated whether he wins or loses does matter here. Kylo has tie-breakers over both Fruity and Toad. Since Fruity won earlier only that matters, though. Kylo lost against Catire in a pretty hard-fought match. But had he won, he'd have won the block. Now that honor falls to Fruitsniffer. Kylo's final score is still 6 points, Catire finishes with 4.

Scene: Flamander is asked once more who he wants as his opponent for the LPFWA Title defense. He picks fellow Sentai Lotus Aura

Now that all is said and done there's not too much to say anymore, as these are the final scores. Overall it was pretty even but fruity finishes with a lead in the end. He was at quite a disadvantage though. Going into the final round he was tied with Kylo, but Kylo had the tie-breaker over him. It was because of his match against Catire that Kylo lost his advantage.

Here things weren't quite as even but that is probably mostly owed to trees bad streak and Goat's really good one.

Here's the short ALL OUT hype package from the end of the episode announcing most of the matches for ALL OUT